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 Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))

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PostSubject: Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))   Wed 27 Oct 2010, 10:21 pm

~General Information~

Name: Yamura Shinzo

Nickname/Alias: Kiho

Weight:78 lb

Height: 4'7

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Yamura has a flawless complexion with high cheek bones that go perfectly with his almost white skin. His hues are a kind of deep violet that seem to stare into your soul if you look directly at them. his head is small and has a round head for the most part but his chin is a bit pointed. His body is well trained and in good physical shape but though he is in shape he is not what you call strong. His hair is usually very messy and all over the place. His hair usually covers the sides of his face and parts of his eyes. His violet hair seems to glow when sunlight hits it in a certain way giving of a kind of alien like glow. He has thin eyebrows that sit just above his eyes. This sometimes makes people think he is angry if they see him from a distance. On his stomach their is a seal that has 6 prongs on it and a series of symbols in-between them.

Clothing: He usually likes to wear robes his favorite being a black kimono with purple trimming. This kimono is tied wit ha purple sash and has purple on the rim of the sleeves. On the back of this robe their is a design that looks like 4 bubbles swirling around each other. He likes to leave the robe open around his chest area showing his upper body to the world. inside his robe he holds a jug hidden from view. This jug holds his bubble solution for his bubble jutsu. On his side he wears his ancient bubble blowing relic that had been passed down to him by the Jinchuriki of the Rokubi. under his Kimono he wears a thin fish net top and tight fitting black training pants. He wears plain wooden sandles made from an oak block and some string. He has the Kirigkaure symbol sewn in just above the design of swirling bubbles distinguishing him as a ninja of Kirigakure.

Personality: Yamura has a more down to earth nature then most people. He respects nature and its values. Much of his personality is much like his bijuu so he is kind of care free and 'Goes with the flow'. Though he does not like listening to authority he will if he must. he is usually respectful towards people even if they are mean towards him. When in a fight he doesn't say much or taunt his opponent. Though Yamura may seem like a care free delinquent he is actually extremely smart passing many of classes at the academy at a very early age. He is also very self reliant since his parents were killed in battle shortly after he was born thus giving him a do it on time attitude. If someone he dislikes says something to him he almost automatically ignores them and acts like they don't even exists. Yamura is very hard to provoke because of his care free attitude but when he is angered many things can go wrong, such as an initial Jinchuriki transformation. He loves to eat food but he is mostly vegetarian and wont except meat if he doesn't have too. to make up for this he eats a lot of eggs and other natural none meat products. His favorite thing to do is blow bubbles for fun and create new types of bubble jutsu.

~Clan Information~

Clan Name: None

Kekei Genkai:None

Clan Symbol:None

Clan History:None

Ability Summary:None

~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Genin

Letter Rank: C

Village: Kirigakure

~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Bubble, water

Special Characteristics:
Initial Transformation: By using the Six-Tails' chakra, Yamura is capable of realizing his power and turn the tide of battle in his favor. In contrast to Naruto, Yamura's eyes turn yellow while displaying this power, but he doesn't have any other changes like Naruto. With this, his physical power and chakra increase considerably making it possible for him to free himself from any control such as Shiranami's Character Bind Technique. In this form, he displays waves of chakra towards many enemies and is capable of overwhelming them without any problems. [Full Control]

One-Tailed Transformation: In this form, all the physical traits of the initial jinchuuriki form are present and slightly altered. This form also comes with an additional bonus: the red chakra becomes a complete shield around his body, in the shape of a slug, complete with a tail. Once activated, his canine teeth and nails grow long and sharp. The chakra cloak around his body grants him some measure of protection, enough that ordinary attacks like Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique will have no effect. [Full Control]

Two-Tailed Transformation: Yamura's physical characteristics match the first two forms, but his nails and canines grow larger. The chakra shield's only difference between the one-tailed and the two-tailed transformation is the extra chakra tail that forms. Although his physical traits remain the same, his physical abilities increase however. [ No Control]

Three-Tailed Transformation: The three-tailed form looks similar to the two-tailed form, but with the Six-Tails' features becoming more pronounced. The amount of chakra produced from this form is devastating, such that the air around Yamura begins to sting others. With the standard chakra shield's protection and attack power, a simple punch has the power to destroy a tree and a long line of trees behind it. In this form, he is able to absorb and nullify a technique as powerful as Fury with no ill effects. [No Control]

Four-Tailed Transformation: In this form, dark chakra will encase Yamura, granting him a slug-like appearance. Everything from his face to his chakra tails become completely solid, his eyes lose its characteristics, and become empty glowing circles. His arms shrink almost entirely, his feet become small and flat, and he becomes somewhat chubby like the Six-Tails. The chakra shield, while being solid, has a defensive power that is so great that even powerful weapons and large explosions have no effect. Finally, Yamura has the ability to charge a concentrated ball of chakra and fire it in the form of a massive blast with such force, that it can destroy three Rashomon gates. [No Control]

Five-Tailed Transformations: While in this form, Yamura becomes taller and more chubbier. The only other difference between the four-tailed and the five-tailed transformation is the extra tail that forms and his increase in power. [No Control]

Full Transformation: In this form, he takes on the appearance of the Six-Tails itself, rather than just a cloak, taking on the appearance of a huge, chubby slug-like creature with six tails, and is covered in a slimy substance. He is able to create a huge sphere of chakra in front of his mouth similar to Naruto's Four-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball or extend body parts, such as its tails. Instead of a concentrated ball of chakra, he releases it as a widespread blast causing destruction on a large scale. However, even in his full form, he does not possess an near-invincible shroud like the Nine-Tails. However, as Utakata demonstrated, Rokubi is able to absorb and nullify powerful jutsu and seems to be able to regenerate itself. [No Control]


Name: Floating Bubble
Element: Bubble
Description:Yamarucreates a single, particularly large bubble with his bubble-blower and quickly jumps inside. Under his command, the bubble will take him wherever he wishes. It's seemingly very capable of both traveling very long distances and floating rather high into the air with no apparent risk of popping. Utakata can also make the bubble camouflage to hide from anyone who's after him. As seen in the previews, where he appears carrying an unconscious Hotaru under his arm and inside the giant bubble, Utakata is able to take people with him via this technique. In this jutsu's second appearance, smaller bubbles were seen floating casually alongside it, whereas the first time it was shown, it was just the one bubble.

Name: Exploding Bubbles
Rank: C
Element: Bubble
Description:After Yamaru blows dozens of bubbles they make their way towards opponents. Upon popping they create bright yellow and white flashes along with variously strong explosions that knock back the enemy and everything nearby. Yamaru can only create weak explosions with this technique.
~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Birth/jinchuriki arc: Yamaru was born on March 10th to the brother of the Mizukage. When he was born the old Rokubi Jinchuriki was dieing and they needed a new host. Yamaru was perfect for the position because he was related to the mizukage and he was just born. They took the rokubi out of the old Jinchuriki right before the man died and sealed it within Yamaru. A few weeks after he had the Jinchuriki sealed within him the village was attacked by small gorup of rogue ninja. These rogue ninja were very strong and defeated most of the village including his parents and the mizukage. After the massive battle the mizukage, Yamaru's mother and father and the rogue ninja were all dead.Yamaru was taken into care by the village and when he was about six he was enrolled into the academy.

Academy Arc: Yamaru was thought of as strange to the kids because he didn't usually play games with them he was either studying or blowing bubbles. As he became better at blowing the bubbles the kids became more and more impressed and started to like him. a few years passed before yomaru was asked to test for genin. Since he was a jinchuriki they decided to test his skills with his bubbles. So he brought one of his classmates in and encased them both in a large bubble. They then floated in the air amazing the senseis'. He got his headband and was made a genin. He didn't get put into a squad and is still awaiting one.

Roleplay Sample::Willow had just finished putting on her yellow Raikage robe and she walked towards her office. Though she didn't like wearing the robe she had to be a 'Role Model' to the younger ninja. She would much rather be in her short black mini-dress, or her battle kimono as she liked to call it. At the moment the only thing she could wear was undergarments and a large fishnet under her robes. The hat she was wearing also masked all the makeup that she constantly wore. All these factors made her want to rip off the robe in anger but as the Raikage that would be seen as not being worthy of the title.

She opened the door, walked inside and sat at her desk. All of the paperwork for the day was already their seeming to be endlessly tall. Willow took out a pen and began to work, every few hours being interrupted by a messenger or a ninja asking for a mission. Though seemed like an eternity before another group of ninja came in. It was a group of three Genin and their Jounin sensei. Since willow had read through most of the ninja id files she instantly recognized them as Team 5 which consisted of Tori Kirotoko, Lotre Johanna, Uub Tokata, and their sensei Kaito Roshi. Uub rudely asked "Raikage! I want a mission and it better not be a boring D-rank one" Willow didn't like it when snobby young ninja thought they were all high and mighty so she silently took a shuriken out of her robe and channeled chakra into it. She then threw it at lightning spe]ed but right before it hit Uub's head it stopped and recalled back to her hand. "I don't suggest you be rude to be Uub considering that if I had messed up their you would have been dead" Uub just stared wide eyed at her just like the other two genin did thought the sensei seemed t be un-phased by her antics." Since you so rudely requested a mission I'll give you one." said Willow as she threw them a scroll.

The scroll said:
Capture the loose Chickens
Description: A local farmer has let he chickens get loose and is requesting a ninja collects them all for him.

Their you've got your mission now leave. Kaito lead his students out of the room as Willow thought to herself What a little brat. Right as she was about to start working on paperwork again a man appeared next to her. It was one of her anbu but even thoug hhis mask was on Willow could tell something was wrong. The Anbu said " Lady Raikage I have just gotten news that Iwagakure has been decimated and the Tsuchikage has fallen!" As the man finished explaining Willow stood up and smashed her hand on the table knocking alot of paper off in the process as she yelled "What!!" The anbu seeing her rage dissipated in an explosion of lighting. Though even worse news was to come as another anbu appeared next to her. " I know this is a bad time Lady Raikage but the Gobi has been seen heading towards the village."The anbu then disapeared right before Willow smashed her desk in a blind fit of rage. So many things had just happened so fast. First Iwagakure and the Tsuchikage had fallen and now she also had to worry about an angry Bijuu destroying her village or even worse the people who had destroyed Iwagakure. Willow knew she would need to contact those people somehow to see if she could make an alliance with them. Though all this happening was not at a good time especially since they were about to go to war over shukaku.

Bubble Blower:
This weapon was passed down to Yamaru because he is the jinchuriki of the Rokubi. Yamaru uses this for his Soap Bubble Ninjutsu to create bubbles for different purposes. It can also be used as a melee weapon in combat as it is very sturdy by showing that it is able to block a kunai without any apparent damage to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))   Thu 28 Oct 2010, 8:30 am

There is already a host for the 6th Tail.
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PostSubject: Re: Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))   Fri 29 Oct 2010, 9:50 am

bump >>
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PostSubject: Re: Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))   Fri 29 Oct 2010, 12:33 pm

Approved & Moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))   

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Yamura Shinzo The Host of The Rokobi ((DONE))
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