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 Protecting Suna {Permanent Seal} Barrier

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PostSubject: Protecting Suna {Permanent Seal} Barrier   Fri 05 Feb 2010, 11:23 pm

A private, quick thread about putting up a barrier for the Sand Village aka : no other people)

Ryu looked out the window at the village down below. Just staring out at them sometimes filled him with rage when he thought of his childhood. There wasn't much he could do about it though, he was a new person now, and had to put his past behind him. The sound of the clock moving through each second, was also slowly getting on his nerves. Sure he had something better to do than to sit around in a room doing nothing but paperwork. Still the heat of the outside would burn him as soon as he stuck his head out, doing something like that could take a while. Becoming dehydrated would never be the best idea that he could think of. Maybe it would be to shut up those damn kids screaming at the window next to him, how they put up with the heat in the first place was beyond him. He had to find a way to do everything he had to deal with within a week. Maybe he should stop answering people when they asked for help seemed like it would save him a lot of tiring action. Snapping himself from the trance he was in, Ryu looked down to notice that for the past ten minutes he was writing gibberish on his paperwork. Sighing he began to erase, becoming more and more frustrated as he waited for the sun to go down. As he filled everything out he glanced outside every now and then, noting everything. From the kids that came and went, to the vendors screaming what they were selling. It was only after he began to choke on sand did he notice the storm rolling in. He quickly was rushed and forced to close the window, noting that he wasn't sweating as soon as skin came into contact with the outside he decided it was time to get straight to work. Ryu walked over to a mahogany drawer at the edge of the room. Digging threw it for just a short amount of time he found what he was looking for. Two wrist "bracelets" at first glance they were just there to keep him from getting cut. In reality this was his source of all of his weapons and anything else he needed. Without them he would be basically barehanded in everything, that wasn't a general problem since he was skilled fighter but it was good to know you had the element of surprise. Ryu clipped them both onto his arms and slumped as he thought about the long task ahead. Of all the people they could have had done this he was the one that was chosen, it seemed like it was overly protective. It would have been much easier to just run a sensory jutsu every few days instead of a full blown barrier. But in the end, it did make the most sense, there were alot of places to sneak in from in this village. A skilled person, would be able to slip through the guards and sandstorms with ease, that is if they came into one of the newer guards at least. One of the more experienced ones knew what to look for, but then it was just a job of killing them before they alerted people.

"Better safe than sorry I guess." Ryu left the cool shade of his home, his whole day had been based around avoiding the heat. Now he was going into the weaker part at least, as soon as he opened the door, dry heat gave him a punch to the face. His lazy sleepy attitude was thrown out of the window, with a wake-up call that almost knocked him off of his feet. Now finally ready and used to the heat he stepped outside, his throat became raspy and dry. How people put up with this for long periods of time was beyond him, he could handle the heat it was just the dry hair and inhaling of the sand that always got to him. Ryu began his long trek to the five corners of the village, it would take nearly all night to complete the jutsu. But all he could do was keep telling himself "Its for the village" but being selectively lazy was just that. Not much anybody could do about that, he was almost looking forward to leaving the village for a while, get to see other things, give him a different feel than sand and dirt which he was used to his entire life. By the time he got the first location it was fully night. The full moon was the only thing that gave him light in the location he had selected, chances are only he would know of this spot. Him and just maybe the person who had ordered him to put the barrier up, but that was something for another time. Looking around for the most viable place Ryu found it, directly under a bunch of lose rocks, it would be almost impossible to remove. Ryu walked towards the wall and put his hand to it. Looking up at the cliffs he noticed how high they went, true annoyance fell over him. There was such a high wall that chances that anyone would find a way over without being sighted were low enough, but once again it could happen. Ryu put his hand up against, the rock and performed a one handed ram sign. No sooner than after he finished did a summoning seal appear above the rock. This would act as the first of five mediums for the jutsu, sure breaking from the outside would be possible, but extremely difficult. It would take a jutsu of epic proportions to break the barrier from the outside, or at least a lot of ninja performing regular ranked attacks, it didn't really matter. The only easy way to remove it was to find the five mediums and remove the seals, though finding them was something difficult, much less removing them, which required you to know the very jutsu you were trying to remove. Proving that once again that Ryu was the only one who could willingly remove it that he knew of, but unfortunately that also meant he was the only one he knew of who could replace it should it go down. Ryu moved back from the very seal he just created, rubbing the back of his head he looked at the different locations he would have to go. "One down only four more to go. Wish I had some help, I guess wishing is pointless" Ryu stepped back, one of these seals had to be inaccessible, even to him. Flicking his wrist a kunai with a tag bomb attached to the end appeared in his hand. One of the perks of using a sealing jutsu to carry around you belongings, kept things "compact". Ryu balanced the pure black blade in his hand for just a moment before throwing it, slowly the bomb winded down like a fuse on a bomb before exploding.

The lose rock formation above the seal began to fall away and eventually buried the seal, possibly even the slab of rock that held it fell out of place, Ryu would never know. The explosion for sure would draw attention, if people were especially jumpy tonight panic, not that Ryu cared, he actually smirked at the thought. Turning around he began to walk towards the eastern part of the village already beginning to single out places to put the next medium. After about another twenty minutes Ryu reached his destination, he was looking for the most unknown places to dare put the mediums. Quickly he decided to put it on the side of a house, stationary enough that he would not have to worry about it moving and just as hidden as the last one. Looking through the window and to his sides he made sure that nothing was around him he placed the medium on the bottom side of the house, far out of view unless someone knew exactly what they were looking for. By now, most people had retreated into their houses by now. Avoiding the dry yet somehow cold wind of a desert at night, but Ryu had no luxury like that at the moment, nor that intention. Ending he began to walk towards the northern wall, maybe it wasn't the best idea to things in that order anyway, alot of walking to do. When Ryu finally reached the northern wall he simply went up into the guard post that was watching the outside of the village. There was nothing exchanged between them but a "Hi" and then the guard walking away. Some of the people on guard knew what was going on tonight, and they knew they were not allowed to know where the seals/mediums were. Ryu began inspecting the rock, pulling away piece after piece after piece, looking for one that was lose or could pop out. There were several, but finding one that didn't stand out, and was big enough to hold the medium was difficult. Finally finding one that was worth the time, he wrapped his fingers around it and began to pull it out, deciding that it was the best place to put the seal. After he left he gave the guard who had walked away a nod and began heading back to his house. It was the best place to put the final seal, nobody could ever guess something like that. After he arrived, Ryu was careful to place it under a desk on the floor, in case something ever happened the seal would remain in tact and ready for use. After he was done, once again looked out the window and looked at the village, just placing the different seals was took about an hour and thirty minutes. This was quickly becoming a project but something he had to do unless he wanted to deal with it tomorrow. This time he chose a secluded place, he would need to be left alone for a long time while he put together to jutsu for completing. Looking down at the spot he had chosen Ryu felt nothing but remorse, for the decision he had made, he should have dealt with the entire issue in the morning, better to start early than late. Sighing Ryu preformed the rat,dragon,and snake handsigns, keeping the snake hand sign he took a seat. Getting ready to have to wait for a long number of hours. Slowly the area around him began to grow green, at the first place he placed the seal, it began to glow the same color, firing a beam towards the very center of the village.

The seal Ryu was sitting on did the same action, meeting the beam in mid air, creating a section for the first part of the barrier to form, much like a triangular prism. Slowly, over the course of about ten minutes a dull green color began to form in the section. At this point it was essentially in its vulnerable stage, and it was in no hurry to speed up and finish. Drooping his head Ryu noticed how long it would take to complete this jutsu, only twenty minutes later did that part of the barrier complete and the next part begin. The entire process took two grueling, tiring, chakra consuming hours. By the time the last section had begun to fill in and complete Ryu was breathing heavy, his hair was visibly messy and bags under his eyes only showed how tired he was. Still he kept going, determined to get this done, cause if he stopped now, he would just have to restart another time, not something he wanted to do. Finally after each section was filled in, the jutsu glowed just a little bit before becoming clear. The very tip went high above the village, so high that anything every reaching it was not very likely. As opposed the edges and sides extended just outside the first guard posts, meaning that nothing could get in before people knew. It was like looking through the cleanest glass in the world, the only tell were three hair tin slightly green lines high up in the air. Now with the village protected Ryu picked himself up and began walking back, determined to get some sleep. Leaving the only way in without a large amount of commotion, by dispelling five mediums he had carefully hidden throughout the village in random places.
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Protecting Suna {Permanent Seal} Barrier
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