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 A Rematch (Third Tomoe Training)

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Phoenix Lord Fuuchou

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PostSubject: A Rematch (Third Tomoe Training)   Tue 22 Sep 2009, 6:21 pm

Sairyou, again, was patrolling the area once more. He hated this duty. It wasn’t worth his time. He didn’t even have a squad to train for himself. It wasn’t much fair to him… then again; he was only recently ranked up to Jounin. He didn’t really understand why… but he wasn’t planning on complaining about it any time soon. However… he felt that there was a… familiar presence nearby. A kunai passed his head barely. “You!” he shouted as he quickly turned around to see the man from before… when he had obtained his second tomoe. “I thought I killed you!” he shouted. In a darker, more gravely voice, the man from before said, “Never think you’ve won, whelp!”

Suddenly, Sairyou smiled. He was in a happy mood to see an old enemy. “I suppose I should finish the job right now!” he said from afar. He closed his eyes and looked at the man with his newly opened sharingan, with the two tomoe he had with it. He quickly sprang forward and noticed something in the man’s hand. It was a… blade similar to the one he had before. Very similar actually, almost the same, it looked. Then Sairyou realized, it WAS the same weapon he had before. However, the man did not relent and blasted forth towards Sairyou. He was faster… and stronger than Sairyou remembered. It was a trick all along.

Sairyou leapt over the man, thus dodging the slash. He threw some Kunai down, but not fast enough, he missed. Quickly, Sairyou landed. However, the man suddenly appeared behind him and slashed through Sai‘s torso a little bit in the process. Nothing fatal or to worry about… but it was a cut… Sairyou grunted a bit. This man was too fast to read at his current level. Sai jumped away from him, throwing an explosive kunai in the man’s direction. As it exploded, Sairyou growled a bit as a puff of smoke fired from the top and an exploding kunai came Sai’s way. Sai managed to get most of the way out of the range but he went rolling anyways.

Sairyou quickly sprang up from the roll he was forced into looking at the minor burns all down his left leg and on his left hand’s fingers. That was going to make it difficult to fight with his jutsu. However, he wasn’t going to just give up with that kind of pain. This entire fight he had been pushing to the limit all of his strength… it was time to get another 50 percent of the strength he could have as an Uchiha… so he closed his eyes once more. He opened them and another tomoe emerged from the Iris lines around his pupil. “I’m afraid you pushed me to this limit,” he said, “And for this… I thank you.” Suddenly he ran right at the man who in turn, ran at Sai. Sai, then jump a little on his toes and threw a kick to the man’s face. The man somehow dodged under the kick, his eyes glaring red in the mid-day sun, and then disappeared. Sairyou wanted to chase the man… but he was at his peak as of now… he would have to get used to his Third Tomoe now. “We’ll meet again, missing ninja,” he said. He then continued his patrol until it was time to head back into the village and take a nap. He had a wild month after his Chuunin Exams, that was for true.

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PostSubject: Re: A Rematch (Third Tomoe Training)   Tue 22 Sep 2009, 6:24 pm

Approved. Now you have to make a character update.
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A Rematch (Third Tomoe Training)
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