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 All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here

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Naizu Nimakee

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PostSubject: All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here   Tue 08 Sep 2009, 7:33 pm

Naizu called a meeting of his village shinobi just for a little get together and check around to see if there were any concerns that needed to be brought to ahead at the time. He also wanted to do this being that he was in the process of making squads and wanted to announce them amongst everyone, so he chose a secluded area in the forest to do so as a change scenery.
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PostSubject: Re: All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here   Tue 08 Sep 2009, 8:15 pm

"Me-ow." Kidate said playfully as he appeared next to the Kusakage. He was wearing a completely different outfit now. His clothes were all black, a clean black t-shirt and torn up black jeans. On his feet were black sneakers, and around his neck a black-leather collar with a massive bell on it. His white hair was now a deep brown, longer now and hanging messily all around his head. On top of his head was a massive black top hat. Over his black t-shirt was an unbuttoned black dress shirt, and around the collar of that was a red and black striped tie. He was dressed rather extravagantly, his eyes seeming more defined due to the heavy black lines and bags under his eyes. Around his waste was a studded leather belt, and attached to his right hip were two weapons. The first was a katana wrapped in silver silk, the second a long sword with an odd shape, spiking out halfway down the blade. Its hilt had an eye with spikes coming off the corners for a cross guard, made purely of a silver-colored metal. There was a silver-painted leather wrapping around the handle for grip and comfort. On Kidate's hands were black leather gloves, fingerless and baring the kanji symbol for his clan upon the backs.
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Oriena Nimakee

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PostSubject: Re: All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here   Tue 15 Sep 2009, 6:08 am

Oriena rushed from her home to the forest as she received the memo a bit late and hoped to get there on time, though she didn't know what on time would be. She didn't know if the meeting was urgent or if it was simply to inform the shinobi of something of the simplest manner, either way, she needed to get there in a hurry. She was sporting a new look today, most notably was her hair was now a light blue and she had cut it down to around neck length. She also sported a pouch on her skirt as well and had strips of her attire matching with her hair. She dashed and hopped from tree to tree in hopes that she'd be there and without intrusion of the meeting, hoping it hadn't started and alas getting there and spotting a senior jounin and her leader there before her. She was obviously not late and took a deep breath and released, glad that she had made it without any tardiness.
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Morbokai Nimakee

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PostSubject: Re: All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here   Fri 18 Sep 2009, 2:52 am

Morbokai was already in the area in the first place doing some training with his chakra control as well as practicing mastery of new jutsu. "This better be worth my time brother cus I seriously don't feel like breaking my concentration for something silly". Morbo was always like this when he was in the midst of self training or training someone. He did not like to be interupted from doing so unless it was worthy of his time or its was extremely urgent. "Is everyone here yet or do we still have to wait for someone else to get here?"
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PostSubject: Re: All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here   

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All Kusagakure Shinobi Report Here
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