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 Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN

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PostSubject: Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN   Mon 20 Feb 2012, 10:06 pm


Upon his travels Irie growing tired, decided he would set up camp. Though the environment hadn't looked exactly comfortable for a camp-zone it would have to do. Jagged rocks jetted from everywhere, the place looked like something out of a horror book. Looking around produced the image of a monster with a million long jagged arms, sending shivers down his spine- but suddenly, Irie felt something was wrong with this place. Quickly looking around he saw traces of someone or something quickly moving, around him as if it were watching him. Then, he heard another noise; separate from another he could hear behind him. This wasn't looking good for Irie at this point, it appeared that it would be a two on one, else it were a clone of another shinobi to cause a distraction, he kept his guard up watching, looking back occasionally if he'd hear something. Irie in a huff muttered under his breath.
"Will it ever end?"
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Kai Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN   Mon 20 Feb 2012, 11:31 pm

‘Alright, I’ve followed him around long enough…’

Was the mental sentence that went through her head. She had been traveling the area in search of experienced fire style users, she felt like seeing who’s was better, she knew no one else could top her skills but she wanted to see just how far she could push herself. She luckily had just been in the same place as the Uchiha before he left. The fan girls had been going crazy though out the whole building off what they just saw, and usually only one clan could truthfully get that much popularity. She studied the Uchiha clan for years on end but never came across one, she asked where he was going but couldn’t get no evidence until someone was able to point her to where his room was.

She made her way inside, then caught the signature of his body heat and caught the same one a bit of distance from the building. She leaped out of the window and silently began following him and as she did she began dressing up, when she got done her attire was slick. An all black outfit, hair tided up with a black mask, which had the looking of a monkey with small eyes which is probably going to make it very difficult for eye contact. But the mask was for hiding appearances. Black finger gloves that reached the top of the wrist. Chain mail under shirt with a black v neck with no sleeves. Black ninja pants with the sandals with a all black average kunai was strapped to her back.

Her objective was to catch him, herself and too beat that rumor of the Uchiha bloodline being the unbeatable. So she traveled in the man’s shadow until the day of wrecking came and they were no longer in the city area. The ground looked very uneven and not so safe but she knew that she could make it work. And just like that she had no shadows or places where she could hide.

She was out in the open and the man had just turned around and they were body to body with about a good 30 meters apart from each other and he could clearly see her if he wanted to as well as she can see him. She breathed through the small lines through the mask, that was held on her face. She knew it was him, she could sense his heat signature perfectly, she wanted a fight from him, she stood there for about three seconds before she crew tired. She placed one of her feet forward still on the ground and took a stance and waited.

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PostSubject: Re: Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN   Thu 23 Feb 2012, 2:36 am

"What would bring you to such a desolate place," whispered the raven haired Hyuuga as he walked through the rough terrain. To a normal person, or a less skilled shinobi, the task of navigating such a desolate and dangerous environment would seem daunting, but not to Matsato. He was a Hyuuga and one of the best shinobi in Konohagakure, in his mind he was anyway.

As he walked he would continue to activate his Byakugan to see if anyone was around. He would continue this practice of walking for an hour and then stopping to scan the world around him for other shinobi for several hours until he would finally find someone, or someones as it was. There were two of people, probably shinobi, half a kilometer away from him. It appeared to be one following the other. He changed his course towards the two people and began making his way towards them. It wouldn't take long for him to reach them at the pace he was going.

He finally drew close enough to the group to see that they had stopped and one had taken a fighting stance. He didn't know what was about to happen, so he took his own defensive stance. He placed his left, palm out, in front of him and pulled his right hand, with the palm up, back and under his shoulder. He slide his right foot behind him and turned his body so that he was sideways while looking at the man in the middle.

Matsato didn't know if he had stumbled upon an ambush, a robbery, or an assassination; but he would be ready if he was attacked.
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PostSubject: Re: Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN   

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Irie Vs 2 Others -OFFRP- ASK TO JOIN
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