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 Just getting the feel.

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PostSubject: Just getting the feel.   Sat 30 Oct 2010, 9:04 pm

Ghost walked over the smooth ground that was the training grounds for all warriors. His hands were latched to his twin blades that hung heavy at his side with his body bent just a little. This was Ghost's fighting stance since he used a lot of momentum and fluid movements in combat so wasting energy in lifting the heavy weapons wasn't going to help. Ghost stepped forward throwing one right slash before his body fluidly twisted and threw a left from above coming down at the shoulder that would have sliced another fighter from shoulder to hip. As the blow followed down Ghost stepped off the ground coming down with a over head crescent kick landing on the tip of his left foot he kicked out with a back straight kick before twisting like a top both blades slashing out making it impossible to come near the whirling blades.

Ghost slid down sticking one in blade in the ground his left leg slid out as his right knee was bent giving Ghost perfect balance. to spin up with his left blade a full spin before coming up on one hand his other blade straight out before ghost jumped back sliding 3 feet to the right. Ghost ran forward his arms behind him as he jumped corkscrewing in the air landing lightly on his feet before he slashed out doing thrusts and slash in solid movements his attacks like chain lightning that struck from 3 to 4 places the weight of the blades making it easier to guide the momentum into attacks so his arms looked like a blur. Ghost back-flipped away from his imaginary foe landing on his feet he began to step back turning his body left and right as if dodging blows. Ghost turned to the left throwing a stunning blow that with the side spike on his blade would have impaled his enemy before turning delivering a stinging elbow before he stabbed down coming down to one knee with his blade buried in the ground. Feeling a change the blade ejected freeing the left arm so when Ghost jumped back his left hand was bare but the right blade was still attached giving him only one weapon but the ejection was good for having to switch to lighter moves. Ghost ejected his other blade and smirked as his hands became free as he threw a right and a left hook before throwing a rain of kicks. The weighted weapons added speed to his limbs.

Ghost moved forward bringing a spinning roundhouse kick into a punching bag pushing it to the side before he turned slamming a precision knee into the center of the bag lifting it up. Ghost jumped back throwing right and left jabs slamming into the dead center before dodging down and slamming a right hook where a persons kidneys would be. Ghost turned throwing a flipping corkscrew kick right into the top of the bag ripping it completely. Ghost walked over picking up his blades and hooking them to his waist so it was easy to slide his hands in.Ghost sat down to get a drink and take in the scenery as he went over all the moves in his mind memorizing the moves he used and committing them to memory for future use.
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Just getting the feel.
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