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 Onishi Bourei

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PostSubject: Onishi Bourei   Sat 04 Aug 2012, 3:34 am

~General Information~

Name: Onishi Bourei


Weight: Eighty nine pounds

Height: Four foot; five inches.

Age: Eleven

Gender: Male

Appearance & Clothing: Onishi is a small tender looking boy, spills of dark-brown hair lay across his shoulders. He is bookish, staying up all hours of the night reading. He must wear glasses because he strains his eyes so. Sharp attractive features, slightly femenine, but meek. The sign of sunagakure is worn on his left shoulder, it sets on black cloth. Wearing well fitted dark-brown armor, made from leather. This armor covers only his torso, a white long-sleeve shirt is fitted underneath. Black pants that sag on his sandals. One pouch containing ninja equitment is attached to his right thigh, another is on his left hip. Three scrolls are located on his right hip, teatherd to his belt. His sandals are blue.

Personality: A calm courteous boy, never overbearing. Bookish to a fault, most of his free time is spent reading or working on puppets-- time well spent! He doesn't pursue making friends, enjoying most of his alone time. Though does not mind the company of others. A moral advocat, always opposing the harm of inocents. Avoiding confrontation and combat when he can, but will not avoid his duty as a ninja. Onishi doesn't directly want to harm anyone, but he is not foolish.He knows what a ninja's purpose is, to protect and kill when need be.


~Clan Information~

Clan Name: None

Kekei Genkai: None

Clan Symbol: None

Clan History: None

Ability Summary: None

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Genin

Letter Rank: C

Village: Sunagakure

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Puppetry

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Special Characteristics:


Name: Chakra Threads
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: Chakra Threads is a technique that is usually used by puppeteers to allow them to control their puppets in battle. Since these strings are constructs made from very concentrated chakra, they can be seen by people besides the user. Interestingly, as well as pulling objects towards them with the strings, the user can also "push" objects away from them as well, and even get moving objects.

Name: Puppet Technique
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: The Puppet Technique is a unique ninjutsu fighting style; this technique uses chakra threads to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra threads can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story: Onishi was born to two very skilled medical ninja. Both of whom currently aid the Sunagakure ninja effort at the hospital. His upbringing was fairly easy, parents always compasonate and loving. They used to tease him about how he loved to read, saying he was even reading in his mothers tummy. No real striffed occoured until he joined the ninja accademy. While a good student, Onishi never seemed to fit in with others. Maybe thats is due to his superiour work ethic, he spared little time for fun. He was drawn to puppetry due to their human likeness. They would be his friends, and no trueer found. Many failed attempts at creating would come to pass. One too heavy, the other kept falling apart. It was at school, through mentoring and lots of research he found the means to craft pheasable works. Graduation came early for him, and soon he would come to meet his sensei and squad.

Roleplay Sample: The boy sat at his desk, working away dillegently on a new puppet. Its shape was that of a human, eyes fresly glued upon it seemed to stare genlty up at him. In the puppets hand a katana lay, wooden fingers enclosed around the hilt. At this moment he was sewing a crimson cloak for it to wear, stitching every thread carefully and neatly. Throwing it over the puppets shoulders he laughed. Way too small-- It'll need more work. With a sigh Onishi looked out the window, pushing a strand of hair from his view. Index finger pushing his glasses to the bridge his nose. Kids below played and laughed, kicking a ball between them. I wish I could be carefree like that, but no. Too many things plague my mind of late.
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PostSubject: Re: Onishi Bourei   Sat 04 Aug 2012, 6:41 am

This site is practically dead at the moment. We're not accepting new characters. Sorry.

There will be a 'sequel' site coming out soon though.


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Onishi Bourei
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