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 Makeo to the Hokage

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PostSubject: Makeo to the Hokage   Sun 01 Jan 2012, 2:23 pm

Makeo stood outside the main gates of Konohagakure. There was some slight wind the sun had just topped the horizon. It had been a hard travel to get from Kirigakure to here, but it was requested by the Mizukage, so here he was. Makeo started off into the village, taking it in, the buildings, the mountain with, what he could only guess, the past Hokage's faces carved into it. And rising out of the village, his target, the Hokage's Office.

Now Makeo stood outside the office. He calmly walked in and knocked on the door, waiting for the call to enter, and did so. What he saw before him gave him a little start, the Hokage was young. But beside this point he started explaining why he was here, per the request of the Hokage. "I hail from the Village Hidden in the Mist. I was sent here by the Mizukage, and come bearing a question. The question is: Are you in any need of assitance?. The reason for this is because you and your village have been quite and the Mizukage was concerned." Makeo explained. Now he awaited the answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Makeo to the Hokage   Thu 05 Jan 2012, 12:41 pm

Tarnish rifled through the stack of papers at his desk, reading each one carefully before either signing it or putting it aside to view again later. He'd been so engrossed in papers lately, he'd started to get a handle on it. Apparently there was a lot of paperwork that needed to be done when a new Hokage was chosen, not to mention there was also the regular paperwork, so naturally he had his work cut out for him. He'd thought it might become too taxing, but he'd seemed to have hit his stride after awhile, though the papers came coming at regular intervals. He'd meant to have lunch in his office, but he'd opted to have lunch out that afternoon, so he was about 15 papers in the hole, so to speak. A knock at the door caused him to glance up, before calling out "Come in." One of his secretary's came in, carrying a small stack of papers. "Those are for me, right?" he asked, smiling slightly. She nodded, setting the stack down next to him. "Sorry about being the one to have to bring it in. Will you be alright?" Tarnish puffed up his chest, giving her a thumbs up. "Who me? I'll be fine, it's no trouble at all." She gave him a smile in return, turning to leave. "Of course. Sorry for troubling you," she said as she closed the door behind her. Tarnish deflated like he'd been pricked by a needle, pulling the new stack of papers towards him. "So busy, so busy..." he mumbled, scanning through the papers. The window was wide up, meant to let in the occasional breeze, but Talon the Falcon had been using it as his way in and out of the office.

At that moment, he soared into the room, flaring up his wings to kill his speed. He managed to land on the hat stand by the door, flapping his wings repeatedly to prevent it from falling over. Tarnish held down all of his papers, glowering at his friend. "Do you have to come in like that? You know I have all these papers..." Talon began to squawk in earnest, bobbing his head to and fro, causing the hat stand to wobble beneath him. Tarnish raised an eyebrow, and began to separate the papers into three stacks, the ones he'd looked at, the ones he'd signed, and the ones he hadn't had a chance to look at yet. He knew that Talon meant that someone was coming to speak to him, someone not from the village. Pushing each stack to different sides of the table, he reached down and grabbed his hat, but thought better of it. He set it back down right as he heard a knock on the door. "Enter." a single ninja strode in, sporting the mist headband. He stopped just short of Tarnish's desk before speaking. "I hail from the Village Hidden in the Mist. I was sent here by the Mizukage, and come bearing a question. The question is: Are you in any need of assitance?. The reason for this is because you and your village have been quite and the Mizukage was concerned." Tarnish stared at the man for a moment, a smile creeping across his face. "My, how thoughtful of the Mizukage. No, we're not in any real need of assistance, though I appreciate the thought. However, there is one thing I'd like to discuss with the Mizukage, a matter of great importance." Tarnish clasped his hands together, resting his elbows on the table as he propped his head up on his hands. "Ask the Mizukage what sort of actions he's taken in regards to the Akatsuki. I would like to hear what he has to say on that matter, if you would be so kind as to pass the message along." Even as he spoke, Tarnish thought back to his battle in the woods as a genin, and the mysterious ninja he'd fought who shouted out about the Akatsuki's rise to power. When he'd spoken with the previous Hokage, he'd gotten a general synopsis of the Akatsuki, but no real details. All he knew really was that they could be a threat to his village, and that's all he needed to know to make sure they were taken care of.
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Makeo to the Hokage
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