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 Training For the Fights to come: Kato Sasaki.

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PostSubject: Training For the Fights to come: Kato Sasaki.   Sun 06 Jun 2010, 5:30 pm

It was a bright, warm and sunny day. Everything in nature was perfectly at ease. Except for Kato that is... "Ugh, I slept in again! What a waste of a day!!! Kato then, jumping on the roof tops of the village, rushed over to his home made training grounds. These grounds consisted of, Re-usable Straw targets which Kato purchased from the Village of Konoha. Some of the targets were meant for different styles of training. Some of them were just normal plate targets with a mark in the middle, Most of the targets had steel plating over the straw; These where meant for his sword training, and the rest of them were made up of basic straw with markings on them. That was the first part of the training course. The second part was used for Stamina, it was a path that went all around Konoha and back to the start of the path. And at last but not least there was a lake, where Kato would practice swimming, Holding his breath under water, Standing on it, Balance between nature, and Chakra Control.

The first thing that Kato did was, 5 laps around the path of Kohona. It was very tiring. "huff...huff." 2 more laps to go. Kato sprinted the second last lap, but when he got to the middle of the last lap, he was short of breath and couldn't go on sprinting, He walked the rest of the way.

When Kato got back to the Training Grounds, he went to the targets. He set them all up perfectly, in a rows, in circles, and some hiding in trees. The first kind of target training he did was Kunai practice. So he went to the station with all the flat circle targets and practiced throwing them. "Okay, 5 bulls eye's and then move 10 Feet back." "Begin!" On the first attempt, he almost got all of them but he messed up on the fourth target. Second attempt: Messed up on the third. Third attempt: messed up on the last one. Fourth attempt: Direct hits. He moved 10 feet back and this time, he got all of them in one shot. He moved 10 feet back once more, but this time, he failed epically. Kato drew a line in the ground to mark where he got to, and moved onto the next station.

Kato finally got to the next station, set up the targets, and took out his katana. "All of these targets will be ripped in 2 in 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Now!" Kato sliced all of them in half in under 3.5 seconds. "Yes, this is what my father taught me!" Kato set up the dolls 3 more times, and every time he got faster and faster. Until he could slash them all without moving an inch.

As Kato was finished for the day, he gathered all of his things, and picked up all the re-usable items that he would mend and take care of when he got back to him apartment. He stopped for some ramen then moved onwards to his home, where he would, again, sleep another tiring night, wake up in the morning, and repeat the same training process, untill all of his techniques were completed.

Not Done.
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Training For the Fights to come: Kato Sasaki.
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