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PostSubject: Title   Thu 07 Apr 2011, 11:03 pm

[[Title was her fault :3]]

It was a cold morning, the sun han't been able to overpower the thick clouds that blanketed the morning sky. The dew that dripped off the tall birch bark pine trees fell to the roof of the Koujaku's. It had eventually built up and dripped onto the still face of Shin. After a few more annoying drops of morning dew, Shin had come to the conclusion that it was morning. He sat up in his bed, and looked to his pillow. There had been a small puddle of water that had built up from the dripping. Ugh... The first thing in the morning, and I have to fix the roof, great. Shin though, as he jumped out of bed.

As he was getting dressed, he realized that his mother was up, and cooking one of her concautions of poor ingredients since they hadn't enough money to go shopping properly. "Breakfast is ready!" She called to Shin. She must have heard him stumbling upstairs, he was sort of disoriented during the morning. After chugging down the last of water they had, Shin stood up, brushed the crumbs off, waved goodbye, and wandered out of the house.

He pondered of what to do. It was early in the morning, and he didn't see a glimpse of life anywhere around. Must still be sleeping Shin thought, as he was walking through the beggining of the somewhat lifeless village. Some of the shops where opening up, as the early morning fishers where arriving to shore with their catch. Shin watched in awe from a big, wide tree as 4 big burly guys walked up to a little girl, in the middle of the street. He knew that they where up to no good.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" One of the biggest guys said, enclosing the circle around the girl. She looked to have some cash with her, and wondered what she was doing in the middle of the streets at this time. "Shall we play with her?" One of the guys asked, a perverse smile crept up his onto face, from corner of the mouth to the other corner.

The girl screeched as if in agony, and that's when Shin kicked in. He knew that whenever a girl was screaming, there was bad news, and hell was going to pay. "Hey! What the hell are you doing with this girl? Shin asked retorhically, as he already knew they where going to do some pretty nasty things to her. Shin wasn't all that scared, as he was used to defending people from being bullied.

"Ahahah, who the hell is this? Some shrimp thinks he can stop us?" The biggest guy said, as he turned his attention towards him. Shin concentrated his chakra, and focused it on the girl, turning her current state into an illusion. "Go, now, girl. You can thank me later." The girl got up, but the image of her on the ground remained, as the genjutsu he used was a minor illusion. Shin waved to her, and she waved, running away.

"What, are you talking about, she hasn't moved yet! Oh well, it's just 2 of you, nothing much can happen to us. Let's get him boys!" Shin hadn't really thought of what to do now. With only Genjutsu up his sleeve, he was easily outmatched by 4 big adults. He was in deep shit, if noone came to help.

[[No, you are not the girl.]]
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