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 Entering Konoha.

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Danzo Hozuki
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PostSubject: Entering Konoha.   Thu 10 Sep 2009, 12:04 am

A figure walked down a path way to get to the Hidden Leaf Gates so that he could enter his new village. The figure was saw by the two Guards an immediately closed an locked the gates because by the way that the figure looked they thought that he was here to try an hurt the village in some kind of way. The figure wore a big black cloak that covered his mouth, he also had a some sun glasses that made him look very mysterious. But as the figure got closer an closer to the gates the more the guards got ready to fight, but they weren't so sure so they made it look like they where cool with the figure walking towards Konoha. Finally the figure walked up to the gates as he looked at the guards threw his glasses then chuckled a bit as one of the guards began to speak "Yes sir may we help you" the guard said as he waited for a reply from the figure. Yes thr figure simply replyed as he unbuttoned the top of his cloak showing his face to the guards so that they knew that he was just a little boy an had no intentions on trying to hurt Konoha in anyway Im new here in the leaf village the boy replyed again as he buttoned his cloak back up an pulled out his Konoha head band to show the guards that he wasn't lying.

The boy waited as he put the Konoha head band around his head then stuck his hands in his pocket an waited for the guards to reopen the gates so that he could proceed into the village. "Ahh...yes the hokage told me that u would be coming here today... your the aburame kid right? the other guard asked him. "Yes i name is Shikamatsu Aburame " shika said as he took a steep back an began to wait again for the gates to open. Slowly the gates began to open which shika then began to walk threw with his hands still in his pockets an a slight smile on his face. Have a good day an welcome to the leaf village the other guards said to shika as he keep walking past the two. Once shika got about 20 feet into the village he began to look around first to his right, then to his left wondering where he was going to go first even know he was going to get to go every eventually so there was no rush. Shika then began to walk not knowing where he was going to go tell it came to him Ah ill go meet the hokage for the first time shika said to him self as he continued walking towards the hokage building.
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Entering Konoha.
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