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PostSubject: zOMBIE nInja SqUiRrElS.(pm author to join)   Mon 02 May 2011, 10:51 pm

Kamoku woke up one day, remembering that he lived in a hellhole. It was more like a grass hut than anything. There were two doorways with no covers and one window. All of it made from mud stone. The top was covered in dune grass. There was a small bed on top of the roof and then the entire house was filled with high-tech equipment. The only thing that wasn't scientific were the large cage of squirrels chattering away in a corner.

Three days ago he decided that he would create some pets for the Guujin clan. He wanted them to be stronger and larger than any one before. The reason why: When a soldier dies, thousands of dollars that it took to train that soldier had died with him. It's cheaper to train a sick man to be an unstoppable force with the Guujin project than it is to raise one alive. In order for them to be great, they have to be numerous and with all of the specs as regular ninja do. At the moment, they're just a small creepy group in the shadows.

Kam was about to hook up the incubator to the main plug(that he had cross-wired with the electrical tower) until he heard a small noise outside his door. His slightly pointed ears twitched in recognition. " Come on in, you need anythin?" Kamoku hooked up the incubator violently, with sparks flying everywhere, burning a few squirrels.
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zOMBIE nInja SqUiRrElS.(pm author to join)
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