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 My love, My life, My sister. Be Patient, I will come.((Return of a Legend))

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PostSubject: My love, My life, My sister. Be Patient, I will come.((Return of a Legend))   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 4:38 pm

[[NOTE: I was given special Admin permission to RP as Kidate for this topic and this topic alone. If you want, I will post his application in my next post.]]

Hate, venom, acid, vengeance, all of these things were filling the throat and head of the legendary white panther. The man was given this name for several reason. The first reason was that he had brilliant, achromatic, snowy hair. The second reason was the matching cat ears and tail that graced his body with more than just diverse looks. The third was his personality; he was vicious and lethal. No prey that entered his sites ever got away alive, or at least uninjured. The man's speciality was in information, which proved to be fatal for the man he was now hunting. Word had gotten around that this man had not only stepped the boundaries of morality, but done so by taking and defiling Kidate's only sister and immediate family. A single tear ran down the scarred and dirtied face of the vicious man as images poured into his head of their first meeting. That meeting would be their last, as it seemed life had become too difficult for Kidate to live in society since he had earned his title. He was the leader of the organization that the man he was hunting now led, and that was when he earned his nickname the "Haku Oni Kurohyou". His mouth filled with acid at the thoughts of his little sister crying out, without her brother to protect her. He had failed her, and as a result this man had done things to her that Kidate could never take back. Man? No, this was no man, he was a monster; the inner editor within Kidate said. He nodded to himself at the correction, it was more fitting than even his shinobi nickname. He growled openly, the sound produced from his throat eerily similar to the one that most associate with stories of demons. He spat the acidic taste from his mouth and steeled his nerves. He was not planning on going back to the ways of the shinobi, but it seemed he would need to pull out every single move he had to insure that this man suffered greatly.

Kidate's achromatic hair was messy and spiked out every as usual, nearly covering his soft cat ears. In fact, the only evidence of the ears was the gentle, pink flesh within the ears that stuck out against the snowy plain of hair like a sore thumb. His face was heavily scarred and covered in dirt and grime, he hadn't stopped his tracking for days. Beneath his eyes were heavy bags from the lack of sleep, but they had been there for years now. His teeth were glistening, fangs elongated and barred with his cracked lips pulled back. There was a disturbing fire in the man's emerald, feline eyes; the flames of hell itself. Chakra poured off of the man in waves, he did not attempt to control it or keep it hidden. He had forsaken the unprofessional outfit that had consisted of black t-shirts, torn up jeans, and top hats. Today, he had donned his old armor and prepared for battle. The armor was as white as his hair, heavy plates covering his torso and shoulders, with lighter and more flexible plates protecting his legs and allowing movement capabilities to be at just below maximum. Around his waist was a golden belt, which glistened like the golden trimming along his armor in the setting sun. Attached to his belt on the left side of his waist were two sheaths. The top sheath held an oddly-shaped long sword, that spiked out at the middle of the blade. The cross guard was in the form of an eye, with two spikes coming out from each corner. The handle itself was wrapped in gray leather, the metal silvery and the pommel another eye. The bottom sheath was a simple katana, five feet in length and silvery through and through. Its cross guard was in the form of some runic symbol, the handle wrapped in a length of silver ribbon. Kidate's arms were gloved with black leather, his feet armoured with grieves. On Kidate's back was the white cape of the Goryu, emblazoned with the green goryu symbol; a kanji symbol meaning "peace". It was ironic, this cape was worn by a man who had peace completely shattered and thrown from his mentality.

Please, hold out for me my sister. Your brother is coming, I can taste his scent from here! He will suffer until he is nearly dead, and then I will draw the location where he placed you from his quivering lips, and deliver a killing blow. Then, I will come to save you. No one can stand in my way now, no one at all! Kidate thought to himself desperately, as if his sister could hear him. For a fleeting moment he thought he heard something like her voice entering his head, but he shook it off. He wasn't insane, just over-driven and out of practice. He dies. Kidate thought determinedly. He suddenly sprung forward from the building roof he had been crouched upon.

He was within the Leaf village, on a building just outside of the Hokage's office where he knew the man would be since he had taken over the pathetic village. Kidate had never liked the village much, so he wouldn't mind roughing it up a tad. The sun was setting in the sky, painting the clouds with hues of pink and orange. The sky was a canvas and the sun was the painter, it was doing a mighty-fine job. However, it wasn't exactly the kind of scenery that was befitting of the end of a monster like Kyogi. Kidate's arm extended, and a crimson liquid poured out of nowhere, bubbling up into the form of a metallic shaft. From the end farthest from Kidate, two massive bubbles form. The bubbles extended, taking the form of identical skulls with the backs connected over the shaft. The metal solidified, forming into the hammer that had proved both an adversary and ally to Kidate from practically the beginning of his climb to the top. Warugi's voice faded in and out, laughing as his form appeared in Kidate's hand. The seal was doing its job, but Warugi was strong. Kidate grimaced, swinging the hammer at the wall that kept the Hokage separated from the outer world. The world crumbled with ease under the force of a hundred-ton hammer being slammed against it. It crumbled away as Kidate flew into the office, prepared to destroy the man's limbs.

Jutsu Used~
Name:Buki Keisei no Jutsu
Element: None
Description: This technique is utilized by Kidate's split personalities. Each has their own weapon from which they originated((The hammer, staff, spear, and fan)). The weapons themselves kept their abilities, but lost the demonic soul within them. The souls took their homes in the body of Kidate. Using this technique, they will reform their weapon to be used in combat. The only weapon that retains its abilties from being formed by this technique is Warugi's hammer. It is still several tons in weight, though it feels weightless to Kidate.
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PostSubject: Re: My love, My life, My sister. Be Patient, I will come.((Return of a Legend))   Sat 24 Oct 2009, 2:34 pm

Her fists pounded onto the cement walls she was imprisoned inside, her short, cuddly hair not even twitching. No wind sounded in the enclosures of the room she had been in. No windows, but only dull, grey walls. Her kitten ears lowered, her eyes looking to the ground, she felt defeat, and despair. She screamed for only so long, her fists bruised with anger. Her eyes closed slightly, only showing the bottom half of her pupils, looking to the uncomfortable bed behind her, and slowly crawled into it. It was better than nothing. At least she still had a roof, and herself. She shivered, the cement walls had something to them, but being in the room seemed like a horrible nightmare, and whenever she fell asleep, she was put under a genjutsu to be tortured, when she awoke, she was in pain, or in deep nausea. Scarlet slowly picked the vial out of her pocket, and let a small bit of acid crawl into the floor, burning a hole, than healing the hole in the floor. No way, was there to get out, unless someone, had killed her kidnapper. The Hokage, the Akatsuki Leader, Kyogi Domo, Lord Vizer.

Scarlet slowly pulled the comforters over her, the cement slightly getting warmer, she touched the walls, as her pendant glowed slightly. The cement grew cold again. Someone was there, was it her brother? Was it someone? Hopefully, they could get through Kyogi, hopefully, it was Kidate. She had hope, and faith, and that was all that mattered.

Her ears perked against the cement, hearing her brother's roar, than that annoying Warugi's. Little sisters could only giggle, but Scarlet wasn't a little sister, she was just a sister, that's what everyone had told her. It seemed Kidate was no younger, and no older to her. The earth crumbled through her ears, as the room tipped a little. Was he near? Did he know where she was? The room began to tip further, but it was only through an illusion to Kidate, for he couldn't see the cement room, but could only hear it. Scarlet slowly put her hands against the walls, and hopefully, she screamed her brother's name, and the room fell, dozens of feet down. She quickly held the blanket around her, and sent a small field around her, so if she began to tumble, she wouldn't hit her head, but when it landed, it would sent a field to hurt her, but it was not strong, but only a weak amount of chakra.

She teared up, her ears fell flat on her head, squinting and whimpering slightly. She slightly screamed as she hit the ground, the cement walls not even budging, but she could feel the impact, it giving her bruises on her body, around her legs and arms. She wish her brother could see her, but she only hoped, and she slowly yelled his name again.

"Kidate, Kidate!" she screamed, over and over.
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My love, My life, My sister. Be Patient, I will come.((Return of a Legend))
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