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PostSubject: Return   Mon 01 Mar 2010, 5:23 pm

Ryu walked through the door of the Kazekage's office and stood at the center of the room. He had been told to wait outside, because the kazekage was "busy" with something but he wasn't a very patient person. Besides he had just gotten back from over two weeks of travel, not including the time he actually spent in Kumo. He was happy to be back home, but most of all just wanted to get to sleep and move on. Besides what he needed to tell the kazekage was important anyway. He needed to be updated on the current status they had of all the villages. Ryu had been stopped while he was leaving Kumo, though he didn't express his discontent he did think it. He had been stopped by the Raikage and given a letter to give to his village leader. It was only after the clone dispelled did Ryu find out that it was a shadow clone. When he noticed he could only smirk at the thought. If the raikage gave it too him instead of sending it through a bird where it could be intercepted, though that was very unlikely it must be very important. Even figuring this out, it did not quicken Ryu's pace on the way. In fact instead of going through the leave village, he decided to take a route around the unfriendly territory. There was much more to see than sand and rocks that way anyway. Also with his chosen route though done unintentionally it was much safer to the letter. There was less of a chance that he would be attacked and killed by somebody. Then a letter that was obviously of the best importance taken in by an enemy village. If anything that would only work against Suna, and if things continued to move how they were suna would be next in line to be attacked. Though as he got closer to home, despite sand getting in his eyes and shoes and everything he ignored it. There was a certain sense of pride that came with being in your own village. Though moving back too what was at hand, Ryu simply looked at the man who had recruited him. He never really met or spent much time with the other goryu member's though he should have. So too his knowledge he was the youngest member which was an honor. Getting down to business Ryu pulled out the letter that was safely tucked away in his sleeve and began to speak. "About two weeks ago, the former Raikage was killed while defending his village. By the time I had arrived, he had been already replaced, though I was never able to get a name, and they stay covered up so telling you defining features is not an option. I was told an unknown organization attacked the village, and cause extensive damage as well as civilian and military deaths. The place claims to be getting back on it's feet but it remains in ruins for the most part. Oh and before I left, the new raikage gave me something to give too you. Can't tell you what was in it, as I was told not to open it." Placing the letter of the kazekage's desk Ryu simply waited for a response.
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