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 Me myself and I

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PostSubject: Me myself and I   Wed 21 Mar 2012, 9:47 am

Name: Soji Daichigo

Nickname: Sojar

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5’8”

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pale skin, black hair, ice blue eyes.

Clothing: red sunglasses, crimson t-shirt with a grey plaid shirt over it, black cloth belt, black jeans, black combat boots. Wears this all the time while out. Wears a chain with kunai knives hanging from it around his left shoulder to his right hip.

Personality: Easily gets angered, temperamental, but patient. Can be friendly and i am very loyal to allies.

Voice: Strong, deep voiced

Clan: Ravnosiun Clan

Kekei Genkai: Every member of the clan was given a raven at birth. With which many amazing feats are done.

Clan symbol: a raven with a kunai in its talons.

Clan history: An ancient clan that dates back before the leaf village existed. Over time various causes slowly whittled away at its foes; the Arastui ninja . By the time Ochimaru came around, only Alaina Ravnosiun, wife of Ravengaurde was the only living member. She bore a child she named Soji, she died before he was a year old, a stranger finding him wrapped in cloth and laying in the arms of his dead mother.

Ability summary: The master of the raven has a unique ability to channel chakra into the bird, making it a fearsome beast of war. Also can summon flocks of ravens at a single call. The master of the raven can see out of the eyes of the raven, whenever his or her eyes are closed.

Rank: Chuunin; B

Village: Wandering the wilderness searching for a village to call "home".

Skill specialty: Is most proficient with genjutsu and taijutsu. Most jutsus i know are related to ravens.

Elemental Affinity: Fire wind
Jutsu: The ones i speicalize in.

Fallen Angel Jutsu- Raven style
Rank B
Wind element
Turns user into a a half raven half human figure, with claws that are sharper than a kunai knife.

Shadow’s Roar Jutsu
Rank: C
Type: Taijutsu
Element: Air

Description: A useful move for disabling enemies if used in combos. After rubbing hands together at extreme speed and pressure, chakra will release to build a invisible cloud. Then the user claps releasing a powerful sound wave, creating a painful head ache that will momentarily disable enemies. However anyone that can hear the clap will to have the effects upon them.

Reinforcement of Shadows Jutsu
Rank: A
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Water, Air

Description: Creates a large cloud of shadows over the battlefield, raining pitch black drops over the field. As the storm persists, the user can use combos with this jutsu to create devastating moves. Often is used prior to summoning beasts made from shadows. Ninja that are well built on Shadow jutsus develop an exceptional ability which allows them to drink the rain; which is like a liquid chakra flowing into their body.

Jutsu Name: Holy Raven Jutsu
Rank: B
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Fire
Description: Creates a Pyre on the user’s head which is burning the hair of the user. Once the hair is extinguished the chakra flow for this jutsu is cut off.
This jutsu summons a white raven made of flames that are ice cold. The raven can only be used as direct attack once, which will extinguish the being’s essence. This chakra when used with Condemned Raven Jutsu can fuse to summon the Ah-Karia Phoenix which is a powerful being that can use various types of fire, ice, and wind jutsus.

Jutsu Name: Condemned Raven Jutsu
Rank: B
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Air
Description: Summons a raven made of pure shadows which cannot be touched by living beings. The one which uses this jutsu will have a visible second shadow which appears opposite of the natural shadow. If the natural shadow goes away, the raven becomes flesh and will be able to strike the target with a toothed beak.

This bird will distract the enemy and will make terrifying strikes that can haunt the target. Even after the fight, the raven leaves a single reoccurring nightmare that will occur every night for a week. The bird when summoned with Holy Raven Jutsu can fuse to summon the Ah-Karia Phoenix which is a powerful being that can use various types of fire, ice, and wind jutsus.


Background: Parents were killed when very young. Ever since I lived off of thievery, but ever since the Village adopted me, I have struggled to come on the strait path. Teachings have assisted me in my anger control. I signed a contract with Kabuto, i was given the abilty to summon snakes. But monthly i have to do a blood pentance to keep my contract still well. My raven i raised since it was given to me by my father, but as i fooled around with chakra i accidently gave him the ability to undrstand my thoughts, now we can communicate telepathically. I am hunted by the ninja that finished off my clan, one that is much powerful against those of our clan's skill.

"My bad, well at least there is decent food here to change the atmosphere." i said to my superior.

I pulled a packet of Nerogi tea leaves, placing it in a tin cup i carried with me. I asked the waitress to give me some water and i boiled the water in the cup. Draining the flavor of the tea and tossing the leaves in a trash bin.

I sipped and studied the 21 year old ninja.

"You want some? I only have a packet left, but i can spare it. I have a herbalist that i get this stuff from. It has so many benifits that i am glad to share it with any guy that doesn't look at me wrong."

I placed my last packet on the table with a tin cup and motioned for him to help himself.

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Me myself and I
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