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 hito's training for a sensei (pm author to join)

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PostSubject: hito's training for a sensei (pm author to join)   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 10:23 am

the dark shadows of twilight was setting in. the bird silent, the animals inaudable. the bugs and fireflies were lazily hovering around the gravestones, giving off shadows and inscriptions of names of the fallen and of his or her deeds that was left in their place. hito wonderd why people didn't like it here. it was perfect for training, quiet enough for studying and plenty of plant life to look at when one got lazy.
as he ponderd on this, he walked to his makeshift home of stray wood and old newspapers. it was okay, and he didnt mind the rain that fell through the holes every once in a while. it was fun not being around anybody and his supplies of injections were safe there while he trained. due to the amount of rattling it made when he ran or jumped, it would probrably open up inside of him and spill out the formula. hito placed his coffin in the driest spot in his home and opend it up, taking out his little possum. Gravy. he picked it up and blinked for a few seconds. instead of being frozen solid, his fur was just cristalized and hito could now feel him breathing. "......"
without talking, hito placed a cloth over the possum and slowly rubbed him to get him warm again. he then took the bag of trail mix that the charity lady always gave him and fed some to Gravy. after that he let gravy go so he could eat more bugs during the nightime. hito put away the trail mix and pulled out his ninja tools that he was required to have. he stared at them for a second and thought about what the tools meant. the sannin the other night had given him alot to think about. ' what does this mean? am i a good or a bad ninja? and why do i think that way? what do these tools mean and how should i feel about them? is it okay to use them when you dont have a sensei?" he ponderd on these questions for a while until he gave up. his head hurt from asking too many questions. so he decided to get back onto that and begin to train.
hito took several sticks and string to lace the entire graveyard with booby traps. just for tonight. he took his shirt and placed it on the reward table; or the 'endzone'. as people call it.
he went to the other side and began hopping and weaving between strings and sticks, catching every single one that he had put up. due to his ability to never wear out, he hadnt finished the course until 9 am in the morning. that time people began to stare at his training and grumble that he was being disrespectful to the dead. hito hopped onto one of the gravestones and stood there to explain to the bystanders that these were hardworking ninja that he would hope to join in the far future and he said that they would be cheering him on in his survival abilities instead of hating him that he scuffed up their concrete nametags.
at 9 am he put on his shirt, finally finishing with the corse and then taking it down. he didnt want anyone else knowing his tactics for training were. not just yet anyway. he polished and buffed his ninja tools and carefully put them away in his ninjabag. after that, he pulled out his coffin from his home and began walking around to see if anyone could be his sensei. in which he needed quite badly for the chunnin exams next year.
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hito's training for a sensei (pm author to join)
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