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 Alhambra trainin' - Chakra Enhanced Strength

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PostSubject: Alhambra trainin' - Chakra Enhanced Strength   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 10:06 pm

(Around 3,000 words, more than enough)

Yamamotoe was scared. It was the first time ever he was going to be a Gennin squad leader. He was scared shitless. First all he would be their sensei a person of guidance. What if he guided them the wrong way? And most importantly they were Pre-teens. What if they were like the original team 7? He had heard horror story’s from Jango about Sakura’s borderline obsession with Sasuke. He could have a hyperactive one like Naruto. Or maybe the worse he could think of would have a student like Sasuke self absorbed arrogant ass whole. Maybe he would get weaklings? The best he had to hope for was that they were all sent back to the academy.
The first to arrive was the boy on his team. He had raven black hair. And golden eyes. He was about the height up to his own shoulders. He strolled in very controlled measured steps almost as thought he had to think about each one carefully, as if he was a bit high. He stopped in front of Yamamotoe. “Hello, my name is Alhambra.” He said casually
“Hello Alhambra, I am Yamamotoe. I am happy to say that you are 15 minutes early and the first to arrive.” Yamamotoe told the older boy. The boy scoffed and with the same concentration walked all the way to Yamamotoe’s side. The older boy seemed to be extremely slow. They waited in silence for a while.
A little girl came up to them. She couldn’t have been older than eight. She hugged a teddy bear close to her chest. The little girl had big blue eyes that were filled with fear. She must be lost. “Are you lost little girl,” Yama asked bending down to her height.
The little girl shook her head. “Are you Yamamotoe? I am supposed to be meeting him here for, for the formation of Gennin team 9” That was impossible he thought to himself. This girl should be entering the academy about now. Not into a Gennin team. Yamamotoe took out the list to check it.
“Um what is your name little miss?” He asked the little girl. With this the little girls thumb shot out of her mouth with an indianite pop.
“I’m not little! And my name is Mitsu Kaida!” The girl told him. She had her little fist on her hip. Yep she was one of the people he was supposed to be meeting.
“Yes I’m Yamamotoe. And your right on time,” He told her trying to make up for his blatant ignorance. She then turned her little body to face Alhambra.
“And who are you?” She persisted.
The older boy blinked twice “What’s it to you?” He spoke.
“I was just trying to be polite.” The girl said with a scoff. The boy nodded listening nonchalantly to the rest of the little girls chatter. She seemed to really enjoy being listened to for once in her life. The other person was 5 minutes late.
The girl looked 13ish and had long waist length grey hair. Her eyes were a hazel brown. And she was wearing baggy black pants and a baggy black t-shirt. The t-shirt had some type of logo of a rock band on it. Or so Yamamotoe assumed. She had a skate board swinging at her side. She would be rather pretty if it weren’t for the way her eyes roamed in on everybody in an almost certain contempt. “Is this the meeting place for team 9?” Her voice was caked with a sarcastic tone. Yamamotoe didn’t like it, it was full of disrespect.
“Yes this is.” He said shortly, making his tone hard and aware of hers. The girl just smirked a little “You are Nariko Zakuro I presume. You are 5 minutes late”
“Wow you’re smarter then you look congratulations. But please call me Zaki” The girl said. She then turned to the other two. Looked them over 2 or 3 times then with a little quirky smile said. “This just might fuckin work.”
Yamamotoe was astounded he was all ready in over his head. His team consisted of
A: A lazy lug.
B: I little girl who carried around a teddy bear.
C: And a disrespectful skater chick.

Yamamotoe looked at his team. Kaida was sucking her thumb studying Zakuro. Alhambra was just looking at the ground, a dumbfounded expression on his face.
“So today we will just introduce everyone, get to know each other better,” He told the Gennin. They all stared at him waiting for him to start. “Hello my name is Yamamotoe sensei, you can call me Yamatoe or Yama. I am an ANBU ninja that likes bath houses and hates jelly beans,” He had no idea why he picked out those particular things but he did.
“I hate jelly beans too!” Kaida said in agreement. “But Yo loves them. He eats them all the time. But they get stuck in his fur. Then Mommy has to wash him. And Yo HATES getting washed. So he has stopped eating them for now. Even thought he likes them soo much. Its really sad.” The 8 year old informed.
Yamatoe silently hoped this was all a joke. That these were hired actors by Kazuo or somebody else. But nobody came screaming out of the bushes to yell that he had been punked. “Let’s say our goals in life shall we? My goal is to train you guys into becoming the best ninja you can possibly be!” He said with overly happiness and forced emotion.
“Wow did you come up with that one all by yourself?” Zaki scoffed. She sat down on the ground and all the rest of them fallowed. Kaida seemed to want to go first. For her hand was in the air as though she wanted to be called on. If she wasn’t careful her arm would be dislocated. He nodded at her to go.
“I want to be a great ninja! And bring respect and hope back to the Mitsu clan!” She squealed hugging her teddy bear closer to her chest. “Somebody else’s turn now!” The girl turned to Keiji Inviting him to continue the conversation.
“My goal is to learn how to control myself in a fight,” He admitted. His speech was slowly deliberate and controlled forced carefully thought out. He seemed very challenged in the speech department. His golden eyes showed with a hard thought in his head.
“That’s very noble of you a ninja who can’t control himself is a danger on any type of missions” Yamatoe told the boy to comfort him. Though Yamatoe couldn’t picture the slow deliberate boy out of control. “Zakuro I mean Zaki what’s your goal?”
“Dude I don’t have one, I just kind of skate by you know?” She said making her arm move in a smooth straight line in front of her. Her arm went out to her side and her eyes followed it. She looked at the line her arm made and what her fingers were pointing at. It was the Sunagakure mountain. Right at Lady Tsunada’s head. The girl just stared at it contemplatively for awhile before speaking her mind. “How many heads do you think we could fit on that rock?”
“I’ve always wondered that too!” Kaida stepped in starring at the memorial. A humph of agreement came from Alhambra and they all stared at the 5 heads in silence.
“We should all get going,” He told the three children they nodded in agreement and separated their different ways. After they had all left he striped himself of the fake smile.
He couldn’t believe in his horrible luck. These kids were never going to make it. And he sure as hell couldn’t teach them. He was going to yell at Iruka and Tsunada.

Kaida skipped home, She was happy about her team. They all seemed so nice! She wanted to tell Momma everything. She hugged Yo closer to her as the air started turning colder. She eyed Alhambra, he was just too quiet. He listened and concentrated at what she said UN like other people who just dismissed her because she was young. She found him pretty weird. He was really tall to her and Kaida hoped she wouldn’t get a neck cramp looking up at him all the time.
The girl Zaki was a little odd but she also seemed fun too. Kaida had silently admired the girls straight grey hair. It seemed to fit the girl perfectly in her opinion. The shape of it radiated youthfulness but the color screamed of age. She also liked her team mates hazel eyes. That seemed to refuse to be intimidated. Yo had silently giggled when Zaki insulted their sensei.
Their sensei Yamato seamed nice enough. The little red head sensed that he was disappointed in the members of his team. His round eyes radiated fake interest as all of them talked. His stature screamed awkwardness and a longing for the encounter to be done with. Kaida hoped she didn’t do anything to upset him. Maybe it was the fact that Yo liked jelly beans. But all too soon the little girl’s house was in sight.
It was rickety and small but it was wrapped in color and warmth. Her mother was standing at the door waving energetically. The little girl ran the last 50 feet into her mother’s arm. “Mommy I’m back!” She squealed hugging her mother closer.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Alhambra was concentrating on his steps. That was his 28th time counting to 10. So he had walked 280 steps. He should be almost home. The black haired boy counts to stop his mind from wondering around, but it does anyway. This time though his thoughts could not help but wonder to the people he will be risking his life with.
He wasn’t sure what to think about any of them actually. Alhambra was mostly relaxed with a wild abandon about everything.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Alhambra imagined the girl Zaki, her hair with a black drop of pure red blood. It would look lovely. The contrast of her evening gray and its stark red blood, spread out like that. Spilling all over the floor. She annoyed him too much.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Alhambra also imagined the little girl Kaida, imagining her face splattered on the floor with the Sensei watching her death in fear and awe. Quite befitting really. He always hated that bitch. She annoyed him way too much.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The Jounin didn’t like any of them, it was apparent. The masked ninja hated being around them, He didn’t even want to even think of getting to know them. The man wasn’t giving them a chance it made Alhambra angry.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Alhambra was home now. He saw some random black-skinned bum in his pordch. And his kunai was on his rocking chair on the porch.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Zakuro slammed the door behind her. She was greeted by a yell, “Hey don’t slam the fuckin door!” It came through from the living room. The grey haired girl just stalked through the cabinets.
“Thanks for the tip, where are the Fags?” She yelled to the voice.
“We’re down to a fucking pack Zaki, you breath them in like air” Said the voice. At that the girl gave up her search. She strolled into the living room were a blond boy was lying on an ugly brown couch Watching a small static TV. The boy looked about 16-17ish with dark denim blue eyes. His hair was shoulder length. It should be the color of straw, but thanks to how greasy it was it looked dirty blond .
Zaki jumped over the edge of the couch to land on the boy’s lap. He squirmed from the surprise. “Max you’re a fuck tard” She told the boy. Taking the cigarette from his parted lips his eyes narrowed in indignation. But instead of saying anything he waited for the girl to get situated on top of him. After a while in silence the boy spoke up.
“So how was your 1st day as a ninja?” He asked grabbing the remote from the arm rest.
“There is this Jounin that hates me, then there is a quiet weirdo who looks at everyone funny and an 8 year old girl” She explained putting her chin on his chest.
“Sounds fun” Max grunted.
“I don’t know Max I really don’t, I have no idea why I am still trying to be a shinobi I should just give up,” Zaki told the boy hugging him closer. He moved himself on his elbows so he could face her.
“Well it’s a fuckin steady paycheck Zaki, and anyway you would make a good shinobi, but do what you want I don’t give a crap,” He admitted at this the 13 year old girl shrugged and got off of his chest.
“I’m going skating see you later Max,” She told him.
“You are coming tonight?” Max asked sitting up for the first time today.
“Nah Milton will be wondering wear I’ve been going, I’ve been coming over here too often,” Zaki admitted getter her shoes on.
“Zaki?” Max whispered his voice was grave and soft.
“What?” She asked distractedly.
“Why do you go back there?” Max said. At the question the girl stopped. A pained expression came to her brown eyes.
“I’ve told you Max, Sara needs me. Melton’s a perv I can’t just leave her alone with him” The girl argued it sounded more like an excuse to convince her self.
“Sara’s your mother, and a grown women. She can through her own life away. You don’t have to go back to that shit bag” Max promised his eyes were begging the
“We have had this conversation before max. As long as Sara is their I can’t leave” She told him not meeting his dark blue eyes. At that Zaki grabbed her board and started to lave. Before she went through the door she yelled to the living room “See you later fuck tard.” Max just stared at the spot she had been. Then he turned off the TV, he then got out a notebook and started to write.
“Alhambra!” He seethed as he saw the Genin sitting upside down at the rice stand.
“Hmm…? What is it?” He replies.
“Aren’t you going to do some training?” He tried with all his might not to yell.
“Nope. I am here to relax, I already have done my training.”
“Prove it,” He told Alhambra as he seethed with anger.
“I don’t have to.” Alhambra said indifferently.
“What did you say? I am your Jounin sensei damnit!” Yamato whispered menacingly to Iruka.
“So? Doesn’t mean I have to train for you.”
“Fine! If you die in a mission, a D-ranked one, I’ll be laughing when I see you die.” Yama told Alhambra.
“Bah, don’t worry, I can take on several Jounins without even trying.” Alhambra said to the steaming Jounin. The golden eyed ninja looked to the side to see Yama attack at his stand out of pure frustration.
“And how the Hell do you think you can achieve that if you were so damn lazy?” He asked
“Dunno, don’t care. Now stop bothering me.” The Genin retorted. “
But why did he have to be stuck with the odd ones? Looking at the other Jounin teams there well put together. Each ability complementing the others. His look like they were randomly drawn from a hat. He seethed.
Leaving the premesis, he goes off back to his room and sleep. Probably this is a nightmare, to be stuck with these devils. Those crazy team members. Nutty in fact. He hated them, absolutely hated them without sympathy.
Yama sighed as he waited for the rest of team 9 to meet him.
Yama sighed as he waited for the rest of team 9 to meet him. Today was the real Genin test. He had talked to Alhambra yesterday to see what the Hell was up with him. The Genin just said that he just trained, but in what form or way? Well, he just saw his training now.
Out in the field, Alhambra was simply releasing Chakra from himself. Releasing it in the form to ‘stretch’ it out a lot. So much that given Yama’s Chakra sensing nature, it was quite monstrous. So massive, so huge that it was to his disbelief that Alhambra was a Genin. He was in fact just what he said… Jounin level. Maybe even Kage level. Staring right at his Chakra, it was so vast and massive. It was moer of an ocean than anything else that seethes through him, all compressed. It was truly miraculous. He can be likened to that of a Missing Nin from the past from the organization known as the Akatsuki; Kisame. Someone whom he has heard about 2,000 years prior, the person who has been killed, but was renowned for the monstrous Chakra he wields. One thing can be certain is that he is now the same as he. Being of the same ability to release tremendous Chakra or use it so well, that it was at his disposal all the time.
“Wh-what are you?!” The sensei asked anxiously.
“Sensei, you misunderstand, I am a ninja, just like yourself. The correct question would be ‘who’ I am, not what. You see… you never understood the true me, and because of you have judged me simply based on my exterior, this is where you will fall and where I will rise. This is where I will deal death to you gladly, for as of now. Good bye, Sensei Yamamatoe.”
All has become dark, the boy winding up to the older man’s side as he disappeared off, with that, so does his Sensei’s life. Leaving him subtly… going all black… nothing more can be seen but the light at the end of the tunnel. The boy… he was training for a long time now in this state, to expand his Chakra like that. That’s one final accurate analysis he has made about the boy. That is all he can think. That is all he can produce. That is all of his final thought in these final moments.
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Alhambra trainin' - Chakra Enhanced Strength
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