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 Danzo Hozuki [W.I.P.]

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Danzo Hozuki
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PostSubject: Danzo Hozuki [W.I.P.]   Sun 06 Nov 2011, 9:05 pm

~General Information~

Name:Danzo Hozuki

Nickname/Alias:The Night Stalker, The Water Demon





Appearance:Having inherited the characteristics of all Hozuki clan members Danzo's skin is dark blue, but sometimes almost looks if it has some shades of black making it dark blue in some areas.This sometimes only happens When Danzo is angery, or has a faint smell of blood because it brings out his inner shark. Due to the results of the ritual when it was complete Danzos skin was more like a sharks would be. A large amount of skin and muscle tissue becomes replaced with cartilage, making Danzo a odd one to touch just like any other Hoshigaki. As another result of the ritual Danzo is more bulky, but from the appearance of tough muscle. Unlike the average person or like the Hoshigaki clan members Danzo has small round white eyes, an has gills on the front of his neck allowing him to breath under water whenever he wishes to do so. Danzo has black hair that sticks straight up like a mo-hawk but just little picese of his hair at the start of his forehead so that it doesn't move unless water toches it. Although Danzo has always been known for wearing a mask, with the mist symbol on the top, with a triangle that covers where his chin would be at on the mask. It is similar to a a Hunter-ninja Mask. (Or Avi)


Good side: The good side to Danzo is like the bad side of a kage whos in the middle of war, which means he isn't a nice person because if his good side is equal to a Kage then whats his bad side equal to? With everything that Danzo had been threw with his childhood is effecting his parent hood which isn't a good thing for the ones who oppose him. Danzo isnt a soft person and for that some or most people dont like him but he could care less. Thats one of the many things that Danzo is good at an its not caring about anything unless needed to. The good side of Danzo will be shown most, people will witness that this man only cares about War, Destruction, Death, And Pain.

Bad Side: The bad side of Danzo is just about equal if not more to a Akatsuki Leader gone insane. The only good thing about this side is that it will only be known when in a war or a intense battle, but the people will know. Danzo will become slightly blood thirsty, and feel the need to kill and kill tell he feels better about his needs to kill. He will become like a hungry shark destroying everything in his path an killing who ever is around weather its a kill, woman, or Shinobi. I wouldn't want to be around him when hes in this state of mind.

Fight time: When Danzo is fighting someone one on one be likes to get creative with his fighting style, he likes to toy with them then head in for a quick finish. Danzo is a master with using mist to his own advantage and that had helped him win many fight so he continues to use it. If he happens not to use his mist in a fight, then he will use his sword called the Demon sword.

Loyal: Danzo is a loyal person but it really just depends on the day. Danzo feels that he needs to do what is best for himself even if the means killing everyone he comes in contact with, but thats not really him. Ya, hes a missing ninja an affiliated with one of the most dangerous organizations but he can have a loyal side. It might not be shown alot but its their it really just depends on the person, Danzo can have a good friend but then betray him for a good cause or what not. Although its never happened in his life time it can. For the people that he is loyal to which would only be people that within Kri.

Lust: Danzo had a lust for blood. Its been seen by some of those in Kiri and has been feared by All.


~Clan Information~

Clan Name: Hozuki

Kekei Genkai:Hydration Technique

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:
In the Beginning:

Evolution can be a very long process which is exactly how the Hozuki Bloodlimit came about. Thousands of years ago, there lived a nomad tribe called “The Sagasu”. They were constantly on the move, in search for food, shelter, and a better way of life. However, every location they would station themselves in would not satisfy. They wanted a perfect place to settle in, a flawless place, with endless food and materials to grant them their survival. Their greed kept them going and soon, they began drifting into the sea, in search of other bodies of land. The Sagasu tribe would take months to build several boats in order to search for their paradise. As soon as all the labor was complete, they would begin their journey. The travel was exhausting for the tribe, for they were at sea for countless days and nights, searching for something they weren’t sure even existed. But the self-indulgence of the tribe was immense, and even if it meant losing some of their members on the way, they refused to turn back. After months and months of searching, the tribe finally got sight of land. It was an island part of the Water Country, surrounded by clear blue water, evergreen trees filled with endless supplies of fruit, and sunny skies. The Sagasu tribe believed they had finally found their paradise; which they named Mukizu Island. Immediately, they removed themselves from their boats and made shelter. However, it wasn’t long before chaos would soon be the impact of their greed.

Just after two weeks of settlement; the island was struck by a tremendous storm. Violent lightning would set fire to the trees, scorching the entire island of its vegetation. By morning, the only thing that was left was the wreckage of their homes and dead bodies. In addition, the island was slowly being engulfed by water, soon to disappear under the sea. The tribe was now well aware of the islands aggressive behavior and chose to leave at once. However, their boats would not allow them because they were destroyed during the storm. They were unable to make more because all the trees for wooden material were burned down from the fire. The Sagasu tribe was now trapped within the island. Something they once thought was their paradise was now their prison. For the next ten thousand years, mutation would take place. The more the water level began to rise upon the island, the more the tribe would evolve and adapt to their moist surroundings. Slowly, their bones began dissolving in their bodies due to the lack of protein and calcium they consumed. The chakra circulating within them became greater in order to keep them standing on the little bit of land there was left. They became skilled at breathing underwater. Their skin became pale and permeable, which resulted in the water surrounding them being absorbed into their bodies. After so many years, the Sagasu tribe had transformed into something else…The Hozuki Bloodlimit. While entrapped within the island, the Hozuki began discovering the chakra within their bodies. As a tradition, they began training their children from young, in order to participate in fighting competitions for entertainment, pride and strength. They mastered the water release as well as controlling their bodies to their advantage…

Recently, the Hozuki Bloodlimit was discovered by merchants accompanied by shinobi. Never had the shinobi laid eyes on strange people like the Hozuki. On the other hand, the Hozuki were well aware of the humans that discovered them. Even thought it has been several thousand years, the story of the Sagasu tribe never died. It was told and passed on through generations and generations, in order to describe the greed the Sagasu tribe had, and the punishment they received from it. The Hozuki were well aware of their former body structure and were willing to learn more about it by going along with the merchants and shinobi. This was the first time the Hozuki would be able to step foot outside of their island. While the young and vibrant members of the Hozuki were eager to leave, the elders stood, refusing to abandon their current home. Once everything was decided, the few members said their goodbyes and left, ready to face a world outside on their own…the world of a shinobi….

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

People born under the Hozuki bloodlimit are quickly identified as “liquid” or “jelly” people. This is because their entire bodies consist of a high content of H20, aka Water, combined with chakra. They are able to fully control their “transitional membrane”, which is similar to human skin, aside from the fact that this membrane is able to absorb large amounts of water as well as reach a solid state whenever the user chooses to with enough training. They also have the ability of regenerating any part of their body that has been lost, but the process is extremely slow, unless one has done enough training to accelerate it. Finally, they are already skilled at breathing underwater for as long as they like, for their civilization was constructed mainly underwater. The user can reduce all or part of their body to a watery form, avoiding and absorbing attacks. They re-solidify at will. Using this, the user can also re-shape their body parts for suitable situations. When the user passes out, they are turned into a jelly-like state. When struck with Raiton based attacks the user is unable to reform to there usual state, it is said by some Hozuki elders Raiton disrupts their natural chakra flow and constricts there ability to react properly.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: As stated before, the people of the Hozuki Bloodlimit train their children from a very young age to help them master the water release as well as balancing their chakra. Once this is accomplished, the Hozuki enter their children or themselves in a competition of combating skills. This is a way of proving that even after the misfortunate events of the Sagasu tribe, their evolution was in fact a blessing, and they are stronger then they were before. During this event, some Hozuki wear masks resembling what they believed the Sagasu tribe looked like. The masks are colorful, and the expressions on them are of a gloomy state, symbolizing the misery the Sagasu went through during their calamity.

- Population :: Those who are born under the Hozuki bloodlimit are made entirely of water, therefore they range from the shades of light blue (female) to dark blue male). They are shiny and sometimes (depending on how thick their transitional membrane is) transparent. However, they can choose whether to stay in their original skin color (blue) or change it to resemble human skin color. Their body structure are also identical to those of humans, however there is a huge difference in internal organs and bones. They normally wear little clothing in order to take advantage of their “transitional membrane”. Females, for example, wear tank or tube tops and shorts. Males wear open jackets or button up shirts to expose their chest. Also, they are able to change the color of their hair to what ever they wish, due to the chemicals eumelanin and pheomelanin present within their Unlike humans, the Hozuki lack bones. Only the water pressure and chakra in their bodies keep them standing. The Hozuki have evolved long sharp teeth for the purpose of mechanical digestion.

- Nature//Values :: The Hozuki are very lively and adventurous, due to their deep desire to leave the island they have been trapped on for thousand of years (read history). They have deep respect for each other, since they all lived together on the same island under the same rules. Some, however, can be very aggressive, due to the fact that they are trained since young to compete in combating competitions. Some may also feel a little insecure because they look slightly different from their human counterparts.

Ability Summary:Hydration Technique

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Seven Ninja Swordsmen

Letter Rank:S

Village: Kiri

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:Suiton, Fuuton

Special Characteristics:



~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Danzo Hozuki [W.I.P.]   Thu 10 Nov 2011, 12:43 am

Wind Release: Wind Platform - 80 miles seems a bit too much IMO, maybe tone it down a bit.

Wind Repel Wall - Charging... What?

- For the Hydration Water Clones technique, reduce the no. of clones you can create. I think some chakra should be required to rebuild these clones, same goes for the dragon one.
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Danzo Hozuki [W.I.P.]
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