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 I'm so Sick.

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PostSubject: I'm so Sick.   Sun 09 May 2010, 6:54 pm

I'm So Sick

I'm sick of being labled
Called a freak
I'm sick of being cut down
By every word you speak
I'm sick of hurt
Drowning in a sea of fear
Sick of all your promises
Sick of being here
I'm sick of the pain
Of not feeling alive
I'm sick of this world
Sick of this life
Im sick of being helpless
I'd save you if I could
I'm sick of people never changing
And telling me I should
Sick of telling you how I feel
When you never listen
I'm sick of standing tall
When I just want to give in
I'm sick of giving pieces of myself away
And never getting pieces back
I'm sick of believing in love
'Cause nothing ever lasts
Sick of being told I'm bluffing
They dont know I really would
Sick of those stupid bumperstickers
Proclaiming 'life is good'
Sick of all the regrets
Of all the 'what if's'
All my stupid thoughts
That begin with 'I wish..'
Sick of the sunlight
Of the pretty blue sky
Sick of the birds singing
Of the tears I never cry
Sick of my brokeness
Sick of refusing help
Sick of my insecurity
Sick of myself
Sick of false hope
Of cold dead hearts
Of people who think its funny
To tear others apart
Sick of long days
Of all my hopeless tries
Sick of people who finally do the right thing
And apologize
Sick of staring out the window
And letting out a sigh
Sick of sitting back and watching
Everyone say goodbye
Sick of things that dont matter
And putting off things that do
Sick of people who dont mean it...
When they reply 'you too'
Sick of all the masks
Of hiding whats inside
Sick of all the jerks
That caused the tears you cried
Sick of being far away
Of not being there for you
Sick of big lies
That begin with 'I do'
So sick of people
Who dont give a fuck
So sick of this world
I've had enough
I'm just so sick of everything
...I'm sorry but I'm giving up...
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I'm so Sick.
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