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 Kenjutsu Training

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The Fallen Angel
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Legendary Swordsman

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PostSubject: Kenjutsu Training   Mon 23 Nov 2009, 1:21 am

Hachi wandered into a forest that seemed to be completely abandoned no lifeforms in the area besdies the plant life which made hachi suspicious but would prove perfect for what he planned to do. Hachi carried a massive sword on his back that looked like a normal blade just much large and still kept his body wrapped. Hachi walked into what he thought was the center of the forest surrounded by multiple trees he planned to train in the sword fighting style known as kenjutsu. Hachi pulled the large blade from his back it being very heavy almost throwing hachi off of his feet eveytime he even attempted to use the massive blade. Hachi had to use both hands to keep his balance and began to practice swinging the blade targeting a very thick tree spinning his whole body his arms followed by the large sword which cut into the tree but not deep enough to make the tree fall. Hachi forced the blade back out picking it up again and swinging it into the same spot the blade digging deeper into the tree hachi. Hachi removed the blade from the tree once more gripping the blade tightly with both hands before swinging it with all his force cutting the tree down which was what he had been trying the whole time. Hachi smiled as the large tree fell into the forest knocking down multiple other trees a long with it. Hachi picked the sword up lifting it up above his head for a minute before swinging it around to try to get used to the weight of the sword. After swinging the sword around multiple times he had finally been able to swing the sword with two hands with control and could cut down the trees around his with only one swing. Hachi practiced swinging the blade by cutting down mutiple trees around him to make sure he had very nice control of the sword. Hachi decided to stop practicing on the powerful deadly swings and decided to try to weaker quicker strikes. Hachi grabbed the blade with only one hand it being not as heavy to him as it was before, Hachi then swung the blade cutting into the truck and quickly pulling it out again and preforming multiple jabs into the tree trunk before taking a step back to breath. After taking a quick breather hachi again continued to attack the tree wildly with quick swings, jabs, and drags. After preforming this quick attacks for about an hour he was forced to stop or risk passing out from exaustion being that this was his first training attempt with a large sword like the one he had. Hachi stuck the blade into the ground it being just as big as him as he fell back onto the blade using it to support him. As hachi rested for a moment his eyes seemed to get heavy as he began to drift off into a slumber and actually slept for a whole day in the desserted forest before remembering he had training to do. Hachi quickly got back to his feet and began to train again this time mixing in different kinds of attacks in different patterns as he began to think about what could be coming on when he was in the forest. As he trained time seemed to have stopped to him in the forest as he actually lost track of time and had no idea how long he had actually been sleeping but began to wonder if the tsuchikage was looking for him. As he coninued to hack at the tree he began to think of more and more techniques to practice to ensure that he could become a very skilled sword master while he spent days in the forest. Being that he was able to get a full day of sleep hachi felt very well rested and energetic and was able to trade for three days non stop working on moving and attacking, different types of attacks, and mixing elements into attacks before finally growing tired again from training to hard. This time hachi still had enough energy to make it out of the forest and back to his town to get the rest he so despiretly needed.
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Naiko Aburame

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PostSubject: Re: Kenjutsu Training   Mon 23 Nov 2009, 7:45 am


You cannot train for Kenjutsu unless some other ninja who knows Kenjutsu can teach you that.


Cannot train for it alone.

Further Explanation:

If you can just train for specialties like that without any one teaching you.

Then I'll just train for all specialties since you can train yourself.

Well that's not going to happen.
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Kenjutsu Training
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