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 Pets, Suicide, and Taxes

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PostSubject: Pets, Suicide, and Taxes   Tue 22 Sep 2009, 7:16 pm

Kama wandered toward the gates of the village he had called his home for so long. There was a blank expression on his face, no emotion in his eyes and no visible clues as to what he was about to due. He stumbled toward the gate now, the chains at his waist jingling as they hit his waist and bounced off. Soon, an insane grin would twist onto his face. His puppy companion sprinted around a corner and chased after him, whimpering the whole time. She was afraid, afraid of what her master was doing and the person he was becoming. Her black and white fur billowed in the wind that it created through its sheer speed. It caught up to its master, biting him on the hand as she jumped up at him. He shook her off, ignoring her.

Four hours ago Kama received the news that would both change and end his short life. His father had died by the hands of a criminal. The criminal was being 'guarded' by a man who had sworn revenge on his father for defeating him several times before publicly. Kama knew better though, he knew what had really happened. Somehow, the man let the criminal go and held his father back as the criminal killed him. There was no way a low-class criminal would be able to take down and kill Kama's father without help. That was how it had happened, Kama was sure of it. He was then told that the criminal would be arriving to be brought to justice in four hours. So Kama began to plan and prepare.

The gates swung open as the Jounin who had been guarding the criminal came in with his head low. On top of the cart that was used as a cage for the criminal was the body of Kama's dead father. To anyone this would look like a logical way of transporting the body, but Kama saw it as a vicious display of the Jounin's accomplishments. He charged at the jounin, throwing weapon after weapon at him. The Jounin, not fully prepared, jump upward and backward, landing just left of the corpse's head. Furious that he would go near the body, Kama drew his father's katana which had been hanging above his bed and charged the Jounin. The Jounin drew his own katana and the blades clashed, steel on steel. Sparks flew everywhere due to the sheer force, the blades shaking and each wielder struggling to overpower the other. Kama was fighting like a beast, releasing a low and constant growl. His teeth were barred as he shoved forward, knocking the Jounin off balance. They both went down to the ground, landing on their feet and clashing again. This went on several times before the Jounin got the upper hand. He ran his blade through Kama's gut, causing blood to pour out and dye his skin.

Coughing, Kama dropped his weapon and groped for the man's shoulder as if he wanted support. As a public show of compassion, the man allowed the boy to use him for support. That was his final mistake. There was a sound like a slap. Then, with a hand seal, a massive explosion occurred on the man's shoulder. His arm was blown clean off, along with half of Kama's face. "Gotcha." Kama coughed as blood poured from his mouth. He fell over then, taking the man's blade with him as he crashed to the ground and died a slow and accepted death.
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Pets, Suicide, and Taxes
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