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 full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja

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PostSubject: full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja   Sat 31 Oct 2009, 2:59 pm

"wow u really have no talent for this ninja stuff" tygone sensai said. tygone was the master of taijutsu in the hidden leaf village.
"what that cant be" shion yelled," i just need more time to devel"
"calm down" tygone said,
its not the end of the world just look at shima hes the greatest taijutsu specialist genin ever. not to mention he has a sweet haircut.
"yea" shion said under his breath. shima and tygone wear their hair the same way a mohawk with the sides shaved.
"he works very hard" he said "he is my greatest student now myoku asked me to watch over your training for a while so thats what im going to do shima is a ninja of fortitu".

"ahhh" shima screamed as he fell into the water.
"haha sum great ninja he cant even walk on water" shion said under his breath.
"what was that" tygone asked.
"oh nothing" shion said.
"the walk on water technique is not an easy one especially for someone who cant fight a mokugin or learn to use clones i remember when i was just a kid i" starts rambling
shion zones out

theres no way i can do this if someone like shima cant but on the other hand
"im not the same as him" he yelled as he dived onto the water
remembering what he was taught at his old village he understood as much as bringing chakra to a certain part however had abosoloutly no idea how he did it he fell in.

but before he had he had managed to stay up for half a second it didnt look like much to him but shima and tygone sure noticed.
"how did he" ty asked astonished to himself
shion soaked exclaimed
"ahh screw this im going home".
"wait shion what has been your training before" ty asked.
"well its kind of a secret y"
"before u lost controll of your chakra u were actually standing on water"
"what does it mean" shima inquired
" let me explain it seems you were actually able to bring chakra to your feet without even thinking about it" ty explained.

"this kid its even hard for jonin and i bet even the hokage couldnt do it on his first try".
"wow shion that was amazing i had no idea" shima said
"how are you able to i thought you were like me but it seems there is more to you than meets the eye". he continued
"yea whatever i couldnt even stay there" shion said to himself.

"hah" ty flips onto the water with his eyes closed.
"wow sensai that was amazing" shima says.
"shion i want you to come here" ty said.
"i cant do that" shion said.
"jump here ill catch u shima u watch"
"yes sir"
"fine" shion jumps close to guy.
guy catches him by the shoulders" now feel the water notice how the water a shifting surface so must your chakra be release a changing flow to keep up on the waters surface".

"but how" shion asked "while normally u would have to climb a tree and also id have to walk you through it but whatever ur training has been it seems your chakra controll is amazing, try not thinking about it just feel"
shion feels the surface and closes his eyes "i think im doing it"
"i think i feel it".

"thats awesome shion keep it up"
"amazing" shima says under his breath
"im very proud of you" ty says with a huge smile on his face.
"why" shion asks.

poof guy disapears and appears on land.
"hey shion over here" shion looks over and sees ty waving
distaracted by what just happened splash shion falls in.

"hahahha youll do well kid" ty says "a little bit more training youll be awesome shima did you see"
"yes sir"
"lets go shima keep training shion"
"bye shion" shima screams
"yea bye" shion says still confused at what the hell just happened.

PT 2

all day shion trains the walk on water technique, each time staying up longer and longer.
huh i wonder what happened earlier he thought "oh well its not important watever it is it did wonder for my chakra so i guess its cool either way thats enuff training for today" he goes home.

starts hanging out in his room trying to relax but he cant hes fixated on what happened.
lets see he was holding me.
than he wasnt .
when he disapeared.
i fell in .
but i stayed up for a while and even had time to look back that means he stopped holding me. but when did he let go how long was he actually there hmm he thought to himself.

could it be that when i thought he was holding me his chakra held us both.
"or no it couldnt be"
he said as he burst out the house and ran to the lake jumping off rocks and low treebranches
"if what im thinking is right than".
he jumps onto the water and stays completly up "im doing it im really doing it no help".
he starts flipping around and yelling" hahahahhahah im so awesome".
shion never went through training like this in the moonlight village"huh maybe i dont know all there is to this ninja thing just yet"

"i figured it out he was never really holding me but he fooled me long enuff to believe i was, thats y when i seen him on land i fell in its not cuz i was disorientated its all about confidence well atleast for me, haha nice sensai"

myoku appears "well it seems you figured it out shion"
"yes when i figured out ty was never really there i knew what had happened seeing how ty is not a genjutsu user that means the only one who could do such a thing is you sensai".
he said pointing at myoku with a huge grin on his face.

"yes i knew that was the only way to train you in this aspect". she said looking pleased
"but wait does this mean im not actually walking on water.and this is all an illusion" he asked.
"well lets find out put ur fingers together infront of your mouth and say release this will undo most genjutsu."

shion does it "RELEASE"
shion opens his eyes nothings changed.
"thats right kid ur doing this all by yourself"
a tear comes to shions face.
"haha now how about a quick match" she propisitioned.
"your on" shion said gettin into his stance.

shion and myoku fight in the water extending there battle to the trees halfway through a treejump kick to myoku shion cant help but smile
"how far have i come" he wonders,
myoku smiles and nods as if she knows what he thought.
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Kozakura Miyazaki

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PostSubject: Re: full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja   Sat 31 Oct 2009, 3:33 pm

[[A few tips:
1) Grammar is crucial. Take the time and effort of making sure you spell things right, use punctuation, and capitalize where it is appropriate.

2) Detail is key, put as much as possible into it. Don't just have a line of dialogue and an action, describe every character, their movements, the surroundings, maybe even their thought process.]]
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Posts : 88
Points : 361
Join date : 2009-10-30
Location : village hidden in the leaves

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Village: konaha

PostSubject: Re: full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja   Sat 31 Oct 2009, 3:48 pm

ok i will try to remember that thx
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PostSubject: Re: full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja   

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full chakra controll master the art of being a ninja
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