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 Checking Up...For a mission

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Kaze Daizaemon


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PostSubject: Checking Up...For a mission   Sun 27 Dec 2009, 1:16 am

Kaze approached the Raikage's main building. It was larger than the other houses around however the size and the luxury of the mansion was well deserved. Saruno the Raikage was a great man and deserved his position very much. And as far out as Kaze seemed from the lightning expectations of the hidden cloud village he was around and served Saruno. That was just how things went. A twist of fate as some would call it. Or others would claim it to be destiny a stone and rock ninja like Kaze would come and meet up and add another element no matter how small being just 1 person to Saruno's army of shinobi loyal to him and the cloud village equally. That was what shinobi were supposed to be like. Loyal to the kage and the village equally. When this changed civila war began and that was not acceptable in these times. Civil wars caused weakness and then the winner being either the kage or the village itself would always take control afterwards until it balanced out again. Kaze made a mental promise to himself here that he would not allow a civil war to break it either. He had made many mental promises to the cloud village and to Saruno that niether knew about however he intended to keep them anyways. Now he was sworn on his own accord to destroy those who cause trouble for the village.

Entering the building while deep in thought paying only a wave to the guards as they knew him by now for he had taken on many missions and done much with the lightning village and those who were assumed as the powerful ninja of the village they allowed him through based on seeing his face. He was one of the few people who walked passed them calmly and said not a word to them. Kaze always had the impression if you didn't have anything to say you shouldn't say it. Saruno... Kaze said as he walked into the deeper parts of the raikage's mansion. He hoped to attain a mission on this day. Hopefully a challenging one that would aid the village. He had been getting some random ones lately that did not test his skills. However that was probably due to no ones fault but the village just didn't know what to do with a stone ninja living amongst them. He was an odd one having the thing weakest against the lightning being earth however also having the thing strongest against the lightning being water. He was a perfect match for any of them. He could do moves that would defeat them at the same time doing moves that would do nothing against them. However most of the ninja were trained in a different style than himself being the way of the academy and how the ranks are treated. Genin, Chunin, Jounin and Anbu all meant different things here than they did everywhere else. Being never ranked as one of these before Kaze was still all unsure so this system was new to him. His old system was just based off of whether you were a baby or child, a training nobleman or a nobleman or the tsuchikage. Similar indeed.

Arriving finally at the office of the Raikage Kaze smiled to himself remembering how kind of a person Saruno was. Remembering their battle and how at first he didn't want to attack the man at all because of how much he admired and respected this man for taking him in out of the forest and taking him out of prison with full pardons and giving him a rank equal to his skill level and trusting him as one of their own. This man was very wise despite is mostly young age. He deserved the respect and admiration of what he got and more. He was truly great unlike Kaze's on evil father or the tsuchikage he left that did nothing while he had to fend for his life against his much more powerful and neglectful father. Kaze shuddered as he knocked peacefully on the door of the Raikage's office and waited for a reply before he came into the room. He would never dream on barging in on the Raikage Saruno. The thought never even crossed his mind of touching the door knob and opening it until the Raikage responded. If he didn't Kaze would leave and run around the village doing odd jobs to keep the people happy with him and his wierd life so they didn't treat him like a monster like they did at first. Not many people understood the ninja. However Saruno did, so Kaze would give his life for that man. And one day might do that.
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Checking Up...For a mission
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