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 The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)

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PostSubject: The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)   Wed 03 Nov 2010, 3:31 pm

It had been a good week since Cut Uchiha had recovered from his nearly fatal wounds. Most of that time he had spent inside of his apartment, or just getting groceries and such. He hadnít planned on doing anything big after what had happened. The waterfalls... he hadnít visited them ever since that incident. He feared that going back there would be a stupid move on his part. He had almost died there not long ago, and he had already lost a friend on that cliff... No more He sworn to himself.

Cut had continued to have a struggle within himself. This strange voice kept bugging him while he slept, even when he was awake! He couldnít even try and explain to people that there was a voice in his own head, stating peoples names who Cut had never met before! When they would walk by, Cut began to realize that he was knowing their names even without the voice saying them first... What was going on?

He had to get out of Kohona.He felt that something about the village just inspired this new... person... inside him to pester him. He didnít like the idea of someone else inside him, but at the same time, the easiest way to change something like this, would probably be to give the ghost what it wants and then they rest in peace. But, besides all of those times of being pestered, Cut had found himself starting to get used to the voice. He and this ĎKajikageí began to get along, more so that Cut would have ever thought he could have when he was having another voice inside him.

This lead to the present moment as Cut was walking by the shops. He was looking for the necessities that he would need on a trip to Kiri. He didnít know what he would find when he got to the village, but Kajikage had been telling him of an importance there. Only time would tell him what he might find. He continued to walk around Kohona, taking in the next few days would be tough... He had never left the village before.

But something tugged Cutís thoughts. It was rather a strange thought, but he felt that there was some other reason that Kajikage told him to look around the shops. As if Kajikage was wanting some sort of events to transpire before they left for Kiri.

Uchiha in heart, Uchiha in mind, and, once again, Uchiha in body. The young boy has grown quite a bit in two long, difficult years. He has maintained his lithe and thin appearance, but his body has almost filled out completely with powerful muscles. Cut supports a broad set of shoulders with a thin waist. Perhaps the new most striking features about his body are the new tattoos that run along his back and left arm and another tattoo that appears at the base of his neck. The first tattoo forms the appearance of a dragon, crossing and twisting over his abdomen and arm. That tattoo on the back of his neck is a circle which supports the kanji for "Fire" within its borders. Cut now rises to an even 5'11" at 155 pounds of pure muscle.

Cut has not changed his clothing from his Chuunin days. It is functional and familiar, and he has not desire to change that. His outfit primarily consists of a long, baggy pair of dark gray pants. For his upper body, Cut wears a lighter black shirt that he maintained from his Genin dress. By altering his father's clothing, Cut was able to construct a more fitting shirt. Atop the shirt Cut wears a modified sort of vest with flaps to the side. It is a dark gray color with maroon colored flaps. Cut also wears bandages on his forearms and his biceps. Around his waist, Cut carries his headband. Of course, the headband is usually covered with bandages or with his shirt. Cut does not wear shoes and, rather, has bandages around his feet. On the top of his hair rest a dog painted Anbu mask.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)   Wed 03 Nov 2010, 8:17 pm

Days like this seemed completely stupid when it came to Cutís preparations. He had been in town most of the whole day but got nowhere when it came to preparing. Kajikage said little on what he should purchase and only encouraged Cut to remain patient rather than making huge movements to leave. Maybe Kajikage had some sort of plan but Cut had no idea of what they were. He shrugged his shoulders after glancing inside a store in front of him. ĒYou just need to trust me. Iím pretty confident in my abilities to judge old friends.Ē Kajikage said.
ĒItís hard to agree to trusting someone that nobody else can see or hear. Iím practically talking to myself here.Ē Cut replied

Roy's long black hair blew wildly with in the wind as he gracefullly walked. The jounery was long and hard full journey. Cut was leaveing his beloved Counrty to go to a forgen one. Why there was only one anwser. Cut heard rumors of swordmen ther and wished to challage them. Cut had great honor. He his name was heard through out the Fire country. Cut The Dragon of Perdition . His blade was one of the finest made through out the country. It was made by Yukimaro him self. Many would lie and say Yukimaro made ther sword. For he was one of the greatest iron smith.

Cut was the only pupil of Yukimaro. Iron smiths had traveled far just be turned down by the great Yukimaro. Kages will come to him there self just at hopes he will be honored by Yukimaro. Yukimaro only made sword for the Uchiha and refused to make swords for anyone els. No matter what the price if you was not apart of the clan he turned you down. Cut was his first pupil even out of the Uchiha clan members he still turned them down. Yukimaro had grewen a liken to Cut ever sence he was an baby the first time he saw him. Yukimaro liked Cut. Thats why he choose Cut and only Cut to have his secreates.

Cut walked step by step into the sun. His stride lenghted at every step as he walked. He was determined to reach the cloud village in two days. It was going to be long jounery to walk but he didn't care. The tip of his long baggy pants with his hair as he walked. The sun reflected of the Jagan on the end of his dragon balde handle. sweat driped from his hair to the end of his cheecks. It was hot. He wiped his face with his golden brown hand removeing all of the sweat. He was lucky the wind was bowing. When it blowed it gave him a chance to cool off just a bit.

The trees casted large shadows of shade which also cooled him when he walked beneath them. The trees danced with the wind as it's leave was blowen off. Cut admired how the trees moved. It was so graceful, he liked graceful.

Hours have passed since Cut left the fire contry. He was getting closer to the hidden in the mist village.

Cut stopped under neath a large tree. He rested a bit in the shade. It was cool and nice. Cut squated down then sat underneath the tree. It was nice to stop. His legs ached from the walk. He was half way to his ending point. This was where he was going to rest. Cut closed his eyes and began to medatie.

As he mediated Cut entered his inner world. It was full of large fuirt full palm trees. The air blew with a refeashing mist of golden dust. The ground was made up of sivler grass. The soon a appered a large black dragon. Kokuryuu the dragon sealed in his Jagan. The dragon wrapped around Cut.

Cut'body began to slowly lift off the ground. The graviy under neath him began rejecting Cut's engery as he bacme yin and yang. Cut began to float.

"Kokuryuu it is I Cut I came to ask for you to guide me as you have, to give me bravery and streanght. To share some of your wisdom with me" Cut asked the dragon. The dragon nodded and at that moment Cut and The dragon became one.

(note the dragon dose not give Cut any speaical power or any thing I thought it will be fun to make it Cut's spirit guide or another voice and give him someone els to talk to.)

Cut' inner world began to fade as he opend his eyes. There was one thing he could see and only one thing. The black dragon resting with the clouds danced in circles. His eyes was fixed on the dragon. He was full with faith. Most people said Cut was crazy and seen made up animals but not him. Cut belived in what he saw Kokuryuu and he was going to guide him to the mist village.

The tail of the dragon straighted like an ruler as the dragon shot off like a beam of light.Cut also shot of like a bullet. He sprinted with all his might. His hair flowed behide him . He lifted up his toes and touched the ground quickly running as fast as possbile with a stride of an horse. He ran for miles and hours. Sweating as if he lived on the sun.

Cut stoped on the top of an hill breathing hard. He could see it's know Mist gates
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)   Thu 04 Nov 2010, 7:17 am


You're in 4 topics. The other one was locked, and so is this.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)   

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The Dragon of Perdition (open to anyone)
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