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 Sand Village Ranks

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Shinobi Info
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PostSubject: Sand Village Ranks   Thu 22 Apr 2010, 11:04 am

Sand Village Ranks

Is the leader of one of the five most powerful Hidden Villages and generally are also the most powerful ninja in their respective villages. They are collectively known as the Five Kage. If a Kage has held their position for several decades, younger ninja are likely to have become stronger than they are. In such cases, the Kage may retire and give the title to someone else; the title, once granted, is held permanently.

Letter Rank: S-X

How to rank up:-----

Current rank holders


The Sannin are widely regarded for their great skill and power, each one has the level of being a Kage in their own right; each has been considered for the position of kage at different points in time, with some of of them once holding the title.

Letter Rank: S-X

How to rank up:-----

Current rank holders

-Kitsuke Maru

Originally created by the 3rd Kazekage, Goryu is a group of people gathered by the 7th Kazekage and they are the possessors of the Goryu Rings. Goryu are crowned Suna's "Ultimate Attack Force", and are the strongest individual fighters within Sunagakure besides the Kage himself. Kostas gathered these five members in secret, some of the members are still unknown, and others we know very little about. Goryu' only superior is the Kazekage and even members of the Village Council don't have authority to command them. These five people/demons are said to have extraordinary battle techniques and capabilities, and were selected for their resolution and strength. Each have A-ranked subordinates.

Letter Rank: S-X

How to rank up: -----

Current rank holders

-Kitsuke Maru (Leader)
- Kabel
-Ichimaru Ryuken
-Ryusaki Toketsu
-Shinichi Oboro

Short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, take orders directly from the Kage, performing special high-level missions, such as assassinations and torture. The ANBU usually work in teams formed to the requirements of the mission, ensuring maximum success. The shinobi in the ANBU are hand-picked by the Kage; chosen for their individual capabilities and special skills. Age, gender, background, or previous rank bear no weight in this decision.

Letter Rank: A-S

How to rank up: -----

Current rank holders

Kamoku Willow (Head ANBU)
(One spot open)


Are generally highly-experienced shinobi with great individual skill who serve as military captains. They are often sent on A-Rank missions, and experienced Jounin may even be sent on S-Class missions (which are considered to be the greatest difficulty). It is not unusual for Jōnin to go on missions alone. Jounin are generally able to use at least two types of elemental chakra, some genjutsu, and above-average taijutsu skills.

Letter Rank: B-S

How to rank up: Recommendation from your kage, pass an advanced test and spend 100 points on the rank up (To anbu). Selected by Kage (To Goryu).

Current rank holders

(3 open spots)

Tokubetsu Jounin

They are ninja who, rather than all-around Jounin training, have Jounin-level ability in a single area or skill, much like warrant officers of real-world militaries. They are elite specialists in their areas and are often assigned as subordinates to regular Jōnin when their services are needed.

Letter Rank: B-A (in one area)

How to rank up: Recommendation from your kage, along with a training topic with a higher rank and spending 20 points for the rank up (To jounin). Recommendation from your kage, pass an advanced test and spend 125 points on the rank up (To anbu)

Current rank holders
(2 open spots)


Ninja who are qualified to watch over and guide other ninja. Chūnin have reached a level of maturity that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. This is because the genin who don't have the skills to become chūnin are weeded out in testing

Letter Rank: C-B

How to rank up: Recommendation from your Kage and spending 75 points for the rank up. (To Jounin). Intense Training in only one area and spending 70 points for the rank up (To Tokubetsu Jounin/special jounin)

Current rank holders

Naiko Aburame
Maneki Neko
(2 open spots)


The lowest level of ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power. When they become Genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy being sent on missions that the village gets paid for. They are typically sent either on D-Rank missions, which are almost entirely risk-free jobs of manual labor, or, very rarely, on C-Rank missions, which are a cut above that and begin to verge on real "ninja" work that have a very low possibility of risk to the ninja involved.

Letter Rank : D-C

How to rank up: Pass the chuunin exams which has a 50 point entry fee/ take a test a specialize test provided by higher ranking indivuals and approved by the kage, this costs 60 points. (To Chuunin)

Current rank holders
(No limit to open spots)

Academy Student

Make up the student body of the Ninja Academy, where they are trained and prepared for life as a shinobi. They are not an actual part of the shinobi force, as they are still in the process of mastering the very basics of the ninja lifestyle. However, they can be conscripted as part of the war potential in times of emergency.

Letter Rank E-D

How to rank up: 25 points along with passing a basic test. (To Genin)

Current rank holders
(No limit to open spots)
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Sand Village Ranks
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