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 Ishidas challange gotta beat the clock

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PostSubject: Ishidas challange gotta beat the clock   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 5:47 pm

"Haha" Shion said walking out of class, "im getting so good at this ninja stuff."
"What the hell" he yelled as the steel wire wrapped around him.
then krackk
"Arrrrrr" Akina growled as the assailent revealed himself.
"Ishida sensai whats the meaning of this" he said.
"I have a propisition for you Shion" Ishida said.
"I challenge you to get out of this jutsu but there's one catch."
"Escape jutsu" Shion yelled expecting to be free.
"uhuhuhuh" Ishida shook his head "that wont work. You see to get out of this jutsu you have to know its name well"
They had gone over so many techniques in class Shion racked his brain trying to think of it and tried to shake himself free.Its no good he thought this wire is incredily strong
"Hmm" he laughed "Well quit holding out on me, come on then whats the challenge, I mean what happens if i win" he asked
"As usual your sharp as a tack, if you win and can figure it out before class tomorrow. I will talk to the hokage and get you your headband, proving your worthy of being a leaf shinobi" he said pointing at his headband.
"However this is completly up to you, I can let you go right now and you can complete the program in 5 months with the other students. So you have to ask yourself how bad do you want to be a leaf shinob!i"

"Well do you accept my challenge" Ishida asked
I can skip 5 months of training and get to learn the real ninja way nomore of this kid stuff he thought.
'arararaarara' his stomach started talking i havent ate much in these last couple days.
Then he looked down at the Akina
"Arror" he groweled like he was also hungry.
"I see,he said i accept this challenge however take Akina home" he said
"Fine then its done, come Akina " Ishida said
"Arrrowr" the puppy growled in protest and buried himself deeper in Shions shirt"
"hah i dont think hes going anywhere" Ishida laughed
"Akina" Shion said confused
"Arror" the puppy barked
I see you want to stay and help me Shion thought
"So be it then Akina lets figure our way out of this" shion said determined not to lose
"Rawr" he barked in agreeance
"Allright then the challenge starts now, good luck" Ishida said disapearing.

"Shhhhhhhh" a cold wind whipered on shions face.
The hot sun beating down and blinding him, every now and again the clouds would cover it like they had his back.
"Well then" lets go over the clues he thought.
First theres this steel wire restricting my movement,
but what im really intrested in is that crack sound. It sounds like it came from behind me
Into the tree perhaps?.
Is that whats giving the wire its strength?.
mmm of course that makes sense then that would mean that whatever is controlling the wire is my clue to figuring it out.
hmm the suns going down.
how much time has passed?
how long is left?
well if the answer is on the other side of the tree, then the question is how am i going to look at the other side of the tree.
lets see i could make a clone and have him check for me, no thats no good i cant form a handseal.
"huhuhuhu" my necks starting to get stiff in this position why did i accept this
no gotta calm down got to figure this out
closes his eyes thinking about the attack
"crack crack crack"
3 cracks there were 3 cracks that hit the tree simotaniously making it sound like 1
"but that would mean"
"Akina" he said waking him up "go to the tree and see whats sticking in there" oh thats no good he cant understand me he thought.
"ruff" Akina barked looking at his master and jumping out of his shirt.
He proceeded to ran around the tree.Akina how could you know he thought
Akina came back and barked happily
"yea i guess that was stupid" shion said still suprised that the dog understood him.
"even if you can understand me i have no clue what ur trying to say" he laughed and closed his eyes again.
its night now not much time left he thought
"Unless" he said opening his eyes suddenly

Ishida came back like he promised before class. Him and 10 students showed up to see Shion still bound to the tree with little Akina sleeping by his feet.
"Well Shion, it looks like you lost our little wager." Ishida said tauntingly.
"I knew he couldn't do it" the kids talked amonst thereselves
"i dont know why he would have tried." they continued
'whooosh' the kunai flew threw the air and stuck into the ground near Ishida.
"But how" he exclaimed as the clone of Shion and his dog disapeared.
"I admit this challenge had me thrown for a time but, u have to admit now ur dealing with one exceptional ninja" Shion boasted as they appeared on the tree.

You see my first clue was the wire there was absoloutly no way that a wire could stick to the tree all by itself. Which lead me to believe that there was something holding it there.
Then i remembered the crack i heard in the back of the tree when your attack hit. But something was bothering me about the crack, first off y was it so loud if a ninja threw one blade into a tree i doubt it would make a sound, not to mention i heard more than one crack. It was hard to tell but each didn't hit exactly at the same time. There was a half second delay between each".
Brilliant Ishida thought even tho theres only a half second delay between each blade. He was able to note that and use it to his advantage, if he was on a mission.
"But that doesn't explain how you figured it out."
"Well once i noticed it was a triple attack, i just had to be sure of what was keeping the wire attached so i sent Akina."
"Ruff" Akina barked, "Even though i couldn't understand what he said when he came back he was happy, like he knew what it was.
So then it was a simple process of elimination, being he only knows one weapon and that was the demon wind shuriken.
So than i thought it was the triple wind shuriken attack or Windmill Triple Blade.When i said that the wire losened and here we are. Now wheres my headband"he said smiling
"Hes amazing" Ishida said knowing hes been beat.
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Ishidas challange gotta beat the clock
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