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 Alucard (WIP)

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PostSubject: Alucard (WIP)   Wed 18 Jan 2012, 3:17 pm

~General Information~

Name: Everlasting, Alucard

Nickname/Alias: Dracula, Drake, Draco,

Weight: 200 lbs (Muscle Mass)

Height: 6'2

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Casual Dress -

Battle Gear -

Personality: Alucard is extremely calm, mature, cool, collected and usually maintains a stern, serious and distanced personality. He is quiet and keeps to himself a lot, only speaking when it is something of importance. Other than this, he tends to not speak unless spoken to, or at the very least waits until the other person is finished . He mantains this calmness even in battle, and is very seldom surprised by even the most drastic of actions. Nevertheless, none of these character flaws prevent him from being a superb investigator and fighter. He believes in peace and order, even in the society created by his former enemies. Anyone he considers to be corrupt or despotic, he targets for elimination. His reputation and foreboding power have made him overconfident and fearless. In initial appearances he seems unable to see any cause for alarm. He is highly intelligent, possessing a genius-level intellect, and is capable of devising executing and well-thought-out strategies with incredible speed and precision, several steps ahead of others. He has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking. He is very suspicious to the slightest actions and he wont hesitate to reveal any disbelief towards others. Among his philosophies in life is that it is fine when a man decides what to make of his life, as long as he doesn't live to regret it. A distinguishing feature of his personality is his high moral standards. As stated by people who know him, Alucard never forgives the death of a comrade. He will only go against his moral code in extreme circumstances.

Voice: Deep . . . At times he uses a high pitch voice to mock people

~Clan Information~

Clan Name: None

Kekei Genkai: None

Clan Symbol: None

Clan History: None

Ability Summary: None

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Jounin

Letter Rank: A

Village: Kirigakure

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu/Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Lightning and Water

Special Characteristics: Chakra Control,


Another Post

~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Birth of an ill-child:

Alucard was born on a date that is unknown to only himself. Not even his closed of friends know the day of his birth. From the very start of life, Alucard was hindered with ill-fate, his mother not surviving the long and drawn-out birth. Of course, the medical system in those days was not nearly as advanced as it is now. Alucard was brought up by his father. A single parent who worked as a shinobi for the village, he had hardly any time to spend with his only son. It was perhaps this period of time that, subconsiously, Alucard learned that he had to primarily take care of himself, forsaking others. Though the young boy did yearn for more attention, he rarely looked up to his father, wanting to be as strong as he was one day.

After three or so years, his father had earned enough trust and respect amongst the elders of the village that he could step down as a shinobi and spend time with his son. At last, Alucard had someone who would be able to spend time with him and teach him about all the ninja ways, and how to use this thing called Ninjutsu. Of course, being somewhere between three and four years old, Alucard was perhaps not so consciously aware of this change, but he was clearly much happier when his father was around more often. At the age of seven, the young boy expressed a desire to learn more about the world of the shinobi, one which he had coveted for some time. His father was happy to teach him some of the basic things he himself had learned, and some of his own techniques, and before long he was admitted into the academy.


It seemed Alucard had indeed learned to fend for himself in those early years without his father, his classmates and peers clearly far less important than his progression in the academy teachings. He made few friends. Alucard never really gave them the appreciation they deserved, only because they never deserved it at all, because he and a kid name Sin fought a lot back in the days. His teachers were rather amazed with how hard the young boy worked at his studies, practicing more regularly than most of the other students. However, it became apparent that Alucard's beliefs in 'looking out for only himself' had developed into something less pleasant. When faced with a problem he found difficult to overcome, he often stole the ideas of others to present as his own. In practical skills this was impossible to do, but he generally excelled in that area.

The young academy student became known as somewhat of a prodigy amongst his elder peers. They were not aware of how little paperwork he actually did, and were mostly impressed by his practical skills - the one area of his study that was indeed his own work. Alucard found himself in a comfortable position in the academy, favoured by his peers and developing quickly. He still lacked social skills however, now left with only a couple of friends since he always acted on his own not excepting anyones help. It didn't really bother the young boy, especially as the exams were fast approaching. When the day arrived, Alucard more or less walked the exams and graduated with ease.


When Alucard became a Genin he was as happy as any other student. He wore his headband with a feeling of victory, as if he was playing some sort of game and the headband was his prize. He was even happier when he heard that his friends from the academy also had passed and that he would be teamed up with them under the same sensei. All of this of course made the Sunagakure officials happy. That day the second stage of their plan would go into motion.

Not to long after Alucard became a genin he started going on missions, lead by his sensei Mizo Nagatsuhi. At first the missions were pretty basic. Deliveries and clean up around the village and of course the typical drills they had to go through as genin. These drills however were recently new, being developed shortly after the end of the last great shinobi war. They focused on a genin's code of action as to if the village was attacked. It was their job to assist in the safe movement of citizens to safe houses stationed around the village. Real basic stuff for a genin to be doing. Alucard and his team really weren't expected to do anything all that dangerous though since they were genin. Also being this era being one of piece it was even less likely to find dangerous missions at all, which was a good thing by economic standards. But life for shinobi were becoming very boring. Of course though the world wasn't entirely rid of its dangers and violence. After all there is always someone who tries to take advantage of times of peace and that is exactly what happen when a man named Tenshin Nara strolled into town killing everyone including Alucard's father. This was only the beginning to Tenshin a way of pushing this kid to a new limit of power for Tenshin Nara saw potential in this young lad just wanted to push it out.

As time passed the hidden tension between the Two started to grow. Alucard, still holding the memories of the brutal attack on his family by The King of Darkness, began doing preparations for revenge and soon was already in the planning state. Alucard didn't know it yet but this was the first key becoming stronger, being that his rage and passion for a good hunt would become the down fall of many men/women that crossed his path. The rest would merely play out as he got older. As Alucard grew up as a genin of the Rain Village he and his team had trained hard and had qualified to join the Chunnin exams. Of course this excited Alucard and the others but under the excitement was a goal. Alucard knew that this was a test of his revenge. To gain his revenge on Tenshin he would first have to pass every obstetrical in his way and the Chunnin exams were no different. So at the age of twelve, Alucard and his teammates set off to take the Chunnin exams.

Chunnin Exams:

The chunnin exams were being held in Konoha, which wasn't all that far from the Rain Village. This was good because it wouldn't take long for Alucard and his team to arrive there. This would allow them to rest up for the exams and go over things and make strategies for the exam, though they didn't know exactly what kind of tests they would be doing basic team tactics were always good to go over. Alucard of course was team leader due to his skill and intelligence and his teammates were no lousy ninja either. Being this it was almost certain that they would get pass or at least get high grades. However way they would be scored Alucard and his friends weren't all that nervous. So with a good amount of confidence in their abilities and some good heads on their shoulders, Alucard and his team left for Konoha. Leaving the rain Village as genin to return as chunnin. Certain enough a few days after Alucard and his team left the Rain Village they arrived at Konoha and within Konoha the Lead Village. Alucard knew of Konoha and the Leaf Village and of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. They all knew but no grudges were held, what happened in the past was in the past and there was no changing it. Besides the Rain Country had managed to get back on its feet and was now even stronger than it was then, the question in Alucard's mind was just how it would be after the power struggle came to an end and who would be the victor. There was no doubt in his mind that he would win in the end though, after all his whole meaning of existence was in the hatred he held and his vows of revenge, and it would be those very vows that would allow him to win and pass the chunnin exams.

As it turned out when they arrived it had seemed that they were a little early for the exams, which was ok for Alucard and the others because they had a feeling they would be early. So with the free time they had they decided to travel around the Leaf Village and see what was just so great about it that it was one of the Five Great Ninja Villages. They wouldn't spend all their time there doing this though for there was other competition there as well and Alucard was far more interested in what the Leaf ninja were like, after all the Leaf Village was known for its ninja and power and Alucard wanted to really put them to the test, and without a doubt he would soon be able to. After about two days in the Leaf Village the time for the chunnin exams had come and sure enough Alucard and his team were there are ready. Of course they weren't the only ones who were ready for the exams. When Alucard and the others entered the team meeting room they were surprised bout how many people were there, all except Alucard that is. He already figured that there was going to be a large audience there. After all all the ninja villages were putting their genin forward to become chunnin so it would be foolish to think that it wouldn't be highly populated. As they waited for instructions from who ever was in charge of this Alucard decided he would observe the competition. He watched closely as the others talked and watched the others. Not doubt some were out for blood but then again Alucard didn't have any problem spilling some blood, after all he had his goal to accomplish. By what he could see the others didn't seem to be all that strong, matter of fact if he wanted to he could probably kill them all right now but that would also have dangerous affects on him as well. Besides there was already nobody who could stop him as it was other than someone from his clan so it wouldn't matter whether or not Alucard killed them now or later. Just as he was getting bored a loud voice was heard. Everyone's attention turned to the front of the room and there stood the first proctor of the exam. The proctor introduced himself and explained exactly what everyone would be doing for the exams, that it would be broken up into three parts and that to move onto one they would have to pass the one that came previous to it. This a given either way though for everyone their knew just what the risk was of the chunnin exams. So with the the first part of the exam was on the way and Alucard was determined to pass it.

Alucard got a test and after thirty min., when i came time for it to be announced they said if you stay and listen to the tenth question but get it wrong you will fail. Then they wouldn't be allowed to take the chunnin exams ever again. Alucard was not about to stop so he stood there and waited. When over half the applicants quit the proctor began to announce the tenth question. Then he suddenly said "you all passed," Alucard sighed realizing the test was a trick and started to laugh just as everyone else began to laugh. Soon after the second part of the exam began, it was a survival exercise, and they sent all the genin from all the lands that passed the first part into konoha's forest of death. They were all in their teams and were given 1 scroll a team, the Heaven or the Earth Scroll, the goal was to reach the tower in the center of the forest with both scrolls and open them but they must not open the scrolls before they reach the tower or they fail. Alucard's squad held a heaven scroll which Alucard was trusted to carry. When they entered the forest he told them to go straight to the tower, they will find people with the scrolls on their way to it. A day passed while they were in the forest before they found anyone. They were set up against a team from the hidden grass village, Alucard easily took care of them and took their scroll which luck had it was an Earth Scroll which they actually need. They made it to the tower without any problems; they were the 1st team to arrive, not a big surprised to Alucard because he knew his team was strong and this would be simple.

They opened up the 2 scrolls in the tower and their jounin sensei appeared from them and told them they passed the second half of the exam. The next day they were brought to a huge stadium in konoha, there were only 24 genin left. The final part of the chunnin exams was a tournament, anyone who showed qualities of a good chunnin here would be promoted. Alucard's whole team was ready for this, they won each of their fights elegantly unfortunately his teammates were taken out before they reached the finals. Alucard reached the final round he was faced up against a Kumogakure Shonibi, It was time to see which village shinobi was stronger Kiri or Kumo, and after one hour the battle ended beautiful, the Kumo ninja fought with heart and determination but was defeated by Alucard. After the exams 12 ninja became chunnin including Alucard's team. They were a Chuunin Squad now, but it wasn't long because Alucard soon left this squad to train on his own and become a jounin on his own. He became a wondering ninja.

Wondering Ninja:

Roleplay Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Alucard (WIP)   Sun 05 Feb 2012, 3:24 pm


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Alucard (WIP)
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