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PostSubject: Kamak    Fri 17 Feb 2012, 8:24 pm

~General Information~

Name:Kamak Mirokie
Nickname/Alias:The Dark Star
Weight:170 lbs


Kamak is a very well built man, standing at six feet three inches and weighing a hundred and seventy pounds. After many years of training and working out his body has hit its peak of perfection, being toned well enough that he can sustain several hours of physical activity. His skin is a very deep tan, spending most of his time outside in the sun he has a sun baked skin tone, that is often hidden under his robes. His hair and eyes often stick out amongst his deep dark skin and large body type. Kamak has a very dark blue hair hue, almost seeming black when looked at in the dark, however when the sun sits just right on his head the blue will stand out almost perfect. His eyes match his hair, being dark blue like a deep pool of water. Many have claimed that when they stare into his eyes they are looking down a deep abyss that seems to entrance them.

As far as clothing go's he is found of two types of clothing, skinny form fitting clothing, and thick baggy clothing. He always has on a pitch black body suit, form fitting to his body that covers his torso, upper arms and legs. Around his legs are bands that hold secret things, like hidden weapons, scrolls and so on. His head band, that bares the leaf symbol, no longer sits on his for head but his sown into his robe that he wears over the body suit. A massive black and purple cloak that drap's over his body and appears to swallow him whole. The cloak makes him look much bigger than he is, fooling those who have never seen him before. A new look he has accepted is a straw hat, that rest on his head and covers his eyes. This is used for many reasons, the two most popular are keeping the sun out of his ever wandering eyes and keeping those he do not want to see him unknown of his prescence.

However in battle Kamak will make a dramatic change in dress. His robe will be shed, most times along with his straw hat, and a layered set of purple samurai armor will cloak his body. This is sealed in a seal on his back, made by a former jounin of his village. When released the armor will cover his entire body, fit with a helmet, arm and leg guards and a plated suit that protects from many small weapons and blades.

Kamak is a very quiet down to earth man. He keeps to himself and tries not to be seen in most cases. This is for two reasons. One he likes to try and see if he can remain hidden even when he’s not trying to, and it helps to build his stealth skills for when he starts battle. He also controls his breathing and stepping. But like other ninjas his age he has seen his fair share of death and suffering, so sometimes he is quiet for a good reason. He won’t talk out and blurt out stuff unless he feels he needs to. Kamak will keep most thoughts and opinions to himself. When someone does something he doesn’t like however he has no problem standing up and saying something.

He does not take to back stabbers and liars to well. He respects honor and as a Shinobi feels that if you are going to be a ninja you should respect its code. He has no mercy for criminals and missing ninja and will not stop hunting them no matter the cost. He threats all his friends as family, keeping them close. But if any of them were to turn on his or backstab him it would be over. Kamak threats honor and respect like a personal assault, so it would be best not to break those.

When it comes to team work Kamak will never give up. If it means protecting a team mate or a friend he will risk his life for their safety. Personal threats against his team are threats against him, and if anyone has a problem with his village they have one with Kamak. He doesn’t try to be the best ninja because he knows he is not, but he tries to do his best and will never give up.

~Clan Information~

Clan Name:Mirokie
Kekei Genkai:The Miroki clan has a unique talent for chakra shaping and forming. All members specialize in the Fire and Earth elements, however they do not mix these for the advance of Lava styles. Instead they have learned how to use the crystalline structures in the Earth to form with the Heat, cooling and shaping properties of Fire to form the glass style. Using this style members create mirror like substances using chakra fused into them. They are unlike normal mirrors being they are harder to break, although not impossible. And they can be manipulated by the wielder of the chakra. The Mirrors are covered with a thin layer of chakra making them very unique in means of jutsu and fighting. Members can control these mirrors as will by forming them in air, or out of materials such as Dirt and crystal like substances.
Clan Symbol:The symbol of the Miroki clan is a large triangle with a diamond in side of it.
Clan History:As a former police force, the original members of the Miroki clan were top Shinobi. They were known as the best in Fire and Earth style, almost perfecting the most deadly combos. However that’s all they were capable of, basic nature control of those two elements. But they were still respected and honored as great ninja. Then among the line of birth came a genius, he was able to muster his chakra and shape it accordily to create brand new forms of attacks. Using the crystal like substances that both elements had, he bypassed the Lava element and went for something new. Mixing the elements he created a reflective like surface that enabled the user to see his reflection, but it was solid to the point where a normal punch would not break it. Fusing chakra into the substance he created a weapon like none has seen before. Upon realizing the power the clan began to train in this style, perfecting its arts and soon it became a birth right. Although some did not see this as a gift, they saw it as a curse. Jutsu should not be messed with and tampered like it was. So a rebellion started. Many of the members took revolt, and rose against the leaders who choose to accept the mirror like element. Being under classed and under skilled, most were killed, wiping out almost half of the clan. Seeing how this was a downfall for the clan they decided to pact together and begin to use this new found power for good and the better of life’s. But some still have the thought that they are better and should be respected in that way.
Ability Summary:Members can create, shape and use mirrors by infusing chakra into earth and fire elements.

~Rank/Village Information~

Letter Rank:A

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity:Fire, Earth
Special Characteristics:

Name:Controlled Breathing
Description:Kamak has studied the art of stealth moving and has learned how to controle his breathing. He can become as silent as he wants, almost impossable to detect if the other has little training in tracker ninja arts. He can hold his breath for five minuets and when he does breath can controle his chest so that it does not rise at all.

Name:Controlled Walking
Description:Kamak has studied the art fo stealth moving and has learned how to walk, run and jump as silent as he can. His body movements make no noise, no joint popping or snapping, and his body can move around, nomatter what kind fo clothing he has on, and still make no noise.

Name:Genjutsu Awareness
Description:Being a skilled master of genjutsu Kamak can pick up on traces of genjutsu, if it is used on him or anyone else. He is not immune to genjutus, but in most cases can tell if genjutsu is being used. At S rank he must focus and try hard to tell, but at any other rank he can pick up on the useage of the style.

Name:One Handed Seals
Description:Kamak has trained in the art of one handed seals up to S rank, allowing him to complete any jutsu of S rank or lower by using only one hand to complete the seals required to activate the jutsu.

Name:Dark Star flames
Description: Kamak has utilized his chakra to form a special type of fire that takes on a purple color. This fire acts as normal fire except for the fact that it will also freeze opponents chakra systems for the duration of the jutsu that is used.




Weapons and Equipment
Name: Glass shuriken
Rank: B
Range: Thrown as far as a normal Shuriken by the user.
Description:These Shuriken are unique and he always has them on him. They are tipped with the clan’s secret Glass style glass. When thrown they sparkle and twinkle, picking up the surrounding images. This makes them hard to see and they seem to look like glimmers in the sun. When they hit their target the glass will shatter and the thin metal part will stick into its target.
Origin: Kamak made these using the clans Glass style Chakra. Forged in his village as a chuunin.

Name: Nakuma
Rank: C
Range: Two feet
Description:A small thin Katana that belonged to his adopted father. It has a pitch black Sheath and is only about two and a half feet long including handle. It has no secret power or ability, just a normal sword used to fight with.
Origin:It belonged to his adopted father. When he graduated from the elite academy it was given to him as a gift to use in his ninja training. Even though it is small he still uses it in remembrance of his father.

Name:Glass explosive kuni
Rank: B
Range:Trowing range(explosion has a ten foot blast radius)
Special Abilities:Is made of th eMiroki glass so it can be camoflagued. Has ten grams of explosive black powder making it highly explosive. Is attached wiht a explosive note on the handle.
Descriptions:These kuni are made out of Kamak's secret style glass. They are hollowed out and fuilled wiht his black explosive powder also. This weighs it down making it able to be thrown with out being blown of course. A bomb note is wrapped around the handle, making it able to go off when kamak releases the seal. This ignites the powder and blows up, sending glass out with the explosion

Name:Black powder
Rank: C
Range:It is a simple powder that can be held, thrown about five feet befor eit disperses in the wind.
Special Abilities:Can be set on fire and explodes.
Descriptions:The black powder is created with a carbon element that when set on fire or touched by flame will ignite. With a very small amount the fire will burn away the powder, moving along a trail until there is no more powder. But if a large concentration of five ounces or more is set on fire it may explode, causing damage based on the amount of Black powder it the collection. The powder sits in a fire proof bag on his waist line. It is behind him and is made to keep the powder from blowing up on his body. The bag can withstand three post of being on fire before it blows up. No matter the rank it will take three post for the bag to burn away.
Origin:Is used it the blacksmith for creating weapons and bombs. The powder was taken in a large amount by kamak and used in his fire style attacks.

Name:Sarshi Armor
Appearance:" alt="" />
Is a deep purple and blue hue, with gold lace and details on the armor. It is fit with a helmet that has a giant gold star on the top to symbolize the village Hoshi. The armor fits comfortably to his body and is mobile enough to allow maximum movement in battle and still protect him from attacks. Small weapons such as kuni and shuriken will just bounce off of the armor. It also protects from weak taijutsu attacks like normal punchs and kicks.
Rank: C
Range:Wears on the body, Is sealed away on his body.
Special Abilities:Does nothing other than protect the body in battle.
Descriptions:A set of plated purple and blue armor. This armor was crafted just for Kamak after becoming the Hoshikage. Their is a seal placed on his back that one of the master fuuinjutsu user's placed on his back to contain the armor. It is sealed in his back so that when he does not need it it can be stored on his person. When it is needed he will unseal it using chakra. Then armor will cloth its self on Kamak its self.
Origin:The armor was crafted by the Village's master crafts men as a gift to Kamak for becoming Hoshikage. To allow better use of the armor a master sealer created a self using seal on his back to contain the armor.

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:


Roleplay Sample:
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Revy Izumi

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PostSubject: Re: Kamak    Fri 17 Feb 2012, 8:46 pm

This isn't a full review, but is just the first few problems i saw. I'll look at the rest later, have another staff member check it to if you can.

-Name:Controlled Walking

This doesn't make any sense. The noise clothing makes when you move is out of your control. The only way to keep your clothes from making noise when you move, is to wear clothing that doesn't make noise, usually something tight.

-Name:Genjutsu Awareness

The thing with most Genjutsu, is it plays with your mind. You can be more aware of Genjutsu, but you wouldn't be able to instantly tell you're in one.

-Name:One Handed Seals

This i don't know about. You'd technically only be molding half of the chakra needed when doing that, unless you have incredible chakra control maybe. Another staff member should check this.

-Name:Dark Star flames

This doesn't make any sense. And this seems more like a Jutsu rather then a special characteristic. Explain it more.


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Masahiro Yukina

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PostSubject: Re: Kamak    Fri 17 Feb 2012, 11:46 pm

Quote :
Name:One Handed Seals

This i don't know about. You'd technically only be molding half of the chakra needed when doing that, unless you have incredible chakra control maybe. Another staff member should check this.

My Masahiro character uses this, but it counts as an actual technique. As a requirement, the user needs to have a great level of chakra control (the technique itself not accessible to A ranks and below, not that that matters here) and requires an extra amount of chakra to be poured into the technique in question, so that even through imprecise molding, you can still perform the task at hand. If you really wanted to have this, I suggest simply taking a look at my Masahiro app, and grabbing the technique from there. You have my permission.

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PostSubject: Re: Kamak    

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