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 Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]

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PostSubject: Re: Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]   Sun 08 May 2011, 2:41 pm

((I said in a way derp.

Anyways, continue as if the wind did nothing.
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Naizu Nimakee
Naizu Nimakee

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PostSubject: Re: Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]   Tue 10 May 2011, 8:37 pm

The fact that the jinchuriki was on point with his defense was a surprise to nobody, so the large fuuton counter was something that Naizu could deal with. The thing was, even though it didn't land as he'd hoped, the suiton attack was simply pushed back about 60 feet or so. Meaning that it wasn't cleared out, but gave Genkou a bit of breathing room for the time being. The waters would halt at that mark and before proceeding back forward towards the Kazekage, though at slower rate and not in the form of wave. Instead it would march forth in the fashion that would be similar to more of a flooding sort of way. It still held a firm 20 feet of height, but the water was cooled a bit, dropping to around a 400 degree mark...still considerably scalding. When the blast of wind hit the wave, Naizu and his clone would both sky into the air, only to land flush onto the leveled water, making its way back towards Genkou. The two had simply stood there in anticipation of his next move, as the steam still profusely radiated from the water and covered the area more.

(Short, sorry for the wait)
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PostSubject: Re: Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]   Fri 13 May 2011, 10:29 am

Genkou stood on all fours, eyeing the two Naizus with a little bloodlust. They had been fighting for nearly an hour already, neither of them able to permanently turn the tides. The surrounding area had been damaged from his last fuuton jutsu, with rocks protruding from the ground. He went into position and quickly ran straight towards his targets at an incredible speed, gaining more speed as he ran. Within that single minute, he got close enough to perform a close-range physical technique. He charged in a straight line, headed for the space between the Naizus. Using the skill of suprise, Genkou body flickered to his left, appearing right in front of the Naizu's face. With his right arm already raised, he focused his strength into a single punch, hammering the man in the chest. The attack would have sent the man crashing into the ground, leaving a long distance of rumble between the two. Because of the speed at which he was running, his chances of dodging would be small. However, he prepared a counterattack measure in case his target tried going intangible again.

OOC: Short...
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PostSubject: Re: Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]   

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Genkou VS Naizu [ORPGDM]
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