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 Konoha Jail break

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PostSubject: Konoha Jail break   Sat 12 Apr 2008, 11:20 pm

Walking into the village casually with his Akatsuki hat on he slowly approaches a old man who was sitting in a chair outside his house. Suddenly Shikyo takes off half of his bandana revealing a three tomoe sharingan that begins to swirl at an excessive rate until it becomes the soukenzan sharingan (seen at the bottom right of my siggy) he then reaches into the mind of the man and extracts information on the konoha jail. after about 5 minutes of this he stops the jutsu and the old man passes out. After analyzing the Village jail he marked the spots where ANBU where patrolling and where the prisoners he needed to extract were in the prison. He walked into a 20 yard range until an ANBU noticed him and recognized his clothing then jumped at him with a sword. Underneath Shikyo blindfold he activated his Mangekyo sharingan (as seen in siggy) and dodges the slash countering by throwing three shuriken at the ANBU. the ANBU member dodged them all them used a fireball on Shikyo which he countered with chidori which went through the fireball and into the man's chest, killing him. Quickly Shikyo took out a Bingo book and removed the man's mask saying "Kiroshi Hanazaki, eh? seems i'll earn some extra cash" he grabbed onto the man's face and his clothes then put it on (yes the face thing is a jutsu in my profile) he walks through the Prison with the keys in hand then released 6 of the prisoners while the other one was put in maximum secruity, being chaned down and his mouth being covered with a muzzle. Shikyo let the man out until another ANBU saw the men out of their cells and then saw Shikyo in disguise. Shikyo walked up to the ANNBU and suddenly he ripped off a piece of the fake face and activated his Mangekyo sharingan and used Tsukiyumi and the ANBU man died right in front of Shikyo. Shikyo then ran out the prison with the prisoners and the bounty body in a sack on his back and fled the village. He then returned to the Crime lord who gave him the mission and collected the Akatsuki's money reward 500,000 Ryo. He then astro projected himself into the leaders room in the Akatsuki HQ and told him of the sucsess
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha Jail break   Sun 13 Apr 2008, 7:30 pm

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Konoha Jail break
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