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 Why... (Mangekyo Sharingan Training)

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PostSubject: Why... (Mangekyo Sharingan Training)   Tue 22 Sep 2009, 9:14 pm

Sairyou… was so lost at the moment. He hadn’t the slightest clue as to where he was. It wasn’t like him to get lost anymore… but he felt… drawn to this place. As if it were special in a way. Maybe he wasn’t himself… but something about what was going on… just didn’t feel right in the atmosphere. Soon… he realized where he was. He had heard of this place. It was a battlefield from one of the epic fights from when Naruto was a genin. However… Sairyou still didn’t feel himself. He looked around… this presence was the same as a few days ago… but it was more familiar since Sai caught glimpse of the man’s eyes. It felt like… family. A warm presence mixed with an agony that Sairyou felt was unbearable. Sadly… he hadn’t the slightest clue as to who this man could be. Sairyou felt rather depressed by this presence… as if it too was sad that they met in this place.

Sairyou turned around to see the man that was currently his rival… more like the missing ninja that was not ready to die yet… or maybe that was the reason that Sairyou came here… was because it was fate that one of them were to die on this battle field. “How ironic that we are to meet here,” Sairyou said. The man let out a chuckle and replied, “Indeed it is.” Sairyou looked to the water before him, the only thing separating the man from him. “I suppose this can only mean that fate has set up this fight…” Sai said in a rather sadistic tone, “However… I am going to defeat you with this match… whoever you are!” Suddenly the man drew what was that katana… masamune thing that controlled kinetic energy. Sairyou then understood that is was really their final fight, that man and he. “Prepare to die Missing Ninja!” he shouted as he took a Blood Wind Ninjutsu stance, one arm to his side arched forward in a fist while the other was positioned in front of it like a way for Sai to balance himself.

He knew that it was about time to fight. The man changed up his stance, placing one arm out and flipping the blade to hold like a ninja dagger. Sairyou felt a little something when the man switched the stance. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, however, so he paid no mind to that style switch… it would only hold Sai back if he had any doubt of his own power. The man’s eyes turned red for some reason… it was unsettling but that was an ability in so many people he knew, to be able to change their eye color depending on their mood. However red was pretty new. However, this man was really pissing Sairyou off by trying to make him doubt himself. It was infuriating. Sairyou charged at the man at the guy slashed his oversized sword at him, Sairyou flipped over the blade and dropped his heel down on the man’s head. He quickly activated his sharingan while the man plunged into the water.

“I will kill you no matter what!” Sairyou shouted. Quickly he wrapped around to behind the man as the poor guy shot up from the water. He leapt up and struck from the air at the man’s back. He then fell gracefully to the water and launched himself forward towards the falling man, spinning and kicking right on the guy’s chest sending him crashing into a wall. As Sairyou landed leaves began to fall signaling that fall had come. The man got up limply out of the crater that he made on that impact. He had a scowl on his face and his eyes were practically glowing. “Why is it you wish to kill me kid?” the man asked angrily, “Is it because of this slash across my headband?” Suddenly the man removed the headband that protected his forehead and cast it away into the water. “Now what reason do you have? HUH!?” he screamed to the heavens. Sairyou looked at the man who seemed to have taken too much terrain to the head from his kick. “My reason is my own… I simply wish that people wouldn’t betray their villages, and I wish to use you for an example,” Sairyou responded.

The man growled and almost roared at the reason why Sairyou would try to kill him so simply. Then he rushes forward and was trying to imitate Sairyou’s fighting style. He was doing pretty well, as Sairyou was the only person who could fight like himself at the time. Somehow this man had taken a few hit and suddenly knew of how to fight Sai. Sai blocked a punch and swung a kick that was blocked with another kick. Sairyou and this man were engaging in a fight that was like you’d see in a Kung-fu movie with two masters fighting to the death. Neither side was doing much damage, but they were both so skillful that you wouldn’t want to mess with either of the two of them. Sairyou took a foot to the shoulder blade, then he latched his arms and spun around rapidly and released the leg, sending the man flying, the man managed to flip into his balance and land, skidding a short path in the water.

Suddenly the man threw his blade at Sairyou directly from its sheath at Sairyou. Sai quickly rolled out of its path, the blade sticking deep into the leg of the first hokage. “Like your normal rogue ninja, you have no respect for the men who have led your people to a peaceful existence with everyone else,” he said. He shook his head and glared at the man. He pulled up his sleeves to reveal a pair of scrolls around the elbow region. He slapped his hands on the scroll of the opposite arm and summoned out his Alchemy gauntlets right on. He clapped the two palms together and three 2.5 foot long clams arched from the knuckles on each hand. “I never wanted to use these… as they belonged to someone important to me…” he said in a sad ton yet again. A small sighed erupted from Sairyou’s mouth as he looked at the blades. “But he would be proud that his gift went to such a noble cause…” he added. He then went from sad to angry and glared at the man. He shot forward at the man and swung his claws, cutting deep into the man’s torso, as he looked sullen and wasn’t fighting back. Sairyou was in such a fury… he didn’t care.

It was time for the finishing blow. Sairyou clapped his hands together and the claws were sucked back into the gauntlets, and a push blade erupted from the wrist of the gauntlet as Sairyou sent a palm attack at the man. He impaled the man in the heart and noticed a drop fall into the river. But it wasn’t blood… it looked like a tear. Sai looked up at the man’s face, and gasped lightly. “Y-you’re…” he said breathlessly. He then remembered why this man was so familiar and seemed like family. He WAS family… Sairyou had not taken the time to look over the man…

As the man fell over… Sairyou caught him, saying, “Ryosuke! Why didn’t you tell me?” The man reached up and gripped the air in front of him. “I never wanted it to be like this… I am glad I was important to you Sai…” he said, “But now that I know I died by the hand of my friend… I can pass on without regret.” Suddenly, Ryosuke’s eyes closed and his vital signs stopped. A tear fell from Sairyou’s eye. He took the dead body over to solid land and began to cry. He looked into the water and looked into his own two eyes. Was that… the Mangekyo Sharingan? Was this the only thing the universe could do for Sairyou? A simple new pair of eyes? It would never be enough… Sairyou had lost a brother and a best friend in this fight. But was it worth it? Sairyou walked home slowly pondering his life. He would never speak of this incident again. Ever…

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PostSubject: Re: Why... (Mangekyo Sharingan Training)   Tue 22 Sep 2009, 9:46 pm

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Why... (Mangekyo Sharingan Training)
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