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 Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]

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PostSubject: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   Mon 03 May 2010, 5:34 pm

Quiet. It was more then quiet. The large village sat in awe towards the sunset, the redness gloomed a little, looking a little more pasty then usual. Children slept, and adults barely crossed the paths through Konohagakure. There were only about ten people still in the streets. The beauty of the daylight arose very slowly, the gorgeous pink in the sky didn't disappear for the longest while. As the blue faded over top of the pink, children stretched from their beds, and adults flushed out the doors. A girl, with long violet hair, stared at the sun, in awe, and with big, pale purple eyes, she watched, until the pink was completely frozen under the blue. There was almost no clouds, and the climate seemed overbearing in hotness. Shizai hopped down from the roof of her home, already clothed casually, a bright pink tee and black shorts, her bangs clipped back from covering her face, the rest of her hair straightened, and her feet covered by her favourite brown leather boots.

Shizai landed, just between two houses, the dirt flowing up from underneath her like an explosion, and soon, blowing away. Shizai wiped the dirt from her clothing, and continued to walk, and turned the corner, and slowly started to skip down the path. A certain shop caught her eyes, she shoved her hands into her pockets, checking the amount of yen she had. She smiled, entering the small shop, and sitting on one of the bar stools, reading the menu.

The citizen at the counter, was quite large, being tall, and plump. Although plump his body was very slim for the size of his stomach. He had an apron on, his hands covered in mitts, and his hat, looked like one of those pirate paper hats kids would make, although, it was made of pure white fabric. It had a unique red etching on it, translating to 'Noodles'. Shizai guessed easily, it was the Ichiraku Ramen shop, placing her yen into the man's hand, she smiled.

"A medium-sized bowl of beef ramen, and make it to eat here." the man did quite a funny smile back towards the girl who ordered, Shizai brushed her long violet hair back with her fingers. She smelled the steam arising from the oven behing the counter. The pudgy man cooked the ramen apart from the beef and the broth, and it seemed there was many stoves, although little stools for people to sit in. As he finished, he poured the broth into the noodles and added the beef, making sure to flavour it all the same. Slowly, he held the bowl tightly in his big hands, and put it down in front of Shizai. Shizai nodded, and smiled again, and the man behind the counter, gave another funny grin. Shizai picked at the noodles with her chopsticks for awhile, and sucked them in once they were cool enough. With a surprise, the little drop of broth at the end, splashed onto her little nose. She giggled slightly, wiping it off with a napkin. She thought it was the best place in town to eat, and she would never go against it.
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Kenkei Kasumi


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PostSubject: Re: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   Mon 03 May 2010, 8:41 pm

During the morning, as the Sun started rising in Kohonagakure, Al trudged up the hill near the Hidden leaf gate, the gate was absent a Guard or any form of security, the Village was obviously incredibly naive, It was morning time and everyone was probably just starting to wake up. Al sighed as he dragged his Puppet by its short/stubby wooden arm up the small hill as he did since leaving Sunagakure to make his way for The Raikage who happened to be on his way to Kirigakure, or so Al has been told. The sun shined intensely on Al in his heavy coat which forced fatigue upon him like a bully. Al didn't care to take off the large coat that covered most of his face, and he couldn't abandon the small 2 Foot doll that was dragged behind him, so he endured it until he found the Raikage before he reached the Land of Kirigakure. As he paced through the Streets of Kohona, he noticed that many figures started walking through the streets, most of them seemed as though they rushed to attend matters that forced them to abandon their manners and etiquette. Al noticed a female figure, one with a pink top and black shorts walking into a convenience store with a sign labeled "Noodles" over the Edge of the Upper half of the Shop, just above the doorway.

Al sighed and then hesitantly dragged his puppet behind him into the shop. It wasn't very Vacant by his standards, The only thing he noticed once again was the female sitting at the Bar head. From Al's angle he couldn't make out what exactly she was doing but he could clearly see her backside. Al unzipped the upper half of his jacket so that his lower face could be visible and then he sat up at the Bar whilst hanging on to his puppet. He sat on the right of the female, the chair he occupied was one 2 feet apart from the one the woman did, and Al placed his right elbow on the table so that he could hold his head as he tilted it to look towards the female; "Hmm. . . You seem familiar, Do I know you?"
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Kamoku Willow


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PostSubject: Re: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   Mon 03 May 2010, 9:46 pm

(( you are unallowed to rp until your character application is approved, Kenkei))
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PostSubject: Re: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   Mon 31 May 2010, 4:39 pm

out of character ((is this tophic still active?)) Out of character
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Lord Vizer

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PostSubject: Re: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   Mon 31 May 2010, 6:28 pm

((No not yet I believe))
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PostSubject: Re: Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]   

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Predator. [Open to Genin-Jounin level.] [No Killing.]
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