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 Artemis And Tenshin.

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PostSubject: Artemis And Tenshin.   Sat 03 Oct 2009, 11:40 pm

As Artemis breached The border of The sand and Stone village, the sandy earth started to turn to vast Woodland condensed area. The heat of the desert seem to fade away as the sun ran down as well and as the woods seem to grow thicker each step Arty took, the shade that the canopy of tree's provided for him cooled him even more. As the young chuunin could relax a bit as he traveled quickly, A few feet a away in the Condense mess of trees lay a small creak that supplied the neighboring plants with all the water they needed. Arty stopped falling to his knees as he looked over The puddle of water before him, he cupped his hands slurping up the cool muddy water and quickly pouring into his mouth in a attemp to quinch his thirst.
He wore nothing more than a large over coat that drapped down past his knees and he had seemed to have aged quickly as he was already the size of tenshin, And his will to kill was even stronger. But around his waiste he carried two large scrolls that seemed to carry some valuble items.
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Artemis And Tenshin.
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