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 A different type of jutsu ,Demon wind shuriken

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PostSubject: A different type of jutsu ,Demon wind shuriken   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 1:54 pm

"Ok class im very proud of all of you not only did you all get the trasformation and escape techniques, but you all mastered them and so." the teacher said
"i am very happy to say I have been given permission to teach you all a tehnique of real destruction" he said pulling out a shuriken
"This combo was given to us by two young leaf shinobi,one of whom then went awall but the other one" he said with a smile remembering the great hero and best ninja to date.
"now watch carefully demon wind shuriken" he whispered as the one shuriken changed some how.
"Watch out Oaki" he said as he threw the shuriken in his direction. The boy got scared and hid under his desk.
"What" a voice said as he appeared and evaded the shuriken.
"How could you see me" he asked ,"my technique was flawless" he assured himself.
As he spoke he failed to see the shuriken hidden in the shadow of the first, until it was too late. Before it hit the ninja did a handseal and summoned wind to blow it over his head.
"Hah" he said cocky "dont underestimate me" and started running towards the teacher
then the teacher appeared behind the intruder coming out of the shuriken
"What" the man said as the teacher delivered a staggering kick to his back which made the ninja fly to the front of the class.
"Hahaha well done Ishida" the ninja said turning into Kyotee Domo.
"Thank you Hokage" the teacher said bowwing. "And that class is the shadow shuriken jutsu, and how about a big hand for our hokage the 10th what a great performance"
The hokage smiled and disappeared.
"Now you all try." the teacher sat tring to catch his breath
the class tried to get the jutsu but most were stuck on how to first change their shuriken.
Shion knew better to do this jutsu, the Shuriken dosen't change you change into a shuriken
then make a clone to throw the shuriken along with you hidden in the shadow, its a pretty complicated jutsu Shion sat down and thought about it.
how did he do it so effortlessly if he had turned into a clone theres no way we wouldnt have seen he thought
"hmm teacher i have to go to the washroom" Shion asked
"just hold it Shion this is important you want to make gennin soon" the teacher insisted
"but i really gotta go sensai" he insisted
"Fine go,but hurry up" the teached aggreed
Shion ran out of the room
ahh these kids and there weak bladders haha he said laughing to himself
Shion came back in the room about 10 minutes later.
"Nice of you to join us Shion are you ready to get to work now"
"hummph" Shion said smiling
"Go DEMON WIND SHURIKEN" he said and threw the blade at his sensai
"huh" the teacher said being on the other end of a flying shuriken
but it was a simple thing to dodge
"ruff" Akina said popping out of shions shirt
the teacher evaded it easilly then noticed that another one was coming
but not fast enough to do damage he simply ducked it.
Nice Shion he thought as the clone disapeared after throwing the shuriken
and Shion appeared behind the teacher and tapped him on the shoulder with a big smile"So whats next" he asked
"Nice Shion maybe you would like to tell us how you figured it out" sensai asked
"well i would but i would rather talk to the teacher then his clone" he said
"hahaha" poof the clone disappeared and the teacher appeared as the chair.
"So you really did figure out how it works" the teacher said
"yep the one teaching has been a clone this whole time that's some chakra control you have sensai"
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A different type of jutsu ,Demon wind shuriken
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