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 Manabu Shinjitsu [wip]

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PostSubject: Manabu Shinjitsu [wip]   Mon 31 Oct 2011, 1:21 am

~General Information~

Name: Manabu Shinjitsu (Guujin)

Nickname/Alias: Bu-san or " Grinning Grim"

Weight: 82

Height: 4'9''

Age: 43 (looks 13)

Gender: Male


Manabu has dusty silver and white hair that fall down as if he slept like a bat. His pointed elf-like ears are framed by them, making him seem even more unnatural and strange than before. His angular face is bottled down to a skinny neck in to an even more-so skinny body. There are black things encompassing his arms and legs that has the feeling of cold stone, but if you cut it; it bleeds like normal human skin.

most of his muscles congregate on his forearm and calf areas. Causing his upper arms and thighs to look even skinnier, even though they have a reasonable amount of strength. With this style of body, he is extremely agile and can do nearly every move in almost any situation. Though for the exact reason of his style of body, he was never meant for endurance in any point. The only endurance is in running, especially with his 2 and 1/2 foot long tail.

His tail is make up of dense spinal bones. The hook on the end is where skin and bone meet, forming a shell-like shell. The same consistency his arms and legs would have if they would flex. His tail could be used to hook things, swing on trees or poles, or even pick things up.

Going back to Manabu's face, his ears are pointed like that to pick up miniscule sounds all around him. He's able to swivel his ears like an animal and can hear whispering for at least a quarter mile away. Though sometimes this annoys him so he likes to wear earmuffs in crowds ^__^. Even though he only has one eye (left), it's able to pick up small amounts of light in dark areas. This does not mean he can see in complete darkness, but it does mean he can navigate himself in near to complete darkness.

No matter what, despite the dead patch of skin haphazardly sewn to his face; he always seems kind. He has ever-lingering blush on his cheeks along with a half-smile. No one would suspect that he was fully albino, he would burn whenever he met with the sun, and he was at risk of losing his only eye if he strained it too much. Let alone that all of the black stuff along his body was biologically engineered to keep him from emitting loose chakra. (see picture above left)

With this black material, he can remove the black skin to peel back another layer of skin below it. One that emits golden chakra. He has to remove pieces of this skin to use certain jutus.


( see picture in appearance)

the only two articles of clothing that he wears on the job is his chain-mail shirt that he nicked from a shop and his moth-bitten akatsuki coat. He stopped wearing his headband and he doesn't even wear the akatsuki ring. The only accessories he puts himself to using is a bag full of ninja weapons and an earring that says " 4B".


While being only a 13 year old boy, he's truly and old soul. He laughs, smiles and is always understanding. Though that can be very disturbing in his line of work. He specifically works for the akatsuki due to his main abilities in science, body engineering, and his own bodily ability he was made for to quickly contain and empty his body of bijuu.

As he works in all of these areas, his mouth never drops a beat in being cheerful. Even if he's ripping through someone's stomach to find out where to put a tracking device, he still has a smirk on. Going about his work like he's picking flowers for a rosary shop. The only time he's disagreeable is when his best friend and partner comes along. Unfortunately, his friend is the leader of the very organization he belongs to and the only thing that Manabu frowns upon is power.

When he's asked to do something, he will make it as difficult for that other person that they probably won't want to talk to him anymore. Ordering Manabu around is like pulling teeth from a tiger: you'll be more than tired from it. Since his job comes with murdering, killing, torturing and gathering evidence, he has gained an extremely sadistic mind and has been the main influence behind the more bloody missions of the akatsuki. As he goes out, he hunts for children with potential and kidnaps them.

The then places them in a cell where he breaks their very will and makes them completely dependent upon him. After that, he knocks them out and straps a tracking devices on them (The devices are so intertwined with their bodies, that if they tried to remove them they would disfigure themselves in more way than one.) and then releases them back into the shinobi fold. Where they either go about their lives again or they feed him Intel from the inside out.


~Clan Information~

Clan Name: Guujin

Kekei Genkai: once inhaling the deadly mist surrounding the island, the person loses the activity of all of their organs and is then powered by the mist itself. if you leave the island you have to get daily injections of it by a gps tracker (that can also poison you if you don't obey) that is placed inside the persons head and can also be placed somewhere else at will. the person can only die if that tracker is destroyed. the clan can live without their organs, blood and body parts by replacing them (or not) with artificial ones. the only thing is that this kekkei makes the person unable to use their other kekkei that they had before then.(such as byakugan, sharingan, and kahyuuga kekkei or the atom eye) but does not lose physical kekkei ( such as two heads, six arms or super strength, speed or nara abilities)

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: the history of this place is fairly young. in the beginning a bunch of mist ninjas were out on an exploration expedition to find new people on the islands around them. unfortunately kamoku was on that island seeing if the island was habitable for willows at that moment. the ninjas soon found kamoku taking dirt samples and began to attack him so bring this oddity to the mizukage. kamoku then commented that the mizukage was his brother in law as they were fighting (which he was at that time) and angered them even more. saying that the mizukage wouldn't have such a weakling as his brother-in-law if it killed him. kamoku then snapped at that comment and threw them into the weird mist that he was testing. ( there is only 2 yards of clearing around the shore) they began to scream and choke on the mist. soon they began to die of if, their blood turning to dust and their eyes drying up like cherries in the suna(bad explanation)
after his senses came back to him, he began to munch on one of the dead bodies due to his habit of forgetting to eat. he ate one of the three and tested on the rest in his personal lab in the land of the dead where the willows originated. he also began to map the different mists around the world there. there was 1 that made people into premature willows (or died) and turned people into intelligent zombies (or died.)due to the amount of medical care that they've received after then.
then he took several subjects that would have never made it in the hospital and would've died of incurable diseases and gave them new life. he also studied how to make inactive bodies look new ( embalming) and used his own methods on his new army with much protest. as he was finished he put a device in their heads and told them to love, live and spread knowledge with their new immortal lives. only few remained on the island and put homes up. kamoku then removed himself from the area and is now searching for new people who want to live a life of happiness. though he is also searching in how to become one of the guujins. due to his independence on respiration (he doesn't have to breathe) he needs to find a different way to how to destroy his willow blood.

Ability Summary: the guujin clan is a scientific group that is usually called 'living puppets' they are a very new group and are artificially made clan.

~Rank/Village Information~


Letter Rank:


~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity:

Special Characteristics:



~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:

Roleplay Sample:
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Manabu Shinjitsu [wip]
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