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 Be 2 places at once use the clone jutsu

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PostSubject: Be 2 places at once use the clone jutsu   Sat 31 Oct 2009, 10:33 pm

"Ive worked hard to get to this point,
Kyoga said come see him when i get better at defending myself i think i'm successfull in that regard i just need to find him now".

"Mr Ichiraku have you seen Kyoga".
"Cant say i have replied the man with awesome." noodles "which is weird cause hes never late after i tell him we hAVE A NEW KIND COMING OUT SOON."
"Yea that is weird maybe hes harassing Kyya."
Kyoga has been hitting on Kyya long as ive known him she never shows any interest its actually pretty funny.
"Haha yea maybe" the man chuckled because its true.

"Allright see ya later Mr Ichiraku" Shion said.
"Bye Shion" he replied.
Well Kyya usually hanging out at the river these days ill go see whats up with her he thought.

"Ahhh" Kyoga screamed falling to the floor in front of Shion.
"Shion get out of here run quick "
"What y" Shion asked confused.

"Ahhhh" yelled the giant man fling through the air with a look of anger on his face.
"Kyoga your dead" he threatened.

Oh no Shion said closing his eyes.
"Never close your eyes Shion if something is going to happen it will happen regardless of if ur eyes are closed or not, atleast with them open u can see it coming".
"But sensai im scared" the young Shion voice insisted "Being scared is a human emotion its perfectly natural its what you do with the fear that separates hero from coward" the voice of his old sensai spoke in his head.

"No i wont run away ill help u Kyoga" Shion screamed,
"i will be a hero now stand back jerk.
I hope I can remember what he taught me.
Lets see hand seal check, picture your body and chakra splitting off feeding each other growing together picture them becoming one,
remember to breathe.
"All right" Shion takes a deep breath
"This time Bunshin no jutsu!!!!!"

pt 2

2 clones came out and freaked shion out.
"What the hell i did it"
"I did it"
"I did it" the 2 clones repeated
"Hmmm this might get pretty annoying" shion thought
"But anyway lets get him"
"No stop Shion" Kyoga screams.
"What the why" shion inquired.

"Hes not a bad guy i just owe him sum money, is this what u wanted sir. Im sorry it took so long to pay back" Kyoga said

"But but but he threw you off that building and you were telling me to run and you" Shion went on rambling tring to make sence of the situation.

I didn't want you to know" Kyoga said under his breath.
"Know what" Shion asked curiously.

"Well i guess were cool but if u ever come back to my book store ill expect you to have money" the building with legs proclaimed and walked away.

"Book store huh" Shion said slyly
"I only know of one book store in the hidden leaf village and its the one with all those pervy books does that mean"

I was doing research Kyoga defended.
"Hahah yea sure" Shion laughed.
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Lord Vizer

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PostSubject: Re: Be 2 places at once use the clone jutsu   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 12:39 am

(Much better)
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Be 2 places at once use the clone jutsu
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