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 Genin at the office

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Jouchi Fumito

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PostSubject: Genin at the office   Sun 25 Mar 2012, 4:36 pm

The ninja enters the office. It's a young girl with long black hair and her eyes are best described as cute. She looks forward to spot a person in the room by the desk.
"Ahem, I'm looking for a job. Something rewarding." She tryes to act though and her voice is confident. Her body languange is acting the opposite. She is swaying her arms around and occasionally scratching her legs.
"If it is not too much to ask I would like to join a training program which is combined with the occasional missions." She crosses her arms to wait for reply. Her face looks serious and slightly angry and she is begins to toss her body back and forth.
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Genin at the office
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