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 Check in on the academy, wait theres something wrong with that mission!

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PostSubject: Check in on the academy, wait theres something wrong with that mission!   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 1:23 am

Shion flew through the village his now unnecessary war clothes becoming more and more usless. He jumped onto the academy and stood there waiting. he was trying to listen to see if there was anything weird going on. He heard nothing remembering the days he was in the academy and all the children laughing and playing he knew something was wrong.
Where is everyone he thought looking at the sky. Its dark still, in their house id suppose but is that where everyone would go and how come no alarm was sounded if we are in the midst of a ninja war.
has the hokage chose to keep this quiet, "hmmm" he thought holding his chin.
Whooooo the kunai peirced the air on its way towards Shion.
Huh Shion said jumping back to avoid the pointed object.
2 slow the ninja said appearing behind him and stabbing him in the back.
Shion quickly shifted his weight in a spinning move to avoid a killing blow.
and with the opposite hand the four blade assault came out slitting the mans face and ripping off his mask.
"You" shion said "I don't understand. Why would a hidden leaf chunnin attack his comrade."
He asked staring at the bleeding mans eyes.

The man responded"I am not a hidden leaf chunnin you idiots never respected me" he whined
"I am Kusake Itiyina, I was a hidden leaf jounin" you fools have put everyone over me, you even call a ninja of the hidden sand your master"
"I have been around since the old hokage. But now the new hokages a member of the akutski not to mention hes a fool" he continued.
"he actually believes theres a chance for this, decrepit wasteland he calls a village" this village will be destroyed with the suns rise.
"Absoloutly none of the other nations respect or see him as a kage" And you will all die.All the missions this village has went on has made us isolated and hated.
"huh even if what you say is true and our land dies tomorow it wont matter" Shion said wisely with his eyes closed
"You will die here as well" Do you think youre special the exact same missions that made us hated as you so elequintly put you as a hidden leaf jonnin must have been on"
Which means They hate you just as much."

"Thats not true ive, been given a second chance in life the techukage has even given me a headband to prove it" he said taking off his leaf band and replacing it verifing him as a traitor.
"Well then i guess its official traitor" shion said opening his eyes "but before we continue this "tell me why would you deliver that message and not only that why would you help me read it"
Simple My mission is to assasinate Kyotee Domo The replacement hokage. So when that fool Willow gave me this to bring to you I figured you were there and I also Figured I would have the chance to destroy Domo but when i got there it turned out that he was a clone and when the real one showed up he only talked to you and then disappeared". He didnt even notice me but now it hardly matters as it turns out his little prodigy will die first." "Now say goodnite kid" He said throwing a large shuriken.
Shion tried to move"Its no good, My body wont " he said holding his wound
His heartbeat as time slowed.

"No this isnt over".he jumped in the air disappearing from sight. "what how are you able to move" he said looking up
"Fire style pheonix flame jutsu" he spit a serious of fireballs at the jonin.
"Ha youll have to do better than that" he taunted knocking them away
But he failed to see the paper bombs in their shadow.
"What" he said as the bombs attached to the arms he used to deflect the fire.
"Now Ninja art exploding tag activate" he put his finger to his lips.
"What no" the jonin screamed as the exploding tags ripped his arms off.
"Ha then hows that" he asked falling to the ground. Kamoto sensai did you see Hokage sensai did you watch He said coughing up blood.
"My arms" the jonin traitor yelled bleeding out, then with the last of his chakra he stopped the bleeding.
"Now youll be as useless in the stone village as youve become here" shion taunted
"You Little" he screamed
Shion laughed "good bye loser and that headband you now wear Is the old design of the stone. Fool I doubt he cares about you at all youre nothing but a pawn in a game 2 big for you to understand" as he passed out on the roof the wind blew earily.
The armless ninja sunk his head down. "No you're wrong" he screamed "my new master is" he started to inch his way to Shion to finish the job he started. Even if i am now useless ill make sure you never have the chance to become."
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Check in on the academy, wait theres something wrong with that mission!
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