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 Rosuto - The Wraith [WiP]

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PostSubject: Rosuto - The Wraith [WiP]   Tue 13 Dec 2011, 7:02 pm

~General Information~

Name: Rosuto Tamashī-Uchiha
Note: Dropped Uchiha surname

Nickname/Alias: The Wraith; Body Flicker Sage

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6'3"

Age: 21 years of age

Gender: Male


Rosuto is a tall and lean individual, standing approximately six feet and three inches so, weighing in at a hefty two hundred and ten pounds, possessing muscular, broad shoulders. For is almighty physique, Rosuto often rubs off as a pushy and intimidating individual. He has flowing, moderate in length, obsidian black hair that travels just down his neck and is in complicated spikes in multiple places, with equally pitched charcoal eyes, looking like a misty pigment of blue in some lighting. His hair is always clean, as Rosuto takes more time to care for it then many may think, shampooing and constantly keeping it soft with organic conditioners. He has it delicately trimmed once a month, but only with the best of care, as it is one of Rosuto's most notable features, being silky and wild and messy in just about every way imaginable. The bangs attached to this masterpiece are often blinding, however he feels this is a small price to pay to have the keenest hair in the country. With a blank looking face no matter what the situation, Rosuto never allows his emotions to leak to the surface, never letting anyone know how he feels, thus his strong facial features consisting of a clinched jaw, rounded nose, an average mouth and so on are not altered by his mood. His ears and forehead, for the most part, are shrouded by his hair. The color of his skin is an attractive tone of tan, balancing the perfect amount of pale Caucasian color with a perfect sunkissed shade. Overall, he is not a large individual in physical stature, but he is naturally broad and enjoys keeping fit. His hands are rough in texture and have become callused after many years of swordsman ship. He also has a thin scar from his left shoulder to his left pectoral, measuring five and three quarter inches. Other than that, Rosuto's body is chiseled to absolute perfection and is entirely smooth.

Despite it being out of style nowadays, Rosuto prefers a traditional and tad obsolete apparel. This attire consists of a basic and comfortable kimono of an attractive nature, woven out of tight silk, and lined in cotton. As a temporary civilized accessory, he sports a heavy, black over-cloak, used mostly for traveling with a black, white, and grey collar. The inside made with white, velvety satin, and grey buttons and detail. Under his kimono he wears a pale, pearl colored undershirt of a considerably soft and comfortable material. As Rosuto is a notable swordsmen, he keeps his katana sheathed in a metal reinforced bamboo and threaded scabbard coursed with leather, which is strapped to his waist by and intersecting cloth three belt arrangement; one around his waist, and two more, one over each shoulder, making sure that his blade never leaves him, considering all three straps must be cut before the blade is dislodged. Rosuto wears durable leather backhand and fingerless gloves to protect his hands from any further scarring then he already has. Though his outfit appears loose, it, along with his gloves, boots, and extra accessories, are tightly woven in a complex pattern of stitching so that he makes no sound moving, no decibel at all escaping him if he holds his breath as he moves. This is also because his attire is cushioned inside and out, enabling him to sneak up on opponents with abnormal ease. Dressing is layers is law for Rosuto, as senbon, kunai, and other basic straight weapons cannot pierce him, while shuriken are an exception, as they have a deadly spin to them. Rosuto is a true shinobi in appearance, as he is soundless, cautious, and stealthy all around, and can almost never be heard as long as he keeps his breathing steady. His body is sculpted to perfection, toned entirely, and is as close to perfect as perfect can be.


Voice: Deep; Demanding and Powerful; Cocky

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Sannin - Wanderer

Letter Rank: S

Village: Konohagakure/Kirigakure Allied

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Kenjutsu; Fuuinjutsu; Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Katon; Fuuton; Doton

Special Characteristics:

Chakra Sensory: Because Rosuto is an Uchiha without the Sharingan, he is a bit more in tune with nature and his natural abilities that don't just come by the clan Doujutsu. He has picked up the ability to sense chakra natures down to the last detail, allowing him to determine the amount of chakra, the chakra's elemental nature, and the way the chakra is moving.

Chakra Monster: Rosuto has trained for years to increase the overall capacity of his chakra tank, therefore he has fifty percent more chakra than the average S-Ranked Shinobi.

Titanic Attributes: While Rosuto is a powerful individual, proud mostly of his fantastic cardio and resiliency, he also excels in other stats, maintaining strength, speed, and balance at the foremost. Being a master swordsman, his balance is impeccable, making him almost impossible to take off his feet. He is also almost impossible to take down and keep down, making him one of the greatest shinobi's alive, staying in excellent physical condition.

Body Flicker Sage: After many years of training with the God of War, Bishamonten, Rosuto had to learn to dodge many of the god's attacks, and since he was faster than the blink of an eye, this require extreme speed, and training harsher than any human could possibly imagine. With enough help from the God of War himself, Rosuto eventually mastered the Body Flicker Technique, and pushed himself and the boundaries of the technique beyond their natural limits, so that his body flicker is five times faster tan the average S-Ranked Shinobi's, and he can use them without being tired out so quickly.



~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story: It was twenty-one years ago to date on one stormy and disastrous night in Hi no Kuni, the Fire Country. There were storms raging on and on, and as it would happen, a beautiful woman was due to have triplets that night, however, two tragedies had already struck the family. The first was that their father had been killed two days before the due date of his children, and it seemed that one of the children had suffered from disappearing twin syndrome, and was absorbed prematurely by one of the other fetuses. Both of these fatal tragedies had depressed the woman, a woman by the name of Uchiha Kimiko was ready to end her own life, but it was the two babies left within her willing her on. That night, yet another tragedy struck the family. Kimiko passed from blood loss after the first baby came out easily, but the other was being strangled by his own umbilical cord, and with trouble, the baby was pried from the hands of death, just like his mother. When the child was finally retrieved, a lightning bolt struck, shattering the window above the hospital bed. The children were to be put into an orphanage, to grow up together. At the mother's wish, the older boy was named after the English word "Found", Imasu, and the younger, more fresh Uchiha brother, the English word "Lost", Rosuto. Together, they were raised as twins, separated by seven minutes and forty-two seconds, and were never told about their parents, or their brother, which, according to the medical practiontioners, was indeed absorbed by the elder...

As they lived on, the young boys trained, even at a young age, intrigued exponentially by the shinobi code and longing to become the greatest shinobi to ever live. They were a bit down that they did not have Kekkei Genkai bloodline limits like some other orphans, but as far as gained talent came, they excelled past everyone in their age group. It wasn't until the young boys strayed too far one day on a field trip to the local hospital to observe medical ninja at work that they discovered that they were indeed unique, as Imasu thought they could learn more about their past by going through records, but what they found disturbed them so much, that Imasu awakened his Sharingan. Rosuto was equally upset, but for some reason, he did not activate a Kekkei Genkai bloodline limit, and was extremely agitated. For that, Rosuto was not sure how to take it, and stole one of the orphanage worker's swords and slayed his brother in the middle of the night, unaware that it was not his brother's fault, and now was not only an orphan, but was a lonely orphan, upset, confused, and mad at the world for reasons no one could explain to him. By the age of eleven, however, this mishap was overlooked, and he began learning swordsmanship as he was entered into the Konohagakure no Sato Academy of the Shinobi Arts.

Through the village grapevine, it leaked that Rosuto had murdered his brother at the tender age of nine, and was still living his life as if nothing happened. For the fact he was not punished, many parents were infuriated, and just as many began to withdraw their students from the Shinobi Academy, which just lead to a chain reaction of more and more agitated people. Tension rose, and the Konohagakure Elders were forced to get together and decide the fate of not only the Academy and the young boy, but the entire village, as without fresh ninja, they were all doomed. With that, by majority rule, they decided not to allow Rosuto an education in the shinobi arts. The young boy was extremely upset by this, and fled from the orphanage, in an attempt to escape the village and leave the place where he was not wanted. In his eyes, he was taking a hint, but after a week of isolation in a mountain range he took refuge to, Rosuto was on the verge of dying, but he was a god...or so it had seemed, but Rosuto was young, naive. Actually, it was a sage, but the young and uneducated boy had no idea what that meant, and was taken in by the hermit sage, taken care of as if Rosuto was his own. Rosuto revealed his tricky past, but the sage did not fault, and decided he would train the young boy as a new sage, bring him up to become one of the most powerful shinobi ever, and with that, they began their training...first with the fundamental shinobi arts.

Rosuto's progress with the basic, non-elemental Ninja skills accelerated so much, and he was such a quick learner, that even the sage who went by Tamashī was surprised, and he had seen many fast learners in his time. Within three days, Rosuto had mastered every technique offered at the Konohagakure Ninja Academy, and then some. It had been only a year since Tamashī had found Rosuto, and then, he did not expect to find a true gem of the shinobi world. Tamashī was reminded a bit of himself when he was younger when he stole a glance at Rosuto, the only exception was that Rosuto was slightly more advanced. The Sannin was proud that he had raised such a capable shinobi, but still was unaware of a few details in the orphan's history. He never told his master he was an Uchiha, and he never told him that it was he who killed his brother. Through the years they would train more and more until the sage taught Rosuto everything he had to teach him, and was about to send him back down to Konoha, but had one more thing to show the boy. Tamashī showed Rosuto his realm, the realm dedicated to the God of War, Bishamonten. He decided he would show Rosuto it, if he told him the patches he had left out in his history, as Rosuto was not a great liar. He told him, and as promised, though more reluctant than before, the great Sannin brought him to see the god Bishamonten. Here, he faced the most rigorous training in his life, and was stripped of all emotion. This was a special realm, as what seemed like minutes in the real world was actually years in the War Realm, and here it was Rosuto learned swordsmanship, from the great war god. Tamashī kept track of his progress, and on the morning they were to return to the real world, Rosuto rose early to get his final task from Bishamonten. The great War God told him, to be a true shinobi, he must kill his master, the one whom acted as a father figure towards him, and the one who taught him everything he knew. Bishamonten cut him a deal. The great god said he would allow Rosuto access to his realm, and even give him the sword he battled Susano'o with, if he succeeded in this task. Even though Rosuto was stripped of all emotion, he did not want to kill the man who acted so great to him, but alas, he had become a sociopath and would do anything for power, and when he and Tamashī were to leave and set back for Konohagakure no Sato, it was then that Rosuto struck. He had stuffed his master's rucksack with exploding notes, and acting as if he left something back in their dwelling, he fled the scene as he detonated the rucksack, killing his master. As he promised, the war god named Rosuto the new Sannin, giving him his own sword, and allowing him training access to the Bishamonten Real, also nicknaming him the Wraith, for his unpredictability and his relentless, emotionless actions. Rosuto was only eighteen when this happened, and leaving the the realm through a complex reverse summoning, he went back to the mountains, gathered his things, and left his childhood behind.

Setting back for the village, Rosuto sought the Konohagakure council, whom had banished him in the first place. He told them everything that happened. At first they did not believe him, but once he showed them Bishamonten's sword, they were convinced, and he demanded representation, but they told him he couldn't skip his way to the top, so he still had to pass the Genin Examinations, along with the Chuunin, Jounin, Special Jounin, and only then would he be excepted as a Sannin of the leaf. A bit annoyed, he reluctantly agreed, and in the end, the Genin Examination took him less than an hour to complete, but he had to wait two weeks for the Konohagakure Journeyman Chuunin Selection Examination, and didn't even bother to train for it. The written portion was not very difficult, but Rosuto had underestimated it. Passing is fully, they moved on to the second portion, the Forest of Death. Rosuto was assigned to a team with two trigger happy Genin who were a bit too enthusiastic for Rosuto's personal preference. For this, he kept the scroll in his cloak, as they objective was to gain three different scrolls, and as soon as him and his team were out of range, he murdered them with Bishamonten's Blade, and there souls screamed as they were slayed.With that, he set off and slowly began picking off more and more Genin, even though they forfeited their scrolls willingly, he figured it'd be quicker if he killed them all now. By the time he was done with them, and gathered about twenty one scrolls, only two Genin were still alive and had a set of scrolls. When they made it to the central tower, it turned out that the final test was to have all of the Genin fight Rosuto at once. Since only two were left, one forfeited automatically, but the proctors decided to let the special Jounin into the match to help out with the fight, and an ANBU member. The match wasn't that long at all, as the a special Jounin charged Rosuto and got sweep kicked, and as he was coming up, Rosuto slit the Genin's throat in one fluid, spinning motion, and blood sprayed out. Typically, this would have been the end of the fight, but Bishamonten's sword was still thirsty, and after all the Special Jounin were injured, one with a dismembered arm, it was down to the ANBU member and the Body Flicker Sage. Taka, as the ANBU called himself, was extremely fast, the fastest on the ANBU squadron, but was not fast enough for Rosuto's body flicker. At the beginning, he put up a fair fight, but in the end, he was over powered and struck in the solar plexus with the hilt of Bishamonten's sword. It was a no contest, and Rosuto was automatically deemed Chuunin AND Special Jounin, all in one go, and asked to take his Jounin Examination directly after. The council members were reluctant, but very afraid of Rosuto, and said if he could take on an entire fleet of ANBU and last ten minutes or kill three of the ten, then he would be recognized, and what they saw was brutal, and weakened Konoha's defenses terribly. Slaughtering seven of the ten, with one slice, the rest were dropped with an earth jutsu, crushing all of their skulls. Having no choice, the council passed him, under the condition that he'd have to join the ANBU for four years, considering the damage he had done to their strongest shinobi.

In his time of being an ANBU member, he became a captain and the leader in only two months, and in doing so, his new plans brought in hundreds of rogue and missing shinobi and other criminals, dropping the crime rate to an all time low, and by the time his service was over, Rosuto, or, the Wraith, as was his code name, was known throughout every nation in the country knew his name, and he didn't think it was in the village's best interest for him to stay there, with such a huge price tag hanging over his head, and his own bounty would not allow his village general safety, so he allied with the village and became a wandering hermit, just like his predecessor, and maintained his village's safety, training with Bishamonten now and then. With that, the tale of the young Body Flicker Sage continues...

Roleplay Sample: Yudai had listened to everything people were saying. One in particular, a ballsy little girl stepped forward as the great Heavenly Emperor came forward, guarded by men shrouded by white kimono and masked. The emperor was very understanding and gave his respects, but the girl was rude, and for that, Yudai shook his head as he was given the option to let her speak or not. He wanted this to be very traditional. Swallowing deeply as the emperor kneeled before him, speaking so that only he could hear. He explained how this would work, and as he finished his speech talking about a death poem, an aide began reading from a scroll. A separate scroll and some ink was left on the small table before the Kaidan. He was given the option to write and recite a death poem, but instead, he decided something else.

Unraveling the scroll as the emperor stood, he was told the final blow would be struck when he was ready. Using the ink that was supplied, he used up all the parchment by writing two kanji, those being 腹 for stomach, and 切 for cutting. He lie the scroll flat so no one but the emperor could read it. An aide whispered that he could begin, and that he would. Nodding, Yudai first removed the shoulder attachments. Slowly, he would rip off ruffles and other unneeded additions to the classic kimono. Taking his time, the man rolled up his sleeves, and undid the obi sash that was around his waste. Undoing the kimono so that the pale man's chest was bare, his six pack abdomen and the rest of his torso could be seen. He glanced at the gleaming tanto, which seemed to have never been used before. Keeping a blank face, Yudai faced the Tengakure crowd. Clearing his throat, the man lifted the scroll, peered at it, and tossed it aside. Looking down, as if he was ashamed, the man slowly unwrapped the tanto and unsheathed it. His face was not to be seen, nor was his scroll read by anyone but the emperor, if that even. Holding the tanto in the traditional manner, the hilt facing outwards with the blade facing inward, he prepared.

The man would utter, well, shout as if a battle cry, his last words and then start the ceremony. Looking up swiftly, appearing as if he was angry, though in reality his face had barely changed. "Harakiri!" Otherwise known as Seppuku, Yudai swiftly shot the tanto inward, piercing his flesh and entering his stomach. The crimson, murky liquid dribbled out of the wound and gave the pale flesh color. He wanted to suffer, so he would not tell the emperor to strike just yet. He was bleeding out, but he would wait just a few more moments...
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Rosuto - The Wraith [WiP]
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