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 First step to being a true Inuzuka,beast mimicry

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PostSubject: First step to being a true Inuzuka,beast mimicry   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 12:01 pm

"Ok thats enough of this Ayame said. "Its time you two get down to sum serious training"."What what are you talking about" Shion protested. "Do you know how hard we have been working were gennin now going on our first mission soon. Do you want to see all the jutsu we know now" "Well knowing low level academy jutsu is fun its time you and Akina start growing stronger together like a true Inuzuka. And this is the first step." As she spoke Shion couldn't help being curious as to what she could be talking about as far as he was concerned him and Akina have been moving up well together. All though he couldn't deny that since making gennin, he had started slacking off. "Allright show us" he agreed "ruff" Akina barked like he also wanted to know.
"Kayla" she yelled as the big dog came running towards her with great speed now watch.
"Kayla you know what to do right. "Ruff" the dog roared. "Now then art of beast mimicry all fours jutsu".
No sooner did she say this than she started to change her back dropped to the floor, her legs and arms spread out till she was in a very low pouncing position.
Her hair that was usually strait and neat became wild and untamed, even her eyes changed. They used to have such a nice peacefull presence to them was now a look of evil and hatred. Shion couldnt help but watch as his girlfriend turned into a beast right before his eyes.
"Ayayame" he stuttered half expecting her to run over and use his arm for a chew toy. "Haha don't worry Shion this jutsu only gives us the apperance and physical properties of the beast not the feelings or personality" she laughed. even though her eyes were mad and filled with hatred the fangs that draw forth from her mouth said she was happy.
"So what the point to all this you ask, simple all though there's far more to this than even i know i do know this."
she lowered herself even closer to the floor her claws digging into the dirt she then sprung up and ran around the field
Shions mouth dropped when he seen how fast she was on her 4 limbs as opposed to the two she normally use. She has to be atleast 100 times faster he thought. She and her dog chased eachother for a minute looking like nothing more than a regular game of tag.
"Allright then now you try" she said retuning her body to normal. "Ok" shion said exited to learn this cool jutsu.
"Art of beast mimicry" he repeated doing the same seal but nothing happened. "Hmmm.. oh yea she said duh my fault i forgot you have to picture yourself changed every little aspect you can think of see your nails getting longer, see ur hair getting wild, see your eyes becoming sharper see your."
She continued coaching and everything she said made his body quiver and feel different. He noticed himself slowly hunching over, he felt his teeth growing, he heard his hearing increase and then he stopped and so did the transformation.
"No don't be scared of it Shion let it take over let the art mould you become its canvas" she encouraged. Shion closed his eyes as this rush went over him changing his evey molocule it felt like he was being taken over seeing how the beast lives there he accepted it.
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First step to being a true Inuzuka,beast mimicry
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