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 Dragons and Water (open to anyone who wants to spar)

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PostSubject: Dragons and Water (open to anyone who wants to spar)   Wed 03 Nov 2010, 8:51 pm

His outfit primarily consists of a long, baggy pair of dark gray pants. For his upper body, Cut wears a lighter black shirt that he maintained from his Genin dress. By altering his father's clothing, Cut was able to construct a more fitting shirt. Atop the shirt Cut wears a modified sort of vest with flaps to the side. It is a dark gray color with maroon colored flaps. Cut also wears bandages on his forearms and his biceps. Around his waist, Cut carries his headband. Of course, the headband is usually covered with bandages or with his shirt. Cut does not wear shoes and, rather, has bandages around his feet. On the top of his hair rest a dog painted Anbu mask. On his hip was one of the finest swords made.

A weapon of beauty and grace, this blade was created by the Uchiha clan Head, Yukimora, himself. It has a 440 stainless steel blade, made from refined metals from Yukimora's own volcano, just like all Yukimora blades but this was has been tri-layered, making it was sturdy and sharp as an blade twice its size, but it does loss the sheer speed of a usual Yukimora blade. It is 39-1/4 inches long overall, with a 26-1/8 in. The blade has been sharpened to pinpoint accuracy, making it sharp enouh to cut through other refined metals, anything less potent than steel will be cut through like a knofe through butter with his magnificant blade. It is also beautifully embroiled, with gems and jewels placed on the sheath and handle, placed as grips to help in battle.

It's crossguard is decorated accordingly, with the same silvery steel that the blade is created with. The sword also houses an engraved dragon, mid-blade, it's a traditional black Shenlong (Dragon-god) just like the powerful black dragon it represents. With the black dragon is also a black jewel that could only be seen if one looks very closely. This is the Jagan, the very jewel for which the sword in named. For the Jagan holds the dreaded Kokuryuu (Black Dragon), a black dragon from the depths of hell said to be endowed with the power to control the flames of hell.

His sword was one of Yukimaro's finest blades. At each step he took to the gate his eyes sharpen. His blood was growing warmer. He smell the iron in the area. He had to find his oppent. An oppent wrothly enough to lock blades with the great Cut from fire country The Dragon of Perdition. He gripped his handle of his blade tightly. He could sence it , the lust for battle the reason he came here. Kukoryuu flew over his head and fade into the sky. Cut passed through the gates and entered the village
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Kessen Kaitou

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PostSubject: Re: Dragons and Water (open to anyone who wants to spar)   Thu 04 Nov 2010, 10:25 am


Whatever blade that your talking about, it doesn't exist in your app. So dont try to even use it. Just a friendly reminder.


A guy wearing a cloak with seemingly red clouds as a design. He happened to be leaving Kirigakure. It was not guarded at all. The gates we're left wide open, if Kessen himself was devious enough, he could have attacked and destroyed the village. But still, he knows the right time. He knows when to attack and when not to. Right now, its unfair and I mean unfair to even attack a defenseless village like Kirigakure. Only cowards do that, just like those akatsuki wannabe's that roam the world. If Kessen would only get a chance, he'd kill them all without remorse. Knowing that Kirigakure is defenseless, and cannot properly protect itself. Kessen did not execute any attacks in any form at all. Instead, he freely roam the village investigating and looking for informations without scaring away the villagers. Infact they we're surprised that an akatsuki is walking right infront of them and the akatsuki is not doing them any harm at all. It is such a surprise indeed.

He made a lot of stopovers along his travels. He ate on a onigiri shop that he passed by, and even though the waiter doesn't want to take the payment, Kessen himself insisted, knowing that business is business. Showing a different side of him, you may call it exposing the weakness of an akatsuki. He also made a short stop to a shinobi item selling shop inside Kirigakure. He bought several amounts of various shinobi's weapons. It includes kunai's, shurikens, ninja wires etc. So inshort his battle supplies we're quite fresh if you may call it. Lastly Kessen happened to passed by a tea shop. If his memories serves him right. Just a month ago, he fought of one of the strongest shinobi who ever lived, a girl named Revy Izumi who hailed from the Rain country. Although he wasn't sure if he killed her or not. Anyways, he did what is needed. Kessen needs to protect the akatsuki base, popularly known as the Hidden Rain Village. It was a tough fight indeed, Kessen himself had to used jutsus and weapons that he only uses in dire need. But Revy was quite an opponent, until to the very last she was powerful. Although at the latter part, Kessen was able to subdue her strong powers. Back to the present. Kessen went to the tea shop to relax and get a cup of tea. He wasn't disappointed as the tea he was served was really great, it gave off a relaxing aroma that made Kessen happy. But all things must end. And he's afraid, the time for him to leave the village is nearing. Yet he did not regret visiting the village, as he had fun exploring it instead of just gathering information.

Finally he was a meters away from the huge gate of Kirigakure. With his clan's acute hearing, he quickly heard footsteps approaching him. He prepared himself, on who might be this mysterious guy approaching him. A few moments later he was around 10 meters away from a shinobi, wearing a Konohagakure forehead protector. " A visitor eh?.... " Kessen spoke with a gently voice. Observing the eyes and expression of the shinobi infront of him, Kessen quickly knew the guy is in for a fight. He prepared himself for another hard hitting action. Afterall he is an akatsuki but he cannot just be calm against a mysterious opponent like this guy infront of him. Without warning, Kessen threw a kunai. Thus officially starting the battle. The kunai headed towards the shinobi in a fast speed, targeting his chest.


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Dragons and Water (open to anyone who wants to spar)
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