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 Alhambra Jutsu training

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PostSubject: Alhambra Jutsu training   Mon 04 Jan 2010, 1:57 am

Body Revival Technique
Secret Healing Wound Destruction

It was a beautiful day, the clouds were littering the sky and blotting out the sun like the real jerks they are. The trees were plentiful, the hospital was sagged up with too many injured people in a single day, the streets are busy in Sunagakure thanks to the recent immigration from the South, from some weirdos that decided to cross the borders to move to a hotter North in this God forsaken desert where no life should ever, ever grow. Funny thing is that life DOES grow on the desert in the form of rabid flying squirrels that have recently taken populace into the southern part of Sunagakure, preying on all but the strongest of Ninjas, hence the southern parts of Sunagakure has taken up the name of death row.

The story takes place in some hospital right next to the Kage's mansion/headquarters, or whatever dwelling that guy who is in charge of Sunagakure lives in, scratch that, make that rat hole. It was already noon anyways. There was a sand storm already hitting everything. Clogging up peoples' eyes and throats, making a huge dust clutter around the windows and the hospital was filled with sand storm victims that are choking to death at the moment from suffocation and blockage of the lungs thanks to the sand particles stuck in their throats. A lá they were stupid enough to breathe in the sand in the first place, choking it down without swallowing, hence their situation.

Now, there was this one doctor who was meant to save their lives. He was a stern one, known around the hospital to be a so-so doctor who has the latent ability of saving lives, and at other times, failing to do so. He is Dr. Kiryuu. He looked rather like a plain Wayne, accompanied with a brown slicked back hair, a small stubble and a cigarette that always seems to be stuck in his mouth. He was dressed up in a Medical nin's robes. It included a baggy cargo pants, a pair of black jackboots rather than sandals, a white labcoat over a ninja vest and a pair of shades that outfits his face. Hence his mysterious appearance which unnerves his patients than anything else.

Now then, he had a patient to treat at the moment. He was in his room, standing there with his hand wrapped to his back, staring out at the dust covered window, which is equivalent to trying to look through fog. Not much visibility, thats what. Feeling a bit bored, he pulls out a senbon from his desk as he inserts it into the pocket of his labcoat. He has a patient anyways to see and diagnose on symptoms that occurred from the sand storm victim. Bunch of wimps is what they are. Them immigrants from the South coming up North thinking everything is easy just because there are no grass around here, but just some desert.

Backing away from the window, the Doctor turns away to face the door that leads to the corridors of the busy hospital. His patient's room was just at the end of it, and now he had to surpass the greatest tests of the Medical ninja world; trying to get to the room through a flood of nurses and doctors pushing trays of these patients suffering from these symptoms that has become an non-contagious epidemic lately all thanks to their low resistance to heat and sand. Something the TRUE residents of Sunagakure have built up. Shame really, but at least they got themselves cheap labour who are taking all of the available low paying jobs there are.

Pacing forward, Kiryuu had to maneuver past several oncoming patients being pushed across the corridor through a series of Ninja reflexes and strikes that leaves a lot of the faculty and the patients themselves beaten up to a bloody pulp. All in a days work. Pacing past his defeated enemies, all of them slumping unto the ground, and into the room, Kiryuu pants wildly. Wiping the sweat from his brows as he strained himself when dodging all those blighty bastards. It was a bit rough but he was here, all safe and sound and ready to inspect the patient with his fullest attention. No distractions whatsoever to prevent him from playing doctor.

"So, Mr. whatsyourface, I'll be your doctor today, and I'll be here to treat you of cancer." Kiryuu said with the most pleasant of smiles to the unconscious man, its not like he heard anything he said. Now it was time to heal him of whatever the Hell he is suffering from. He was deeply involved in this now. Kiryuu has to maintain all focus to save this pathetic souls life. Pacing up to the patient, putting on his surgical mask and fitting on latex gloves, Kiryuu is now ready to try to achieve a medical technique in order to make this stupid/unfortunate soul live on his miserable/happy life for a long/short time. He had a short time to waste! Him being unconscious means that something bad has happened already.

Placing a hand over the poor man, he has to try out the Mystical Palm Technique and save the patient. Placing his hand over where the man's lungs are meant to be, Kiryuu's hands begins to glow blue. Soon enough, he sends Chakra into the man, to speed up his healing process. The man himself appeared to be uneffected, but he won't give up on him! Sending more and more chakra, the HRM (Heart Rate Meter) seems to increase from the screen. Satisfied with his result, he injects even more Chakra into the man. Speeding up more of his healing process. It was until then the HRM stops, that Kiryuu stopped himself. Looking down in disappointment as the HRM goes red, into a flat line from the screen.

That frown turned upside down into a smirk, as Kiryuu runs over to the window, kicking it open as he leaps out into the sand storm. Disappearing from the hospital with an old man of a patient that died from Chakra overdose. The authorities weren't aware of this until when it was too late. Around that time, Kiryuu was far, far away from Sunagakure, leaving behind the village and the sand storm. Apparently his form begins to disintegrate and melt off to reveal a blackened, masked figure. This masked figure was the infamous Missing Nin, Alhambra. Having just practiced his medical finesse on a patient to sharpen it up, and to make sure he has an edge... for today, he has finally mastered the Mystical Palm Technique.
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PostSubject: Re: Alhambra Jutsu training   Mon 04 Jan 2010, 2:00 am

Danzo's Unnamed Wind Release Technique
Wind Release: Beast Wave Violent Wind
Lightning Release Armor

Clutching a scroll in his left hand, Alhambra makes his way to what's left of the secluded valley he and his mother use as a training ground. He was long overdue to learn the jutsu Tamotsu had gifted him with a while back. After witnessing the destruction of those in the village he was rather scared. His momma, Switch, had disappeared and neither Valerie or Chrys had any clue where she was. Mew seemed more hyper than ever, and he couldn't find her either. Though immature for a being hundreds of years old, he knew the threat the bijuu presented. Alhambra shakes some as he steps into the clearing. Hope I can pull this off this time, Just try and relax, It's, just so hard to relax after seeing so many people dying around me. I'm lucky mother and sister are fine... His eyes begin tearing up at the thought of his possibly dead mother. Mew pats him on the back with his small arm to comfort him. Giving an encouraging 'mrew', Mew flies off a little ways to observe the general area. Nice spot, seems the dragon demon seems to have missed it. It's kinda pretty, He flys back over to Alhambra, Anyways Kage Bunshin...

Upon learning that Alhambra had a scroll about it, Mew insisted he learned it as soon as possible. It would prepare him for the secrets Mew was about to teach him, as well let him pull off some of the techniques in the first place. He liked Alhambra, and unlike Narda he could access the Nekojin ancestral powers. If he had any say in it Alhambra will do great things if... Mmmm, fishsticks. Mew couldn't help but have random thoughts, he was a representation of the clan's chaotic nature. Looking as if he was about to explain the technique, he turns to address Alhambra. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything to help you with this jutsu. I can't do it, well not on purpose anyways. Sworry. "That's fine, I should've learned this earlier anyways." Alhambra unrolls the scroll and places it gently on the ground infrom of him. Sitting down on the ground, he looks down at it and begins reading intently. Mew starts floating around upside down, Hope he hurries, no telling when the next time he'll need to fight is.

"Alright," he says getting up, rolling up the scroll as he does. After carefully placing it in his pocket he makes handseals. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Nothing worth noting happens, save for a small shockwave of chakra that shifts some grass at his feet. That was bad, he thinks, a large sweatdrop forming on the back of his head. What happened? Mew wonders. "My chakra didn't flow the right way, perhap I fumbled on a handseal as well." The infamous dropping chakra of the Daikonran had nothing to do with this failure, it was a mere flaw in his chakra channeling. "Hmm," he says, doing the handseal slowly once again to make sure he didn't miss any of them. Unknown to Alhambra, or perhaps Mew a pair of red eyes was watching them from the woods nearby. A common missing nin covered in a cape an a wide brimmed shade hat, he shunshins in front of Alhambra.

"Can I help you?" Alhambra asks, getting ready should the stranger attack. The man whispers a horse "No," and disappears in a blur. Alhambra sees flowers out of his side vision. Out of nowhere branch reach around to grab Alhambra, bringing him snuggly to a tree branch. As he's stuck there the man is about to stab him. "Not so easy," Alhambra says bringing chakra to his eyes. In a flash he's let go and the tree is around the mysterious ninja. Holding his Wind Spirit blade at the man's neck, he threatens the man, "I'll give you one chance to tell me what you want and why you're here. Then I might just let you go." Alhambra seriousness is given a bit of a jolt as the man busts out laughing. Trying to regain himself, Alhambra lifts his sword. He's intending to stab the man in the leg, but his conscious stops him. The man sighs and use the same Magen - Kyouten Chiten that was just used against him, then dispels the illusion. Of course this suprised Alhambra even more, but he just stands there with his sword at the ready. A grin forms visibly under the man's hat as he slowly removes it. "You've improved kid." The rugged hair style and barely shaved face was easy recognizable even though Alhambra had only seen it twice before. "Dad?" "Now, now I'm only a donor. I'm only here to make sure the clan gets stronger."

"I'm suprised you've been practicing your genjutsu. From what I've heard your quit talented with ninjutsu enhance taijutsu." he says, holding the hat in one hand as it lazily hangs by his side. "And your even managed to bring out a summoned weapon in that short period of time." "Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but what are you here for? You never come by just to visit." Alhambra says as he's sheathing his katana. "Right to the point huh? Fine I'll be brief." He pauses briefly as he looks to one side, moving only his eyes. "You probally haven't noticed it yet, but the Uchiha clan is making a slow comeback. Me and the Mizukage are the two strongest right now, but neither of us are in a position to lead the clan. I'm a missing nin, and he's a kage in the wrong village." he removes a backpack and pulls out a well made robe black robe with the Uchiha family symbol on it. "Catch," he says while tossing it to Alhambra. He easily catches it and holds it up. "The next best thing would be you. You're the best one to lead the clan, for the moment anyways. Of course you'll have to stay on your training and improve your village ranking if you want to remain leader." Alhambra nods, "I was intending to join the Anbu squad soon. That should keep me on my toes." "Who ya talking to weirdo? Hey, nice jacket." a female voice says from behind him. Alhambra looks ahead and see his father has vanished. I was looking right at him! How'd he do that? Too basic to be an illusion. Hypnosis then. He thinks as he turns around to see who was talking to him.

It was two people, one he immediately recognized as his uncle Chrys as well is some girl around Alhambra's age. Still a bit shaken by his encounter with his father, he manages a greeting. "Hi oji, any luck finding mom?" Chrys lowers his head and shakes it. "Unfortunately no." he turns to the girl, "However I brought you someone that could help you get stronger, and vice versa." A girl? Is he trying to hook me up or something? Giggle... Mew laughs, and Alhambra takes a swing at his astral projected form. "Is that your pet?" the young kunoichi asks. As if, I'm an all powerful summon of powerfulness. "Yeah right." she responds going to pet him. Her hand goes through, naturally. "It's an astral projection..." Alhambra explians. "Oh, I see. Well hi, I'm Suisen. You must be Alhambra." she says extending a bandages had towards him. She was dressed rather comfortably, in simple shorts and a t-shirt. Her wrists, hands and left legs where wrapped up in bandages. "I'm here to try my Cyclone Fist against your Tenohira Yoshiki." Alhambra gives a half smile and looks at his uncle. "Ojisan, let's talk over here real quick."

He nods and follows Alhambra a few feet away. "Are you trying to distract me with a girl while my mom's missing? I thought that would be below you anyways." Chrys chuckles, "That's not it at all. Valerie simply wanted to make sure you trained well. Word has it the exams are coming up and even if they weren't you'll need to be strong to be an Anbu." "Okay, okay I suppose your not up to anything. But why her?" "You both posse a fighting style that's a more physical version of Kaze Dansu." Alhambra nods and walks back over to Suisen. "Sorry for my rather rude response, I'm just under alot of stress right now." She nods and pats him on the back. "It's fine, so are you up for a quick bout or what?" she says with a wink. "Alright, sounds great."
She puts up a fist and moves it towards Alhambra. Even though it was obivous not an attack, it takes him a moment to realize what she wants. They hit each's fist and walk apart. "Here, Ojisan, hold my coat." he says as he tosses it at Chrys. He catchs, looking at it a bit confused. "Where'd you get this at?" Alhambra merely looks towards him, "A friend, nothing to worry about." He looks back at Suisen, I can still train off and on, depend on how hard she is. "Alright," she says as he finishs his own thought. "Let's not go our full fledge strength, we don't know each other that well. And we don't wanna kill each other." Alhambra brings his arms up and activates his windsheaths. "Hope you give me a good fight." he says. "Best believe it!" she says, charging him. "Screw Upper!" she says, doing a double uppercut to the thin air. Quickly following the motion of her fists two mini tornados towards Alhambra. "Whoa." Alhambra dodges to the side, but is stopped by getting a sharp kick in the guts. It knocks him back and he barely lands on his feet.

"Interesting." Alhambra leap towards her right hand prepared to chop her in the chest. "Hmph," she knocks away his hand and hit him with a flying knee strike. Or so it seems, but a log replaces him as her knee connects. Alhambra appears behind her grinning. Rearing a fist back he charges his range extension ability and buffets her with an extension of wind. He goes to kick her but she blocks and grabs his other arm which he was also going to attack with. Using leverage and considerable strength for her body build she flips him midair. She slams him on the ground and twists his arm back while pinning him to the ground. "Kickboxing, huh?" She nods and let's him go, "We're aren't done yet." He figured she would say that and was already attempting to make a Kage Bunshin. Granted it would be an unfair advantage, but sometimes being under pressure was the best way to learn techniques. No sooner then he complete the handseals she was on him. "Stop right there, buddy." she says attacking with a sidekick. Alhambra blocks with both arms and throws her back. She flips in midair and uses her wings to stay there. Needless to say Kage Bunshin didn't get finished off, even though his handseals did get finished.

"I don't have wings but, Hienkyaku!" Channeling a large amount of wind composed chakra to his legs, he leaps up into the air. "I can only glide, but that's long enough to turn an aerial fight to my advantage." "Fine then," Suisen says, flying up to him. They exchanged blows in rapid succession as they slowly came back to the ground. Alhambra was definately faster than her, but she was obviously well train in know when to attack and when to defend. He could also tell that she hit harder then him even though all there hits where blocked. Right as they hit the ground the two jump apart. Come on, Alhambra thinks, once again trying to pull of Kage Bunshin. It seems as if the principle particles of it are made, but it just fisses out. Not matter, Alhambra thinks as he watchs Suisen. She doesn't seem to want to charge him, and that was fine with him. For now he decides to go with standard Bunshin.
He bring his hands together and creates three of standard ones. They all rush Suisen, jumping around to try confuse her. She doesn't look too phased, she just does her Hurricane Fist technique once more. It easily dispels the clones but Alhambra manages to dodge them and deal a Kami Hari palm blast at point blank range. "Heh, gotcha." He prepares for a weak Rasengan, but realizes she replaced herself at the last second. "Crap," He looks back in time to see her going for his shoulder with a dropkick. Thanks to his sharingan he has enough time comprehending her action to turn and block with his right arm. It wasn't a complete block, but the Tenohira Yoshiki style projects his arm from any injury. She kicks off of him, and lands gracefully. "Used for both defense and attack? Mine is only attack. Oh well," she say adjusting her stance, "The best defense could be a great offense." She approaches him with a barrage of rapid punchs, forcing him to get on the defensive.

Time to end this, he thinks to himself. He carefully looks for an opening in her attack. It was almost flawless, it seemed the best time to stop it was when it started. Alhambra steps at her foot, causing which she easily dodges. However the change in her tempo leaves an opening that Alhambra immediately takes advantage of. His right arms slips through hers and he uses Kami Hari on her chest while pushing her. This causes her to fly pretty far aways. Bringing his hands firmly together, they smooth fly through the handseals he makes. Three kage bunshin clones form beside him and he rushs Suisen yet again. "I thought your where suppose to be a genius and stuff." She makes a short leap and does an aeril knee attack to the nearest Alhambra. He blocks, then grabs her leg. "So this is the real one?" All three Alhambras grin, "Not quite." Another one comes up to her and grabs an arm. Both of them leap into the air with Suisen. Another Alhambra is right there in the air to meet her. "Rasengan!" She can only block with one arm and is blasted back down to the ground. It wasn't a full powered one, but still enough to knock the wind out of her. He still isn't done? I know there's another one. Is he trying to kill me? she thinks as she's about hit the ground. She flinchs as she hits something rather soft, definately more comfortable than the ground. "I win," the real Alhambra says, which has caught her. "Yea, good fight." she says, hopping from his arms. "The almighty rasengan isn't that bad actually." she says, pulling up her shirt enough to look at her stomach. "I pulled my punch, alot." he calmly says. "Aw, well me and your ojisan have somethings to do, but I guarantee I'll be fighting you again. And next time, anything short of death will be the rules. I was holding back, and I know you were as well." Alhambra nods, "Looking forward to it."

"You didn't know that before you fought her did you? That Kage Bunshin?" his uncle inquires. Alhambra shakes his head. "Well, good work then. Iko, Suisen, we have a job to take care of." "Yessir." The two walk off into the distance, Suisen stopping to wave at Alhambra. He is getting stronger, good. His father thinks, concealed in the distance. He then dissappears.
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PostSubject: Re: Alhambra Jutsu training   Mon 04 Jan 2010, 2:01 am

Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu - Fine Affliction Extraction
Levitation Technique
Thunder Saber
Thunder Up
Tornado Lightning

Alhambra was getting impatient with Shinobi life. Having finally graduated from the academy a year after most Genin of his age, he had thought that an immediate sensei would have been assigned to him so that he could join a team and finally begin the grand life of a ninja of Suna village. However, that was not the case. He snarled slightly as he cast his mind back to the conversation he had had with the academy tutor as he left the graduation ceremony.

"Don't force yourself too far forward Alhambra, learn some new jutsu first. You need to expand your skills if you are to succeed as a shinobi."

The words had been meant in a relatively kind way by the man, but that didn't change the fact that Alhambra wanted to do things now, he had already waited too long to begin his life as a ninja to waste his time with more training. However, he knew that despite his own wish to not have to constantly train now he had graduated, he had grudgingly accepted the reality that he would need better skills to succeed, and he might as well learn something while he waited for an assignment.

"Which is why I'm here."

Alhambra looked around him in a full circle and saw nothing but the desert, Sunagakure a mere blip in the distance. No sandstorms showed signs of approaching in the near future, and so the young genin pulled the scroll he had borrowed out of the pouch where his kunai normally resided and opened it, ready to learn the secrets of the technique he had chosen.
"Okay, looks like it's a few hand signs and then the fire comes out. Simple enough surely?"

Alhambra spent a few moments examining the instructions that were listed on the scroll, mentally checking off the hand seals he needed to perform to initiate the jutsu.

"Let's give you a spin then."

Alhambra took a deep breath and held it in as his hands flitted into the signs necessary to start the jutsu before bringing his clasped hands up beneath his mouth and blowing out the breath he had held as hard as could, willing the flames to spring from his mouth out into the desert air. His eyes had been screwed shut in concentration but as he opened them and looked at the results of his labor he was shocked to see, well, nothing at all.

"You're joking me. Nothing? Seriously?"

Sighing exasperatedly, Alhambra turned his attention back to the scroll that lay on the floor at his feet, trying to work out the reason why the supposedly simple jutsu hadn't worked.

Alhambra read in silence for a few moments, his mind slightly bewildered as to why his attempt at the jutsu had been such a failure.

"Okay, so the hand seals were correct, so it must be that my chakra manipulation for it must have been completely off. Hmmmm, let's try that again then."

Settling himself once more, Alhambra concentrated less on the seals that his hands were forming and instead turned his attention towards his own chakra, attempting to focus it into the breath that he had stored in his lungs and forcing the chakra out with the breath as he finished the hand seals and brought his hands up to his mouth. The breath exploded from his mouth, but there was no fire escaping with it. Alhambra felt the air heated, but there was no fire, simply hotter air.

"I'm blowing hot air, oh the irony. Seems that guess was wrong, let's try something else then."

Steeling himself, Alhambra focused his attention once more onto the scroll once more, his eyes searching for any hint that might help him successfully perform the jutsu.
Alhambra attempted to center himself once more, his breathing deep as he focused on the chakra that resided within his body. Picturing the chakra as a ball of flame within his own chest, Alhambra ran through the motions of forming the hand seals necessary to perform the technique and pictured himself blowing the fire-shaped chakra out of his mouth along with the breath that he exhaled. His eyes opened sharply as a tiny stream of fire spurted from his mouth, stretching forward for a few inches before extinguishing. He slumped slightly, surprised at the work that was involved in the learning of the technique.

"I made fire though! That's definitely a step forward. Problem is that it was a tiny stream rather than a flurry of balls, but it's a start."

Alhambra picked up the water bottle he had brought with him to the desert and took a swig of the refreshingly cool water before dropping the bottle once more and concentrating once again on the technique he was attempting to learn.
Taking a look at the scroll once more, Alhambra wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead before turning his attention back to the matter at hand.

"Let's try saying the name of the technique aloud and see if it makes any difference. Katon Housenka no Jutsu!"

As he shouted the words, Alhambra formed the hand seals for the technique and focused on the chakra inside his chest, visualising it as fire and breathing sharply outwards as his clasped hands came to rest beneath his mouth. The result was a steady stream of fire that shot out from his mouth, burning the air before him as he poured more and more chakra into the stream, feeding the flames. After a few seconds he let the flame die out and almost wobbled to his knees as a small wave of exhaustion flooded over his body.

"Good, I can make the flames which means I'm one step closer to completing this jutsu."
"Okay, I have the fire now to shape it properly into these balls which I am meant to be firing."

Going through the motions once more, Alhambra formed the seals and shouted the name of the technique, concentrating on his chakra before blowing out in small burts, attempting to form the fire into ball form and succeeding slightly. A solitary ball of flames burst from his mouth, but it was neither fast nor part of a continuous chain of balls and Alhambra punched at the air in frustration as the ball of fire exploded into nothingness. His frustration probably wasn't helping matters, but it was impossible to feel as if he were failing in some way.

"Which I am. I need to sort this out, I don't want to have to trek back to Suna and have done this for nothing. Concentrate Alhambra, concentrate!"
Alhambra could feel that the training was beginning to take it's toll on him and that if he were to learn the technique, he would need to do so within the next hour or he would be out of chakra. Anger at himself and his inability to properly perform the technique smoldered within his heart and almost without thinking he formed the hand seals and shouted aloud.

"Katon Housenka no Jutsu!"

Roaring all of his frustration out with his breath and chakra, Alhambra saw a small procession of fire balls shoot from his mouth and fizz out into the desert.

"That is more like it. Have I been mentally holding myself back? Hmmmm, time to try that one again."
Looking down at the scroll for what felt like the hundredth time, Alhambra scanned the words to make sure he hadn't missed anything again, and when he felt confident he turned his attention inwards once more.

"So, don't just see the chakra as fire, make it feel, taste and smell like fire would. Make your chakra fire."

Breathing slowly and surely, Alhambra concentrated on the chakra within himself and made it fire, performing the hand seals for the technique before crying it's name aloud.

"Katon Housenka no Jutsu!"

Balls of fire roared from his mouth as he breathed out, a steady stream of seven fire balls dancing off into the distance, followed closely by a yelp of relief from the young genin.

"One more time, just to make sure I have it."
Breathing heavily, Alhambra flexed his fingers and willed himself to focus for one last time.

"Right, let's do it. Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu - Fine Affliction Extraction!"

Concentrating on the fire within his chest, Alhambra formed the hand seals and spat the chakra-fuelled breath out in a series of puffs, fireballs zipping out and flaring into the desert, narrowly missing an approaching figure that Alhambra hadn't noticed thanks to his intense concentration. He looked at the figure with a smug grin and waved a hand in greeting.

"Tetsuya, still playing with dolls?"

The approaching figure laughed at the joke before patting his friend on the back.

"So, you can finally do something useful. First time for everything I suppose. I've been sent to retrieve you, there is a nasty sandstorm inbound and we need to get back to the village and inside pronto."

"Sure thing, I'm finished here anyway."
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PostSubject: Re: Alhambra Jutsu training   Mon 04 Jan 2010, 2:03 am

Crow Clone
Telescope Technique

There were two fat hippos around. Both of them were purple in texture and were freaky mutations left behind by Orochimaru decades ago. They were both squabbling amongst each other like children. It was night time really, and they just attacked a village, the village hidden in the turd. All of it was left destroyed, and there were no survivors left. The lighting that comes out from the fire was the evidence of the evil doings of the two bastions of evil which they represent from Orochimaru's old regime. Now all of that is to an end of the old threats and new threats arising form the ashes whence they came from.

There was also another element in the entire play, those two ignorant fat people who called themselves the 'Fat Hippo Brothers' thought they were safe, that no ninja in the entire world could kick their asses and wipe the floor with them, that they were the most invincible pair of brothers that ever graced this planet. They were wrong. Unbeknownst to them, there was a ninja stalking them, not out of the bounty posed on the two, but because years ago, they insulted his mother, and an insult he cannot take without having to kick and kill people's asses without respite or mercy of any sorts.

Looking through the bushes with his goggles which glowed green. He had a deadly killer intention at mind. The two brothers were ignorant of the folly which would befall them soon enough. Watching them silently, he starts stalking them from the bushes. Having just in mind something to use on these men, a new jutsu he improvised, more like an active jutsu much more powerful than his Chakra enhanced strength and less as costly. It was something he trained for in the time being, during his break. An active jutsu that he heard of from the Sound Four used years before.

Leaping out of the bush, he leaped towards the first and fattest brother. Summersaulting in the air, his leg connects with that of the chinless man's chin, launching it out of his shoulder and into the air in a spewed up mess. So the jutsu did work indeed! Landing on his feet, Alhambra runs to the other fat man as he was showered with the blood of his dead brother. Still dumbfounded as to what happened. Using his flicker stepping, he disappears out of view, Alhambra that is. Appearing right in front of the brother with his arm skewering right through the man. Plunging out of it as he pulls out his still-beating heart. Feeling a bit dull from the kill, he throws away the still-beating heart as he learnt just about another technique. Walking away like nothing happened with both brother's in a mess, both dead. Queue decapitated head falling right into the ground behind him.


Wind Counter
Fire Mastery
Wind Mastery
(Acquired and training) 4522

The young Ninja takes what to him is a short hop into the tree clearing, making sure he didn't over run Ellen who had beaten him into the area. A small grin shows up on his face when he looks around at the hidden training ground. "Good choice, this place is roomier than it seems." he says as he move in further, towards some trees on the side. She had lead him to his training grounds, in hopes of helping him to become stronger. He was in his normal clothing, with his shirt open to let in the wind. Unfastening his belt, he hangs it on a branch. He turns around an approachs her. "Experience is the best teacher. Besides, pressure seems to be how members of the Ninja clan thrive. I'll try not to hold back, though it'd be helpful if you didn't either. We should stop short of killing one another of course." He gets in his own fighting stance, to prepare himself mentally. Wind kicks up around him as he looks at Ellen with his head tilted slightly down. "And dealing with your unusual style should help me with strategy in the future." He makes a few handseals and his arms are covered in sheaths of wind. He is tempted to charge at her, but remembers that her ability in taijutsu is way higher than his even with sharingan active. His sharingan actives, and he brings his hands together into some seal formations. "Katon: Goukakyuu!" he says, jumping up into the air. He shoots a stream of fire out , aiming a few feet behind Ellen in hopes of catching her while she attempts to dodge. Once he lands, he follows up with more handseals. "Katon: Housenka." The small fireballs emitted from his mouth where aimed all around the burned spot that his first attack left behind. He hoped this would at least make her escape unpleasant.

Kyokugenryuu was a supreme hand-to-hand combat art, and it also possesses a few ranged attack options, but all-in-all, it was rather limiting. Of course, it protected her from many dangerous attacks by itself, an especially good part of it being the resistance to illusions, and there was no way she'd lose in close quarters to anyone, but she didn't have a wide array of possible techniques. With ranged attacks, she was also at a disadvantage: hers did not require any hand seals and were much faster than the average ninjutsu, but this was a victory only in initiative, since she would have to move her arms for each projectile, while many ninjutsu could release a series of attacks without the need of additional seals or anything, and hers didn't have much damage potential either. She quickly dashed to the side, barely avoiding the fire but still feeling uncomfortable from its heat. But just as she got away safely from the first attack, the other one came towards her. Performing a side flip, Ellen managed to escape this technique as well. Pushing herself off the ground, she dashing towards her him on landing. The distance was short, but attacking head on was just asking to get roasted by his flames, she had to be more inventive. So, after taking two steps directly towards him, Ellen sharply broke off to the right, throwing an orange ball of energy at him at the same time. However, in the next few steps, she gradually changed directions again to shorten the distance between herself and Alhambra further. As her trajectory was about to become one heading straight towards him, she abruptly stopped and jumped forward and to the left, releasing another energy projectile at him as she rolled over in mid-air. But instead of landing normally, she used spirit energy to push herself towards him as she was slightly above the middle of her descent. Although the energy projectiles earlier were mostly meant to disable him from executing a counter-attack while she was moving, they would likely force him to change position, so she would land several feet further than he was standing previously. But if that wasn't the case, she would try and plant a flying kick in his chest.

Alhambra wasn't sure what she was going to do, but he was pretty sure she was trying to close distance. Bring chakra into his legs, he creates a wind current that helps him jump back. Slowly gliding backwards, he makes another set of handseals. Multiple fireballs rain towards Ellen, which he hoped would slow her down. Just as he did he was hit in the side with one of her projectiles, which caused him to momentarily lose concentraction. He land several feet away and a hand goes to his side, "That packs a punch, ow..." He had let his guard down for a few seconds just then, soe he decides to that preventive measures to keep her from approaching. Jumping back a few more feet up into a tree, he forms a short series of handseal and exhales a large cloud of mist in front of himself. He turns his head as he's expelling the mist so it'll cover a wide area between the two. For now he would avoid fire techniques, but he figured it was good for prevention measures. Try avoiding my flames now, Knowing her she would find a way through it, but he decides he should take things one at a time for now.

Practically nothing has changed, but just as she was about to make another attempt at going into melee, the he expelled the large mist cloud, so she stopped for a few moments. She tensed, about to jump away when she noticed that the cloud did not spread towards her anymore, settling down in an area between her and Alhambra. Staying a few feet outside its edge for good measure, Ellen began to focus spirit energy into her arms. He was hoping she would be rash and run right into the mist, and certainly to close the distance again, but she could also pull off ranged attacks, even if they were somewhat limited in variety. After a few seconds of seemingly doing nothing, she took a specific stance with her hands to the side and slightly behind the body and proceeded to quickly release three consecutive blasts of energy at Alhambra. But just as she executed the attack, she dashed forward, making sure to hide her movement from the boy's field of vision behind the projectiles she just launched. Her normal speed wouldn't be enough for that, so she once again used spirit energy to give herself a forward boost. In addition to being strong attacks and a distraction to cover her actions, the blasts also served to create a corridor in the mist for Ellen to go through. About the time the first blast would reach Alhambra, the girl was already pretty close to the tree he was standing in and kicked off the ground, going towards him. Instead of trying to land a physical blow, she decided to try and extend her attack with spirit energy, to prevent a close escape. Her timing was flawless, and her short-range attack would hit him right after the third projectile reached the place he was standing. Of course, she wouldn't just launch it at the same spot, but adjust it to hit him to the best of her ability.

When his sensitive eyes see the fi rst energy blast he follows his instinct and jumps. He lands on another branch to the side and adjusts the wind flowing around his arm to take a blade like shape. He jumps again, this time downwards. As he drops he whips the arm the wind blade around, which cleaves the tree in one fell swoop. He had dodged the first blast, the second missed because of his movement but the third hits him dead on as he cuts the tree down. "Argh!" is the one thing that leaves his mouth, thought it wasn't enough to describe his thoughts completely. He flies 14 feet into the fooliage and hits a tree with his back. A cough brings out a small amount of blood from his mouth. He almost blacks out from the combination of the powerful energy blast and force of hitting the tree. He's about to summon the Wind Spirit Blade to help him walk, but decides not to. I put away my weapons to show I didn't use weapons as crutchs. What ultimate irony is it if I was using one as a crutch? he thinks to himself. He forces himself the stand up, shakily raising to his feet. I can't move fast right now, if she closes in I'm toast. If I used a Kasumi Enbu combo I risk burning the forest and it's still pretty close to the village. I don't want to cause any collateral damage that might happen. Oh well, and eye for an eye I suppose.. He prepares to fire off another ninjutsu skill when he hears her approach. Or rather the next thing that sounded like a person walking up. If I can't defeat her how can I protect her? Maybe that's the wrong way to look at it, but I should be able to last longer than this. I'm a fool for not paying more attention to her attack. His vision is blurry, but he doesn't let that stop him from keeping his eyes forward.

Ellen see her attack partially succeed, which was actually good enough and more than she was hoping for. Had Alhambra taken all three blasts, he would surely be knocked out, and probably severely hurt, which she wanted to avoid, but she never expected any of them to hit him, rather to serve as a distraction enough for her fourth attack to land. However, the energy wave easily knocked him out of the way of her attack, and she had another problem: the tree. The attack intended for Alhambra hit the falling trunk, but while it was naturally far from enough to even slow down the falling mass of wood, it did made a rather deep indent in the bark. The girl couldn't avoid in mid air, all she could was soften the impact by putting out her arms and try to kick off the tree in mid-air before it would fall and crush her beneath itself. But her right hand, which she launched the blast with previously, hit the exact spot of where that attack landed and the impact caused her to break through the top layer of wood. It wouldn't have been a big issue if the tree was standing: after all, a few good attacks performed by her could break it to pieces - but she didn't have the foothold that would be necessary to pull out her hand from the tree. She could only push against the trunk itself, which was falling and preventing proper application of force, and she didn't have the time to manage it. Begining to panic she subconsciously decided to transform occurred, likely triggered by self-preservation instinct. Her arms quickly grew in size, turning into a claw and splitting the tree from the inside with pure brute force. Her strength and large claws ripped the tree in several parts and sent them flying in all directions before she quickly returned to normal, at first appearing naked but quickly having the Symbiote reform into her clothing. Ellen had no choice unless she wanted to risk dying and surely get a lot of broken bones, but she still hoped Alhambra didn't see the transformation, even though it lasted for barely a second. However, she would worry about that later, for now, their fight was still in progress. Yet as she was about to move, her vision seemed to fade out partially as she tripped. The smell of Alhambra's blood bothered her, so she quickly covers her nose and having the Symbiote form a sort of mask for her. It had to be light so as not to obstruct her breathing, so it didn't help that much, but at least now she was certain she could keep herself in check. As she's about to go on the offensiv, Alhambra's large fireballs fly at her. They weren't normal either: despite being fire, they seemed to be actually solid in a way, like physical objects. Ellen was able to get away from the first one by jumping, but the second one hit her, its large teeth digging into her body and tearing it up severely... not. She realized that's what would have happened to a normal person, but as soon as the fireball hit her, the chakra supporting it had dispersed thanks to Kyokugenryuu. However, that only took care of its physical form part, and although the flame itself was no longer being sustained either, meaning it would disperse quickly, she still was burned severely. Her skirt and mask caught on fire, because they were cloth pieces of her outfit, but while she threw off the mask without hesitation, her skirt she only ripped the burning part of quickly. Of course, considering the original length of it, what remained wasn't even enough to really cover her underwear. The pain made it harder for her to concentrate and, consequentially, control herself. Blocking out the pain somewhat and getting her body to begin healing her skin right away, Ellen moaned lightly, lying on her back on the ground. Aaah, I give up, - she said, her lips also hurting from getting burned, - We should have held back after all. Going all out, we could kill each other with one unlucky attack.

Alhambras ears perk up he hears Ellen approaching. It was louder than he had expected, which made him wonder if there was anything wrong with her. He figures she'd tell him, so he completes his handseal and expends three large dragon head shaped fireballs that blast through the trees. As one in particular knocks over a tree, he wonders if he's gone a little overboard by launching three such powerful attacks at his girlfriend. Then again, the techique wasn't quite that fast and was quite obvious. So she would have plenty of time to dodge. To be honest, it was a foolish move to use this jutsu against when she wasn't immobilized or distracted. Looks like the victor is going to be Ellen. He stumbles forward, following his fireballs to see what damage they have caused in their wake. He had hoped she would narrowly be able to dodge one, so she would take damage although not the full damage. The answer comes soon enough as he sees her athletic figure agile dodge one, but get hit by the following one. He flinches as it bites into her, relaxs a little when he sees it disperse partially, and sighs when the flames sear her. Seeing her lying on the ground he runs up too her, "Gomensai, I got ahead of myself there." He sits down on the ground next to her, "I'm a little suprised that I got you with that." he says, looking over at her. "Aiy what am I doing? I'll be right back," he says, getting up and running off back towards the clearing. Once he reaches it he heads for the set of trees that he had hung his belt on. Grapping the belt from where he hand placed it, he makes his way back to Ellen. Putting it on as he goes, he finishs fastening it just as he reaches Ellen again. "Here," he says, pulling out a small summoning scroll. He summons a large box of medical supplies and goes right for the burn kit. He hands her a jar of cream, "Rub this on your burns. I'm glad you can disrupt chakra like that, is that why you can't learn ninja techniques?"

It isn't your fault. I got... careless, - she replied, sitting up and accepting the cream from Alhambra. She winces a bit from the pain as she rubbed the ointment Alhambra gave her on her legs. Ow. I'm gonna look like a half-baked mummy later, - she couldn't resist inserting a pun into the complaint about getting burned, - But I'm glad I decided to wear the full attire today, or otherwise, I'd really have to get bandaged all over. As she said that, she had the Symbiote mass that made her bracers and greaves disappear, revealing healthy skin. It was still hot from the heated clothes, up at least those areas weren't going to get burns later. Ow, ow, ow, - she kept whining as she proceeded to apply the medicine to her body, - I should have been more careful. I just hope these won't leave marks for long. I am sensitive about my looks, you know. She smiled weakly as she said the last part, about done with the burn cream. She finished by applying a little to her face, which suffered much less than open areas on her body though. She seemed like she was about to joke, but then fell on her back again and sighed. Ugh, who am I kidding. I screwed up and feel like an idiot, I'm hurting all over and I'm likely going to look hideous for weeks because of the burns. Stupid, stupid, stupid, - she hit herself on the head for each time she said "stupid" and then covered her face with her hands.

Alhambra chuckles at her little joke, but then thinks maybe he should not have. She really did seem to care a lot about her appearance. Not that he didn't enjoy her appearance, or didn't care about his own, he thought that she cared more for it then she should. But then again she was a female and not shinobi, so such things probally weren't as frivalous to her. Still, seemed like she was too sensitive about it. He looks down at her after she makes her last statement, "Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes. I should've been more observant when you used your own series of projectiles. Think about it, at least we weren't in a real fight. The point of the training session was to get better right? Well improving our ability to react to combat situations goes along with that. Don't be so down it's really no big deal. You're not stupid, try to relax. It may look bad, but i'd hardly call these burns hideous." Alhambra feels even worst now, it was his fault for using a fire jutsu like that anyways. He looks up towards the sun, putting his hand in front of himself to block it's harmful rays. "At any rate, maybe we should head home?"

Ellen sighed when Alhambra tried to comfort her, unsuccessfully. I thought you had some medical knowledge? Burns don't instantly "develop" fully. At first, it's just reddened skin, but if they're serious, they are bound to involve blisters and shedding of skin. I may look alright now, but... ugh, I don't even want to imagine it. Still covering her face, she began to cry silently, but tears easily slipped from below her hands and down her face. I'm sorry. I ended up just burdening you. After getting in the way of your training, all I could do was get hurt and now I'm making you nurture me back to health. I'm so useless, - she said as she rolled over to her side and hid her face in his lap, continuing to cry quietly. Whatever happened, she just didn't want him to leave her.

"I'm quit aware... I was just trying to cheer you up..." Alhambra says quietly, looking off into the distance so he wouldn't have to look directly at her. He wondered what else could be going through her mind. The cream was pretty good so she shouldn't be in that much pain at all. She was in no rush to be going anywhere, so he just relaxes. He lays back just as she places her head on his lap. "You aren't a burden," he says caressing the back of her neck with his right hand. Though he says this, he couldn't help but wonder if she was right. I mean, her interupting me those times isn't that big of a deal. Though her personality was bothersome at times it wasn't a burden either. My only major problem was her transformation issues, that she's still hiding something about them supposively, and I can't do anything about it. He looks down at her, "I'm not your boyfriend because I wanted some kickass kunoichi that could stay with me step for step. I actually imagined myself with a somewhat quiet girl that wasn't much of a fighter." he pauses for a minute, as if he had to stop and gauge his own words. "Don't get me wrong though. You're excellent girlfriend, and believe it or not a good fighter. Let me protect you, it's my job as your boyfriend." He continues to caress her head, "Besides, there's plenty of time for training. I've also thought about a more reasonable way to get what I need to correct my chakra problems. It doesn't involve anything drastic like death. Don't be concerned about me having to take care of you. You didn't force me to do anything, I choose too. Besides, you should know that practicing medicine is my past time."

I know that, - she said quietly, no longer crying - she stopped when Alhambra's hand touched her neck for the first time - and sighed lightly, - But I want to be able to help you with whatever you're doing. So far, I've been just getting in your way, being selfish and only thinking of myself. As much as I hate being a burden, being a hypocrite is even worse, but I ended up being both. Ellen lied for a few seconds without moving, simply enjoying his touch, when an idea came to her mind. I... uh... be right back, - she said, quickly getting up and running off toward the treeline, shouting back before she disappeared among them, - Don't follow me! I'll be back in a few minutes! Probably just above five minutes had passed before Ellen returned to the clearing where Alhambra was supposedly waiting for her. She looked different from before: she was wearing a simple red dress, her hair was held up in the back by a few pins and, also quite noticeably, her burns seemed to be gone, at least partially, not that they were quite as noticeable on her skin to begin with. The only thing that wasn't much different, were her sandals, but they also seemed to change color to match the dress. She smiled mysteriously as she walked towards her boyfriend. As her eyes found Alhambra, she blushs for no apparent reason. On the up side, her flushed skin looked more like it used to when it was suffering from stronger burns. She swallowed heavily, looking away from Alhambra as she tried to come up with something to say and break the silence, which was all the more awkward because she changed and seemed to be better all of a sudden.

Alhambra nods with understanding, "You can still be useful though. There are missions that don't require fighting. Also things you can do in the village." he explains, hoping to make her feel at least a little better. "Eh? Okay..." he replies as she get up and runs off. Normally in this situation he would get up and stretch a bit, but he was still recovering from the fight. He stretchs out on the ground. Now that he thought about it, the damage he recieved was rather small considering how extreme shinobi battle could get. I should quit being such a baby. Then again, I know I wasn't going to die. Hence, my will to survive wasn't being push to it's limits. Wonder where she went anyways? I'll find out soon enough if it's important. He says, looking towards the direction she went in. His wait wasn't too long either, as she came out of the trees looking somewhat better and dressed differently. Perhaps it was him but it seems as if she was going to speak, but suddently looks away. He sits up and looks at her. "What's wrong Ellen? Are you wanting to go home?" he says, not seeming to be too suprised about her transformation. He had gotten used to the fact that she had unusual transformation abilities, even she couldn't do what she used to be able to do. Though the dress was a simple one, he couldn't help but to think about how attractive she looked in it. He stands up slowly, then walks towards her. "Stop being so hard on yourself. You're not a bad person, everyone has their talents. Just do what you can do, that will be enough."

I'm uh... not so sure, - she said, taking a quick look around and finding nobody, naturally. Earlier, she would really want to go home, because of being hurt, but now that she was feeling much better, she didn't really want to. As Alhambra came closer, she swallowed another lump in her throat as a certain glint appeared in her eyes. Something seems to be bothering her, but she bites her lip slightly. Yeah, let's head towards home. How about we walk around the village a bit on our way there? Though you should change into something better looking first, - she said with a smile, thinking that it would be very convenient if Alhambra also had something like what she did. No sooner than she finished that thought, all of the clothes she was wearing, including the pins in her hair, suddenly turned into a black mass, the true appearance of the Symbiote, and slithered over to him, quickly getting absorbed into his skin. It happened in two or three seconds, before Ellen could seriously realize what was going on and certainly not realizing how to stop it. Her natural reaction, however, was commendable: she pushed Alhambra a bit and quickly turned one eighty degrees. What the! I wasn't thinking of that now! - she complained, being completely unaware that she just graced her boyfriend with a second generation Symbiote or that she could even do something like that. To top it off, her clothes wouldn't reform, the black mass that was supposed to make them was just lazily sipping out through her skin. It was going to take over a minute at this rate for her to at least make some underwear. In the meantime, Alhambra is confused about what happened , but the event didn't seem to have any immediate consequences for him. The Symbiote invading his body didn't have any specific feel to it, and it wasn't going to later either. It would respond to his mental commands or wishes to the best of its ability, but that would be after at least the several minutes it would take to adjust itself. "What's this?" asks, keeping rather calm despite what had just happened.
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Genjutsu Binding
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Alhambra sat alone on the stone wall that surrounded the graveyard of the Regular compound. It was the time of day when no one was around doing anything. So Alhambra could only sit and think of mindless things to occupy his time. Though he had some trouble distracting himself long enough to make any sort of dent in the rest of the long day. I guess I could simply go out to train instead of sit around here. Though, I have no idea what i could train on. Using my Jutsu’s would simply drain before I can get a real exercise in since I had battled with that Radek. Alhambra sighed and lied down on the wall.

As he did this someone opened the door to one of the Regular houses, Alhambra didn't get up to look for he already knew which one it was and who was now out with him. He heard his Uncles footsteps move down the stone pathway that cut through the garden, then made a large arc on the gravel path leading to the Gate where Alhambra was only a few yards from, now pretending to be asleep. Though his Uncle didn't seem to be fooled by his ploy, and instead he continued to make his way to Alhambra with precise and resolute steps that crunched the small gravel beneath them like glass breaking when hitting the ground.

" Alhambra are you really going to sit there all day? Don't you have things to do?" Alhambra listened to the low gruff that was his Uncles voice. Now matter how long he happened to listen to it, he couldn't help but remember his father when he heard him speak. Alhambra lifted one eye lid to peer down at his uncle's face. it was stern, and perfectly angled despite having three scars running crisscross along the side of his forehead. His dark eyes looked back into Alhambra's seeming to cut long holes into his skull as he looked.

Alhambra looked up into the sky in order to get away from his Uncle's stone gaze. He sighed knowing that his uncles was right, he shouldn't be just sitting around doing nothing. He was raised better then that. He should be out trying to make something of himself, trying to make himself stronger despite not truly having neither the enthusiasm or the energy for it. that was no excuse to be explicitly lazy though.He continued to peer at the blank blew sky for a few more seconds before he finally looked back to his uncle.

To Alhambra's surprise his uncle seemed like he had not moved a single breathes distance at all. His eyes fell exactly back into the same spot on his own, digging deeper into him making an almost permanent impression on his soul. " You are right uncle, I should be doing something of myself and not just lying around. Though to be honest I am not sure what to do. I know nothing to train for at the moment." Alhambra frowned as he said the words. for he had never told his uncle, nor his aunt, or anyone else for that matter, that he had been able to unlock the first stage of his jutsu’s. He felt that such training and discovery would be more rewarding if he developed it on his own.

His uncle scratched his chin, thinking of what to do with Alhambra no doubt. he looked Alhambra over a few times as he did so. On the second pass his eyes stopped at Alhambra's middle, drifting off to his right for a second. His Uncles onyx eyes narrowed and shot back up to Alhambra's face. His uncle had a seriously angered look on his face at that second. Is that a crack in your swords scabbard Alhambra? What is the matter with you, walking around with such damage done to your weapons. Get that fixed, that is what you should be doing with your time. "

Alhambra looked at the scabbard that held his sword Spirit, looking at the long crack curving up from the base and then branching off into two smaller cracks near its middle. Alhambra traced the cracks with his finger, noting the damage with a brush along it's length. In a swift flash the memory of his battle with the Radek came back to him. How he had smashed the hilt of his sword into the knuckles of the Radek and then blocked the claw of his dog with his scabbard. the force creating the crack in the stained wood that his uncle had pointed out to him now.

Alhambra had planned on getting it fixed right away, but he must have forgotten to do so and was now getting scolded for it. " This happened earlier today uncle, when i was in battle with an Radek. I had planned to repair it soon after, but it must have slipped my mind." Alhambra tapped the wood to check if was still sturdy even with the crack. it held, meaning that the fix could be done and he would not be needing to buy a whole new scabbard for his blade. for this he was pleased, but it did not alleviate the sadness from the damage that was still done.

His uncle smacked him in the head with his hand and Alhambra flinched from the hit. He was not expecting the hit and was caught off guard.' Well that is to knock the fact it needs repair back into you Alhambra. Now head off to the Regular blacksmith and get it fixed. NOW!" His uncles tried to sweep in with his other hand to give him another knock but Alhambra quickly ducked underneath it this time. He a sly smile his jumped onto the wall and stepped off landing on the other side. Getting away from his uncle, his stone hard gaze, and fiery hands of pain.

The Regular blacksmith was off near the center of the village, placing himself and his shop in the bulk of business to increase profit. A smart choice, but it meant a walk for Alhambra. He started off down the street, glancing back at the Regular compound to see his Uncle standing outside the gate still watching him. Making sure that he followed his orders Alhambra suspected. Alhambra saw him shake his head then scrub his hands on the cloth he had in his pocket, getting the dust and dirt, which Alhambra had now been smacked with, off his skin then turning and walking back towards his house.

Alhambra walked down the streets rather quickly, wanting to get this task over with before nightfall. He moved past common people with a blur glimpsing the random shopper and even a few shinobi going about their business. He noticed a familiar looking Radek walking into a ramen shop as he sped past, noting where it was so he could perhaps came back later. Alhambra looked ahead in time to see a shop sign headed for him as he was in mid jump. He instinctively put his hands up to guard his face. Though at the last second he put his foot out to catch on the corner of the stalls counter that stuck out a foot or so from its frame.

' oh Shit Alhambra thinks to himself, looking face on at the sign in front of him. He pulled with his foot as his moved, causing him to do a partial back flip in the air. His face fell under the sign just as he was about to hit it. Alhambra flipped upside down and then pushed off the sign with his hand to land roughly on his feet, completing his crude back flip. The stall owner looked at him surprise and Alhambra simply made a sigh of relief before heading off again. Though of course now being more cautious and aware of his surroundings, not wanting to be made into a fool as he hits an awning.

Alhambra makes his way around a corner stopping in front of a large shop with a small garden out front. A sign stuck out from the building, an anvil being struck by a hammer with the jutsu’s set into the metal could be seen on its side. The Word's "Regular Smithing" printed of the top. Alhambra stepped into the shop a bell ringing as he opened the door. the first part of the shop looked like a normal store. Rows and aisles or merchandise covered the room. Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon, Ground Spikes, Swords, and more layed neatly on the wooden shelves. Alhambra moved past them slowly. Running his fingers along the smooth metal as he passed.

A well Built man came around from the back of the shop where the Furnace, cooling tanks and the rest of the "Smithery Hell Hole" as Alhambra liked to call it, was hidden. The man looked about to be in his high thirties and had a large smile on his face, laughing wrinkles around his eyes. The man brushed his hands on the apron he was wearing, black smears showing up to sit with many others that covered the brown leather. " Now Alhambra, what brings you here today? Those swords holding up are they? Now I know they didn't break so tell what do you need?" Kanaru was one of the few Regular that did not have a serious ego problem in the Regular clan. In fact, He was known to be one of the most friendly Regular in the village. His profession was not by choice though, Even though he was able to activate his Jutsu’s at the age of ten. Kanaru was the worst Shinobi the Regular clan could have made. Though his skill with blades and metal was beyond any they could imagine as well.

Alhambra smiled and laughed as he watched Kanaru almost drop a Kunai that he was polishing. " No, no Kanaru, you swords have not faltered one bit. I can assure you that. Though..' Alhambra unstrapped his blade and set on the counter in front of him. Putting it crack side up so Kanaru could see it. Kanaru's eyes widened as he peered at the blade, then he frowned when he seemed to see the crack in the cherry wood Scabbard. " Well as you can see, wood doesn't seem to hold up as well as your greatly crafted metal. Do you think you can fix this?"

Kanaru looked it over, turning hand over hand and running his fingers along the crack just as Alhambra had done before while he was talking to his uncle. After a few quite seconds Kanaru sighed then put the blade back down on the counter. ' Well Alhambra, I am not sure. I am no wood expert. I do metal, but this is different. Though I am quite sure that my assistant can do it. He is much more skilled in this sort then I am. he can have this done in a manner of minutes. Hey Tsudaite, come here for a sec." Kanaru called into the back. There was a rustle then a figure appeared rounding the doorway.

' Yeah Kanaru what is it?' Tsudaite was younger than Kanaru by a good ten years, maybe more, making him almost twenty-three give or take a year. he was wearing the same leather apron as Kanaru though his face was nicely angled like Alhambra's uncle. His eyes did not bare the same wrinkles as Kanaru, though one could tell that he had made his fair share of laughs none-the-less. He was cleaning off his hands with a rag, its color a deep brown and black mix from the off white that it used to be. Unlike Kanaru's his apron was still stain free, and well kept. he slipped the rag into the pocket of his apron and stepped forward.

' Take a look at this, you think you can fix it up or what?" Tsudaite lifted Spirit from the counter and just like Kanaru looked it over. he let out a whistle then tucked it gently under his arm. " You mean a little scratch like this? Yeah no problem. Ill have better then new in five minutes. Be right back." Tsudaite disappeared into the back and Alhambra could here a machine starting up. Kanaru leaned on the counter and sighed.

So then Alhambra, how have you been lately/ Learn any new tricks yet? How goes that Jutsu’s, any break way? Kanraru smiled at him showing his teeth, and one missing gap next to his upper left canine. Story goes that Kanaru lost that tooth many a year ago during his attempt at being a shinobi. Alhambra had asked him about it many times, and every time he asked, he always got a different answer. A badly thrown Kunai, a badly placed rope escape trial gone wrong, and his personal favorite, the highly moody shinobi girl he once tried to hit on. After awhile Alhambra simply stopped asking knowing he wasn't going to be getting the truth anytime soon.

' Not really my friend. Just the same old same old. And the jutsu’s seems to be harder and harder to try and grasp. How did you do it Kanaru? really you must have some hints to share." Alhambra gave him a slug on the arm, and Kanaru smiled again, then let out a hefty laugh. He dropped the kunai he was polishing again and quickly scooped it up, hitting his head on the counter as straightened up again. Alhambra laughed and Kanaru gave him a punch to the arm in return. Which made Alhambra fall back a step and rub his arm. Even being a shinobi he wasn't ready for a hit from a large solid metal swinging blacksmith.

' Not really Alhambra, it is always different for everyone. You will simply have to keep trying. You never know until it happens. Trust me on that one, when you know, you know." Alhambra nodded and then sighed. Looking around the shop, focusing on the items on the wall behind the counter where Kanaru kept most of his requested works for pick-ups. A bit of fabric caught his for some reason and Alhambra peered at it.

' Hey Kanaru, what is that? Alhambra pointed at the object he saw sitting on a small shelf on the far right. Kanaru looked up to see what he was pointing at and then smiled. He reached up and took the cloth from the shelf putting it on the counter in front of Alhambra. ' these Alhambra, are very special bags. here let me show you. Kanaru dropped the kunai he polished into one f the bags,. Then quickly he opened it, showing Alhambra its contents. Alhambra was shocked to see that it was empty, the kunai gone. Then Kanaru picked a shuriken from behind the counter and dropped it in the bag. Again he opened it and showed it Alhambra, and again nothing was inside. Kanaru repeated the process with a senbon and this time when he opened it the Kunai was in it's place. Snapping it shut Kanaru ,smiled and then opened the bag revealing the Senbon again.

He repeated the action many times every time showing a different item. The kunai, the Senbon, the Shuirken, senbon, kunai, senbon, shuriken, senbon. Alhambra smiled then looked at Kanaru awe stuck on his face." How do you do that?" Kanaru simply took the items out of the bag one by one then set everything down on the counter. He leaned forward and looked Alhambra in the eye then quickly he winked, changing his black eye into Crimson. ' Want me to show you? He said, smiling his missing tooth grin at Alhambra.
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Hiding with Camouflage Technique

White puffs of fluff in the form of clouds littered the skies. It was quite plentiful today. The fact that it is everywhere meant it was overcast. The perfect weather. The town was filled with bustling activity and what have you. It was in Amegakure. Now what would a person of Alhambra’s interests be doing there? Who knows? Alhambra is a drifter, forever lost, forever cast adrift as he wanders the areas, wanting to try out something he theorized. The city with the populace was the perfect spot, not being noticed at all as he would practice on a passerby. It was to do or die, at least in Alhambra’s book as he began to put in his effort into the jutsu. First target was the old lady, to immobilize a slow moving target. It was just for practice before he moves on, given that Genjutsu types like him need live targets to practice on, so to improve the skills. Hand signs, fingers interlocked, hand performed several gestures, at least 3 in order to cause this. He was a little but raw on this, but nonetheless succeeded. The old lady was immobilized in place without moving, causing her to be startled. Now to move on to the next target, a faster moving man who seems to be in a hurry. He was wearing a business suit, hair was worn and he had a wrinkly posterior, meaning he was well into his 40’s. Perfect opportunity given the rush hour. Performing the same handsigns, but with the exception of one, he managed to stop the man at two, much to his bafflement, before releasing. He ran off. Now to move on to the next target. A target he can learn from rather well. The perfect target to which his newly attained skill could be stretched. Amegakure must have some people like that. Thinking, Alhambra hit the jackpot as he found out what to do; get a group of people to stop with the jutsu, the Genjutsu bind. Finding the largest crowd, Alhambra targets a group of telemarketers, making several hand signs discreetly before stopping the entire people on their tracks. Everyone was shocked as they couldn’t move at all, not even their arms. Alhambra, deciding better to let them be well off into their ways, releases them from their prison, supposed prison that is. It was best off he leaves now as he has learnt the Jutsu and best be putting them into practice.
That day, Alhambra left the spot.
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Kuchiyose Edo Tensei
Chidori Senbon
Lightning Cutter

Sitting in one of the slightly uncomfortable chairs before the desk of the Otokage and twiddling his thumbs while waiting to leave for their mission, his adrenalin started to subside when Naru stood up and walked over to the closet off to the right of his desk and opened it. After digging through the closet for a minute he emerged with a box covered in some fancily engraved symbols, taking the box he set it down on his desk before he addressed Alhambra "Well Alhambra I have something for you, it's an ancient scroll that has been used since the creation of this village to protect it's people and is to be used with this villages best interests in mind" he said as he removed the scroll from the box and handed it to Alhambra.

"That scroll is used to summon one of this villages ancient guardians known as the Sound Five, they've been hidden away from use for fear of their strength. But since these are becoming dangerous times I've decided to bring them out of retirement so to speak." Alhambra opened the scroll and took a minute to look it over before looking up and asking Naru about it "so how does it work?" he asked setting the scroll on the desk and unrolling it. Naru stepped over to Alhambra's side of the desk before he began his explanation "The first thing that you must do is add yourself to the contract, to do this you must imprint your fingerprints in blood in one of the open spaces and then also in blood sign your name under the finger prints, it's just that simple."

Picking one of the open spaces on the contract Alhambra bit the tip of his thumb and winced as he drew blood, than after tapping the rest of his fingers against the fresh blood he pressed the tips of his fingers onto the contract. After leaving his fingerprints on the contract he signed his name while the blood was still fresh, looking over his name to make sure he had signed correctly he looked over towards Naru "ok so now that that's done what's next?" Naru rolled the scroll back up and sealed it again before handing it back to Alhambra "now you can summon the guardian, the hand seals for summoning the guardian are as follows: Pig, Dragon, Rooster, Horse, Sheep."

Taking the scroll back from Naru "I have to thank you for entrusting this to me, I'll try my best not to let you down, now I just have to go practice" he said as he turned and walked out of the Kage's office and stopped at the door looking over his shoulder "I'll make sure to be back in time for the mission" he said turning the corner and walked out of the palace before shunshining outside of the village in a swirl of water. Re-appearing outside of the village gates Alhambra looked around to make sure that his training wouldn't interrupt or endanger anybody else before running trough the hand seals as practice "ok the signs for the summoning jutsu were Pig....Dragon....Rooster....Horse....Sheep" he said out load as he performed each one slowly.

"Ok now to try the real thing" Alhambra said talking out load to himself, biting into the tip of the thumb on his right hand he smeared the blood drawn from it across his left palm before performing the hand seals "I, Tatsu, Tori, Uma, Hitsuji" he thought while raising his chakra, once he had finished the sequence he slammed his left hand onto the ground. To his surprise nothing happened ok well the seal sequence was right which means that I must not have put enough chakra into it he thought as he bit his thumb again for his second attempt at the summoning.

"Just concentrate and make sure to gather more chakra this time around....hmmm.....about thirty percent more should do it" he said as he smeared more blood across his left palm before running through the hand seals for a second time. "Come on Alhambra it's not that difficult just concentrate" he told him self after raising his chakra up and holding it at a level he thought would be sufficient he slammed his left hand back onto the ground, seeing the seal form this time it extended out but proved unstable and began to retreat "come on just a little bit more, I can do this" but the seal was too unstable and reseaded before Alhambra dropped his chakra level again, standing back up Alhambra took a deep breath to calm himself down before his next attempt.

Drawing some more blood from the tip of his thumb and striking it across his palm Alhambra once more worked his way through the five hand seals but this time his thoughts were more focused towards the amount of chakra he needed to successfully perform the summoning and making sure that he had raised that amount and hold it in time, finishing the sequence he slammed his hand onto the ground once again and watched the seal protrude out from his palm "almost there, just hold it a little longer" as he told himself this the seal under his hand erupted into a cloud of smoke so suddenly that it took him a little by surprise and he stumbled back and gazed in amazement at the creature that peeked out through the clearing smoke.

"So are you the one who has summoned me to this place" the Guardian said looking down at Alhambra who was still sitting after stumbling backwards and stunned by the entity that stood before him. After staring for a second Alhambra snapped him self out of it and stood back up brushing the sand off before addressing the Guardian "please excuse my rudeness, my name is Alhambra Itichi and yes I am the shinobi who has summoned you, I was chosen by the current Otokage to be the new holder of your contract." The Guardian took a few steps towards Alhambra and seemed to be sizing him up before he spoke again "Well it's good to meet you young one, it's been awhile since the contract I made with the Otokage has been in use, things must be troubling the residence of my desert for be to be brought back like this. Explain what troubling events would cause the Kage to approve the use of my contract after so long."

Having to crane his neck up pretty far in order to look into the Guardian in the eyes Alhambra made sure to speak in a clear voice for fear of upsetting him "There is talk of war brewing among the great shinobi villages in a time where the strength of the shinobi is at it peak and every village must call on it's entire strength to prevail." The Guardian broke his gaze at Alhambra with the mention of war and turned his head to look out over the desert to his right and it seemed to Alhambra that he was thinking of or recalling an old memory but he didn't have much time to be caught up in it as he turned his head and his gaze back towards Alhambra "well young one it seems that there are going to be some interesting days ahead of the two of us, may we support each other in battle and strive to uphold that which resides within this great land."

Alhambra felt a smile come over his face as he looked upon the gargantuan Guardian and nodded in approval of his last statement "I look forward to a time when we will stand side by side on the battle field and I thank you for giving me your approval, I'm truly honored." Alhambra stated as he gave a small bow to the Guardian who said his goodbyes "the Otokage chose the new holder of my contract well, until the next time we meet young one." The giant said as he disappeared in an explosion of smoke not unlike the one that brought him to this place leaving Alhambra standing alone in the desert out side the village.
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Hidden mist technique
Earth Release: Underground Projection fish technique
Earth Release: Underground Submarine voyage
Earth Element Mastery

Alhambra was in particular, in an area that lacked water; Sunagakure. It was his early days where he used to be a Jounin-level ANBU, where he was still loyal to Sungakure, to the Kage. In particular, he had to learn to draw the water upon the little moisture, and especially from the clouds above to compensate for the lack of liquid. Apparently it’d be best to learn this technique early were he to ever wish to make it rather hard for the opponent to fight him, and quite easy for him to fight against the opponent. At least to a small degree, the visibility of the fog shouldn’t be too thick. That the case, he begins to concentrate. First, the fog was thin. Thin enough to see through it, but simply too hazy to see the other side that spans for miles. Then, he begins to thicken it until it was obscure to a point fog was the only thing that could be seen. Perfect. Remembering his teachings very well, due to the fact the element of water isn’t his forté and neither were he the type, a D-ranked jutsu such as this could be used well under the right hand; his.

Now to move on to the next set of moves, that of a move that’ll make his approach the more the stealthier. Deciding to move out of the sandy foundation of his training area, he moved right into the village, where the ground is more solid, more stable where he can practice the jutsu rather well. The area where he is at is at a dead-end alleyway where few spying eyes might catch glimpse of him. Now to work his magic in a rather amusing fashion. At first, only his feet has sunken through the ground, to up the notch, he tries to concentrate more and more, until his entire body has sunken underground, not disrupting the earth itself. Now to get back up, he simply did the reverse of the Chakra concentration and ejected out. Deciding to do this for several times throughout the hour, it was done until he was adept with it. Nonetheless he wasn’t satisfied, sinking underground and rising is too little of a technique, too meager. He needs to learn how to do more than just that.

At first, he sunk his ground once again, like he did before, but then, his weight shifted forward as he moved slightly. An improvement. He wanted more though, to move at a much faster pace, to which he increased speed, moving much faster than before, but still slow in retrospect. Still unsatisfied, he sped up more and more, aware of his surroundings as all ninjas are required to be, until he stopped at this one lingerie store for young females. Now for a little “stealth” mission to which his skill would be tested. Cackling silently to himself, Alhambra scours slowly to the changing room where he spotted himself a rather attractive blonde with his eye peeking subtly through the ground. Rapid yet silently he goes to the changing room where she was at, catching the pink panty glory, and to be soon enough, her intimate regions rather avidly, and much to his delight. Though she was going to look down when pulling up her new set of panties, to which he disappears off underground. In all his glory, having learnt three sets of jutsus he wanted to test out, and going through a little bit of voyeuristic hobby of his.
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Fire Release: Mist Covering Technique
Water Release: Underwater Motion Technique
Clone Great Explosion
Earth Release: Earth Spear
Body Flicker
Wind Release Pressure Damage

Alhambra jumped on to a high branch in the trees of the dense forest area before him. he was in a hurry, he had to move quickly in order to catch up. He couldn't loose him, he had to keep moving. If he got away, who knew how long it would be until he got to another chance. The branch under his feet broke from Alhambra's weight when he landed on it. A resounding crack was heard and Alhambra felt himself start to fall to the ground forty feet below. If he was able to still see then he was sure that his life would flash before his eyes. But all he knew was a a great feeling of dread that surrounded him. a tearing pain seemed to fill his heart and mind. Even though he did not hit the ground yet, he felt the agonizing drain of torn flesh and broken bone in his body. Though the pain was not physical, it was something else. A tearing emotional pain from within.

This fall was maybe the worst thing to happen to him in his life. He was so close this time. He knew the he was near, he knew his smell, the sound of his voice. The slow, so slow beat of his heart. He was only training in the forest when it happened. Working on a jutsu after his mission was pulled suddenly. The wind was his guide at that time, showing him where his targets were as the animals of the forest started to move around. Knocking them out of the air, trees and ground. it was easier than he thought it would be. But he never thought that he was going to come across someone who would change his forever, yet again. he noticed the beating of his heart first. The slow rhythmic beat that could only be mean Ookami. He had heard it so many times in his childhood. Just sitting around the corner playing by himself with a toy he made himself. that heart beat meant danger, it meant hatred. He knew to quickly move when that met his ears. Though now as he was falling it amused he to think this time he was running away from him this time.

Then the wind brought a smell over to him once he noticed the slow heart. the smell of flowers and rain. then the musty, sweaty smell of fur and bad hygiene. If any bear had smelled that they of course would have that it was the sell of a normal bear. A normal brutish and slow monster. But of course the hear beat Alhambra heard meant otherwise. And the was something else as ell. the tiny hint of human mixed with the sweaty fur of the grizzly. So it came to think someone was standing next to the grizzly bear? they were eaten by the grizzly bear, something of that sort yes? But once Alhambra seemed to be the only one to know the truth of these hidden messages. the smell of was gone from his person now. In the chase it seemed to disappear, and as Alhambra continued his slow fall to the ground he thought of the words that he had heard as well. The meaning they might have had...

"Good luck Alhambra, I do hope you achieve your goal someday" They were simply a whisper at most. As if he was speaking to himself. though Alhambra heard it, he heard almost everything. And when he made that whisper he should have known Alhambra would have heard it. But of course he could have forgotten that part of Alhambra after all this time. Or perhaps he wanted himself to be heard. Perhaps the whisper was a chance he was taking, maybe he wanted to have Alhambra follow. Just maybe... either way Alhambra had heard it. the evidence was over whelming and Alhambra turned towards the direction he knew him to be. Though, the was no more sign of him around, no smell, no heart-... but wait. Yes Alhambra could still hear it. the slow heartbeat he knew so well. Moving off in the distance.

Could Alhambra just let it go? Could he simply let him go, let this chance fly by. Alhambra had no sign of his return for almost 3 years now. How long would it be until that chance came back to him. what where the chances that he would by alive then anyway. He had to be at least twenty by now. How much longer did he have? Alhambra knew the cost of the clan, he had maybe four more years, five? No Alhambra couldn't let him go now. Otherwise he wouldn't get another try. he wouldn't get to him again. that heartbeat would never be heard again. " Alhambra, no, you know what happened last time. You haven't grown very much since then. You are not yet used to this new power. Your not ready." it was strange, Ailan seemed to be the voice of reason for once. Usually it was him who wanted to jump into conflict and start battles. But Alhambra shook his head, he couldn't let go. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't let go. He had to chase him down....

Alhambra let hi arms out as he fell, the wind rushing past his body and through his hair. Really, he felt free from everything in the moments that were just before his death. The wind swirled around him easily and he felt his jacket rub against his body. He let himself fall to the ground, content with the way he lived his life. he accepted really, and that almost surprised him. He always thought he would try to find a way to cheat death, to end the limited time he had in the world. So as he readied himself for it all to end. He was surprised he was enjoying the fact he didn't have to worry anymore. That he could die... without regret.

A loud crash could be heard echo through the tees. Birds took off as they were startled by the noise. Alhambra coughed up a spray of blood, crimson fluid leaked from his chest as a rib showed through the skin and clothing. True physical pain finally erupted from his body. Searing agony burned along his chest and arm. He felt warmth take over his torso as blood began to pour from his wound. he sucked in a breath as it seemed that even breathing hurt do. He was sure that is he could see this is the time that things would get blurry and start to fade. Though such things were not there to distract him as others had. he could only focus on the pain that pulsed through him. Each second another torch seemed to be set upon his bare skin as the pain got worse. he took shallow breathes after the coming seconds, waiting for it all to end. Though it seemed that it never would.

It just got worse, and he almost began to beg for it all to end. He was used to pain yes, but he had hoped for it to be quick, this wasn't what he wanted. Yet sure enough, Alhambra began too feel cold and numb. Sleep seemed to slowly over take him, he felt as if his body was rising up, being taken away to his resting place. He must have died now, for the pain was gone, he was floating, floating in a dark abyss. peace flooded him and he let it take him. He slowly slipped from consciousness...
Alhambra standing in the middle of a small clearing. he was only about nine years old at the time. Ailan stood next to him, being fully grown the wolf was even a few inches higher than Alhambra himself. Though because of this Alhambra could often ride along Ailan's back. But he did not really have time for such things now. The wind kicked up, sending Alhambra's hair in a fury as he stood waiting for movement in front of him. he stood with a kunai in hand, knees bent and poised for action. His piercing green eyes where focused intently on the figure in front of him. The person let out a sigh and straightened up. They were tall, and had on large black robes. Their reached down to the small of their back. A wakizashi sword held in hand, which was pointed towards Alhambra. The wind sent the man's hair out in front of him, making it impossible to really see his face. Though the way he held himself showed that he was a man of awesome power and skills. Someone that a simple nine year old kid could have to hopes of winning against in a battle. though Alhambra knew that he would have to try. otherwise he was sure this man would find no regret in killing him. If he just let himself be destroyed, then no mercy would be shown, but perhaps, if he was to fight back. If he tried as hard as he could, life would be given that day.

Only utter silence filled the area. the wind made even no noise as if passed through the clearing. Leaving no audible sound in which could give away either Alhambra's or the man's intentions. All movement except the flow of hair and leaves from the wind stopped. If an onlooker came across the scene on would think that they were statues set for a memory of a long battle. They seemed to stay that way for some time, even Ailan being immobile during the duration of the silence. It seemed to drag on for eternity until suddenly, a lone raven broke through the trees and flew off into the sky. at the sound the man suddenly sprung into action making a quick slash at Alhambra's shoulder.

Alhambra was barely able to move in time to block the attack, putting his kunai in front of the sword, a loud clang echoed through the trees. Though the force of the hit knocked Alhambra backward. He stepped out behind him and caught himself on his right foot before he fell. Alhambra grunted and shook his arm as he felt a jolt of pain go through it. The attack was strong one, Alhambra thought that perhaps he ripped a muscle in his shoulder blocking the blow. He looked and found that the man was already upon him, laying down another strike with his sword. Alhambra moved faster this time, adrenaline now in his veins. he slapped always the blade with his kunai, though before he could counter attack the man twisted his blade and attempted an upward slash from the other side. Alhambra chopped down with his kunai again and stopped the man's attempt. Alhambra jumped away from him, getting some distance. Once he was able to get away another, more powerful wave of pain thought down his shoulder and arm. He barely was able to lift his arm now. The trikes that Alhambra kept blocking had so much power behind them that it strained his arm to take the hit. he shook it out, but the pain only increased when he did so.

Alhambra looked back up to the man now, he could see dark green eyes looking into his own. he seemed to be locked suddenly in the gaze. Being unable to move, a chill ran down his spine. each of his muscles started to twitch as fear started to creep into his mind. " You are weak Alhambra, just give up now, why continue to fight it?' The man began to circle Alhambra, taking slow lengthy steps in a clockwise motion. Alhambra started to move the opposite way.." Why wouldn't I fight? Should I simply try to take death wholeheartedly?I won't take death curled into a ball on the ground like a bog." The man laughed at Alhambra's words then, it was a menacing laugh. Having a hint of stored power and energy in each tone. One could think of it as the laugh of death itself. Burning into Alhambra's body in a way that a red hot blade never could. Alhambra almost missed a step as he was circling as the laugh seemed to pierce into his mind. Alhambra stumbled slightly trying to gain his balance while he watched for the man in case he tried to make a move.

The man seemed to simply continue circling around Alhambra as he stumbled, moving at the same pace. Alhambra over stepped, getting himself to be back on balance. Though as he did so the wind picked up again, throwing his hair in front his face. Alhambra tried to brush it out of the way with his free hand. When he did the Man was already upon him again. He slashed out at him with lightning speed. Alhambra moved as quickly as he could being only just fast enough to bring his kunai between the sword the man held in his hand. Each strike caused Alhambra to almost loose the kunai as his hand was blasted backward with each block. Each time he was even almost knocked off balance, but he kept his ground. Alhambra blocked on last attack before he was finally sent crashing to the ground. He landed hard on his back and the air was knocked out of him. He looked up gasping for air at the figure above him. The man stood looking down at him, the un shining brightly behind him, making the lone silhouette have glowing yellow around him. The very angel of death towered over him.

" Don't you see Alhambra, you fight yes. But it is useless, in the end you would have been better off just accepting while laying on the floor like dog as you said. Because now you lay on the floor, you body weak, your emotions now taking hold. And the outcome was the same either way. " The man flipped his sword around and brought it high over his head. The blade pointed downward directly at Alhambra's chest. Alhambra's eyes starred open wide at the blade. It was a deep silver color, and soon, it seemed it would be covered in crimson. " if it comes down to it, if you know that death would be your only outcome. at least accept death like a man Alhambra. don't try to run away from it. it will do you no good" the man then started to bring the sword downward towards Alhambra. he closed his eyes in fear, not wanting to see his own death coming. He was only nine after all, he didn't expect that it would all end so suddenly.

Suddenly a mass of black fur crashed against the man that stood above Alhambra. he was knocked away and dropped his sword at Alhambra's feet. the man stumbled backward as he seemed to struggle to get the mass of fur and muscle away from his chest. As Ailan seemed to be clinging to the man's body. A bit of blood was dripping onto his teeth that were clenched between the mans shoulder and neck. Though the man brought a quick fist into Ailan's ribs and yelp escaped from his jaws. Ailan let go and dropped to the ground with a thud. the man clutched his shoulder and spat at the wolf on the floor. " Stupid animal. you fight the inevitable just as your master." the man stomped down on the wolf as he spoke. another yelp could be heard and Alhambra crawled to his feet. he looked at the man with blazing eyes, a silver colored Wakizashi in his hands. " Stop it, stop it now" The man looked at Alhambra, the nine year old boy that tried to hold his sword in his tiny hands. It shook savagely as Alhambra's tried to support the weight. the piercing laugh dug deep into Alhambra again. And he felt tread and fear creep into his very soul. ' very well boy, you shall take his punishment"

The man clapped his hands together and then straightened up his posture. Alhambra could see his mouth begin to bulge out a bit and finally he opened his mouth and the a large stream of fire erupted from his lips. the fire crashed towards Alhambra and all he was able to do was hold the sword up to the flames, blocking only a small portion of the flames. The rest was sent along his neck and face. Alhambra felt the fire lick at his nose and forehead. But most of all a terrible agony burst through him as he felt his eyes seem to be ripped out with a rusty fork. He dropped to his knees and the flames died down. Alhambra cried out in pain as he felt his the cornea of his eyes burn away like dried grass. Everything around him went blank and Alhambra could not see anything. though he didn't care in the least about that. He curled into a ball on the ground as pure agony took him over. He stayed their on the floor as he hoped that the pain would soon die out, but after thirty seconds of unbearable waves of heat washed over him that felt like eternity. The pain still did not die down. Alhambra can hear the man walk over to him and he stood before the boy on the ground. He reached down and picked up his sword, sheathing it in a furry of moment. The man looked down at him, piercing green eye unemotional as he watched Alhambra cried out in his own personal hell. " What are you doing? get up son, your training isn't done...' Alhambra's father brought a foot down on his chest.....

Dream Exit:

Alhambra sat up quickly, screaming as loud as he could as his hands reached out in mid air. Only blackness was around him. Only a silent abyss and black veil sat before him. His hands dropped to his side and he could feel a soft fabric between his fingers. A woven cotton with what felt like silk underneath it. Alhambra could feel this fabric resting over his entire body. He began to reach over to his right. Alhambra's hands found a small desk next to him, a small circular cylinder resting upon it. Next this was a large item that felt like a high bowl. Alhambra flipped the switch on the lamp, he felt a small bit of heat start to come off of the area. Letting him know his had turned it on. Alhambra fell back on to the bed. He sighed and felt his hands. They were shaking again, as they always did after that dream. It was one that he always had, when he first went blind during training. His father never trained him after that day. he just saw it as a waste of time. "How can a kid who is blind ever learn anything" he said. Alhambra had accepted that for some time as his grades slipped in the academy. But somehow he got back on life. Alhambra heard someone enter the room as he laid there. the door opened with a small creak and footsteps came to the edge of his bed. ' Alhambra, are you alright? what is wrong?" Alhambra simply shook his head in response. Nothing was wrong. he had that problem all the time now. that same dream over and over again. " No, I'm fine mom"....
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Human Puppetry

Alhambra smiled to himself while making his way towards his little thief. His plan was going perfectly, absolutely perfectly. With most of the ninja force raking up and down the village - and the Hyuuga guy safely mislead to believe that Hugh Jass was in the woods other side of the village - the fruits of his labour were ripe for taking. Or, as it probably should be, fruits of Hugh Jass's labour were ripe for Alhambra to take.
'This was much easier than I thought. Much, much easier,' Alhambra chuckled. 'That fool Hyuuga guy, really thinking that Hugh would go to the place where he usually trains. Given, Hugh probably would've if I hadn't directed him here instead…'
His smile widened as he looked around in the forest. This part of the forest was pretty new, planted only some dozen years earlier after it had been destroyed by mutant puppies. In result, the enthusiastically growing new forest was too thick and the young trees were too thin for it to serve as good training grounds - and the wild undergrowth made it unpleasant place for spending time. No one would find Hugh here. 'Not with that brat's stealth skills, anyway.'
Speeding up his movements, he looked around in hopes of glimpsing the eye catching uniform. Hugh was really an enigma at times, and that stupid jumper of his was the peak of that enigma. 'Well, it doesn't matter now. I will find him, kill him and then I will get the scroll…' and then he would leave, go somewhere where no one would find him. He would read through the scroll and master it and then… then he would be unstoppable. 'Now, I only need to find that demon.'
Finally, he caught flash of bright orange and yellow. Grinning wildly before smothering the expression hurriedly, he made his way to the boy. Hugh was sitting in the ground, breathing heavily.'Why isn't this retarded, the little brat has been trying the jutsu in the scroll! As if he could ever master a single one of those forbidden arts!' the ANBU snorted in his mind. 'He's hundred years too early to try.'
"Jass," Alhambra called, catching the boy's attention. When the brat looked up, sweat pouring down his face, he smiled. "You did very well. I was watching you." Crouching beside the now grinning boy, he raised his eyebrows. "Have you managed to learn anything?"
"Hmhm. Maybe," the boy grinned wildly. "I'll show it to you and Hyuuga guy-sensei tomorrow and then you'll have to make me Chuunin! Yep, yep!" he threw his hands up in air in victory before looking at the man with gratitude. "I'm really grateful that you told me about the scroll, Alhambra-sensei. I would've never managed without it."
'Bah, really? He really thinks he actually can do a forbidden art?' the ANBU wondered with scorn. 'He's even more deluded than I thought.' "Well, we shall see tomorrow how well you learned, won't we?" he asked. "Now, hand the scroll to me. It's time it's returned to the Tower, don't you think?"
"Nah, I want to take it myself," the boy said and stood up with a huff. He stretched his arms with a grin and then shrugged sheepishly. "I wanna apologies to the old man for startling him and all."
"No I think it's really best I take the scroll, *****. That way I can explain the whole thing to them," Alhambra said with a reassuring smile. "If you show up with the scroll just after stealing them, they might get the wrong idea, don't you think? They'll believe me when I tell them why you did it."
The boy hesitated before shrugging. "Well, I guess that's true…" he finally said and hoisted the scroll from his back. "Here."
'Gullible fool,' Alhambra chuckled inside his mind while taking the scroll. Then he promptly swung a hit at the boy to the back of his neck, knocking him into the ground. "Foolish little kid," he muttered while hoisting the scroll to his back. "Well you had your uses. Now, to finish you off…" 'And then I'll get rid of the body. It'll look like he ran away with the scroll, so it's perfect…'
But as he reached for his kunai, he heard a couch from where Hugh had collapsed. "What… Alhambra-sensei? Why did you hit me for?" Hugh asked. When the ANBU turned to look at him with surprise, he found the boy rubbing his neck with confusion. "That hurt, you know."
"What… why aren't you…?" Alhambra raised his eyebrows and the frowned. 'That should've knocked him out! But of course, he's a retard. It takes more than that,' he mused and then grinned widely. "Well, no matter. You poor little bastard. Can't even understand betrayal even when it stands right in front of you."
As Hugh gave him a look of utter confusion, he laughed and crouched beside the boy. "Hugh, Hugh, Hugh… Don't you see? I used you to get this to me," Alhambra said, tugging on the strap keeping the scroll on his back. "This is one of the most valuable, most dangerous things in this village. It lists most of the kinjutsu, forbidden arts, which are known to Hidden Wind. The one who has it, the one who masters it… will be incredibly powerful, not to mention a voyeur."
With a smile, he pointed his kunai at the boy's neck while the little rascal continued to look bewildered. "And now that I have this scroll, I will be powerful. And no one will know because it was you who stole it, you who will get the blame for it. After all, who would suspect me, the understanding and kind academy teacher that everyone likes? No one when there is you to blame… you rascal."
"Rascal?" Hugh asked softly.
Alhambra flickered away with an explosive tag in place, taking out a crystal ball as he reads from the scroll, he learnt the ultimate Voyeur/Telescope Technique and simply watched Hugh get blown to kingdom come, smiling to himself on another murder well done.
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Flying Thunder God Technique
Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Chidori Sharp Spear

It was late at night, and pouring down raining. Alhambra had stumbled into an alley way, grasping his arm in pain. He pulled out a cell phone, and started dialing a number. They phone rung a few times then someone finally picked up.
"Hello?" The man asked.
"Alasfar, it’s me, Alhambra." he said.
"What's wrong you, you sound terrible?" He asked.
"I forgot to take my medication before leaving the house." he replied back.
"Oh no, okay where are you, I'll come get you or something."
"No just bring my medication, and quick. I don't know how long I'll be able to contain myself."
"I'll be there as soon as possible."
"Thanks." I said.
He hung up the phone, and looked down at his hand. He saw sort of imagined evil aura creeping up his arm, and he had long fingers. His muscles were slowly thickening. All his nerves were on fire. Everything around him just kind of went red. He fell to the ground clutching his whole body as he slowly transformed. All of it imagined.

Janna was walking down the side walk with an umbrella on the way home, when she heard a scream from inside the alley. She ran to see what was wrong, so she saw a masked man with a sort of delusion around him, and infamous green goggles. He turned around, and glanced at her. Something in my mind told her to run, but her legs weren't exactly listening. When the menacing figure started moving toward her, that's when her body finally started to move. She ran down the street as fast as she could. She looked over her shoulder to see if he was still chasing her. He was gone. She turned around and continued running when she saw him at the end of the street running at her. She ran the other way, and turned into an alley way. She ran down the alley until she was at a dead end. The creature slowly walked toward Janna. He got in her face, those emerald goggles staring deep into hers. He begin to breathe deeply unto her, and nuzzle her neck. He then growled at her, began to speak.
"You shouldn't have been out here late at night." Alhambra said.
She recognized the voice but couldn't put her finger on who the voice belonged to He begin to advance toward her neck to take a slice of her. Tears of fear started rolling down her face as she closed her eyes to meet her end. Only it didn't come. Instead she heard somebody yell a name. She looked up to see a man jumping down from the roof of a building with a container in hands, and a necklace around his neck.
"Alhambra, don't do it." The man said.
The word Alhambra echoed through Janna’s head. That's when she realized why Dora told her to stay away from Alhambra much earlier. He's a homicidal monster, and a very dangerous and uncontrollable one at that. The man then begins to run at Alhambra. He rips the necklace from around his neck, and smashes it into Alhambra chest. It simply reminded Alhambra not to kill the girl just because she pissed him off. Alhambra simply shrugged and left off with the man staying behind to explain to her.
"You shouldn't be out here this late young lady." He says.
"I know, I was handling some business, and I finished it late." She replied.
"Oh I see, you work for the Kazekage?" He asked.
"Yes, I do."
"Well might as well get this man home, say what's your name?" He asked.
"Janna Hiren." She replied.
"It's nice to meet you, I'm Tarzan but my friends call me Alasfar."
"Okay, well thank you for helping me Alasfar."
"No problem."
Alasfar then turned to leave but she stopped him. There was just some things she needed to know.
"Why does he go nuts like that and attack people with no respite?" She asked.
"Oh, because of these new soldier pills we are giving him that amplifies his abilities, but as a result, drives him mad thanks to the side effects of these pills, one of them being self induced madness and homicidal mania that stems from the fact these pills have a bit of shark testorones in’em."
"Oh I see, what would happen if he lost event more control?" She asked.
"Well then, he’ll just destroy the entire village and decimate it on his own, and perhaps even rape the women, but don’t worry, it’s unlikely that will happen."
"You still haven't answered my question."
"I already told you, he goes nuts, he destroys the village, leaves a smouldering ruin in place with no signs of life, that sound good to you?"
"Oh okay."
"Well I'll see you later Janna." He said.
Alasfar waved to her, and leapt into the air, and across the rooftops. She continued on home by herself.
She woke up this morning feeling rather sore. Janna had no memory of last night, and there's this strange scent on her. She can’t exactly tell whose it was but it's the smell of roses. She gently got up, and walked outside her room. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of water. She gulped it down, and turned around to find Alasfar standing behind me.
"DON'T DO THAT." She yelled.
"Sorry, just wanted to check in on you."
"Next time you call."
"I did, now to my original point do you remember anything last night?"
"Nothing at all?"
"Not even you getting attacked by that creature."
"Green goggles, masked man.....never mind that."
"I've seen him in a club think."
"You got attacked by him last night."
"I did? I remember that I forgot my phone, then I called you, then I felt a lot of fear, and then nothing."
"Well you did, you almost got killed, well at least I thought you were. When I came to stop you, you were nuzzling getting nuzzled by the neck, not getting hurt."
"I remember that for some strange reason."
There was an awkward silence between the two for a moment. Alasfar took this time to break the silence.
"You still want to go to school and that club?" He asked.
"Yes, I need to find that man."
"You weren't interested in him yesterday."
"How would you know... ARE YOU SPYING ON ME?!" She yelled.
"I had no choice, they told me to follow you."
"I can't reveal that Janna, I'm sorry."
"If you can't tell me then get out my house."
Alasfar walked out the door, slamming it behind him. She looked at my clock, realizing that she was late for school. She goes into her room to get dressed. Going around the area, outside to school, she felt being watched, specifically a gut feeling telling her that the same person was watching her, so she remembered a bunch of quotes from famous people to calm her down a lot.

“One who chases after two hares won't catch even one.” USELESS!
“The person to whom it is directed prefers practical gain to aesthetics.” Even more useless in her head.
“The reputation for being rich is better than the reputation for being poor.” Even more useless than the last one.
So, she decides to shuffle through a couple of them to calm herself down.
“Fire will burn itself out if it did not find anything to burn.”
“Show him death and he will be content with fever.”
“Blindness of the eye is better than blindness of the heart.”
All of them pretty useless quotes. So Janna decides to pace away even faster than before, the feeling of tensions makes her remember vivid descriptions to put her mind off of being scared. Suddenly, everything just blacked out, all around the area that there was nothing seen, just all pitch black darkness with no real way of escape. It happened too suddenly.
So dark. It was so dark here. She couldn't see anything in here. But why was it so dark here? But furthermore. Where was this here? Why was she here? She couldn't remember how this happened and why here was. She thought about it but there was nothing. Till she heard a baby's cry. Oh yeah that is right. She remembered now. She remembered his life. She remembered her childhood, how a black vapor of cloud covered her instantly, how she was being stalked by a mad nin. How all of this just happened like that without anything that she could do.
So many questions but no answer to them. How she wished that she could be with her family now. But she can't for the simple fact that she just fell victim to something horrid. Flash of yellow chirping several times as something showed light, showed hope. Though it disappeared for just a moment. Green. She remembered two green orbs, last thing she ever saw. Alhambra. That was the man, he simply whacked her away and killed her through cardiac arrest after having stalked her several times without even a rest, having practiced his lightning release armor for his little fun now turned into a murder, disappearing into the scenery as Alasfar appeared in the scene.
“Oh crap… not again!”
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How long did it take you to write all of this?
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(Though you're admiring his work, its still spamming Morbo, please refrain)
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(I loved the sarcastic humor jokes u've used in those rp!
But still..its kinda like spamming...)
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I hope you know, whatever Jutsu you trained for here will require you to get them approved in the creation section, if they haven't already been.


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Alhambra Jutsu training
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