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 The eye that can find my true self

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PostSubject: The eye that can find my true self   Wed 19 Aug 2009, 12:44 pm

Kiyoshi walked through a massive collection of households on the Hyuuga property. His hair was down today as usual, the longest part of his hair flowing down to about his nipples which could be vaguely seen behind the fishnet shirt. His contacts were not in today, and his lavender eyes wandered over the walls and floor of the hallways as he followed a man through them. Kiyoshi wore a different outfit today, as was requested by the man who would train him. He wore a traditional purple kimono, matching the rest of the Hyuuga's, and shinobi sandals. The sandals had been taken off when he entered the maze of buildings, and so had the top part of his kimono set. He now wore only a fishnet shirt and baggy purple pants, the kimono shirt draped over his forearm.

When he arrived at the area where he would be trained he was shocked to find what he did. Several Hyuuga were fighting with each other, each stony-faced and determined. The pseudo-fights were so intense that Kiyoshi could practically see the chakra coming off of them as they struck at each other. They would surely avoid killing blows, but not much more than that. In the center of it all was the man that would train him, the man who can inducted him into the clan. He sat cross-legged, with his eyes closed as the men fought around him. One man threw a palm-thrust at his opponent, but was dodged easily. The man continued forward too far due to the momentum, and came hurtling toward the leader. With one easy movement the leader would snap the man's wrist and throw him over his head. He sighed and stood up, walking over toward Kiyoshi.

"Today you unlock the secret of your eye, tomorrow you train in the arts of the gentle fist." He said, as he raised two fingers to Kiyoshi's head. A surge of chakra went through his body, and Kiyoshi could vaguely see a light on his head. "As is expected, a crude seal to keep your eyes from activating. You must be of the main branch if they were this worried about your secret getting out. Only a noble Hyuuga learns this seal." He said as he activated a hand seal. With another surge of chakra, the light faded. After that, the hyuuga man-who went by the name Mumei- taught him how to release the byakugan. The hand seals were long and complicated, but the end effect seemed worth it. He could see into people's chakra systems, see on a wider range, and even see further away. For the entirety of the day they trained to perfect his byakugan talents, until he saw chakra points. This ended up actually taking three days to accomplish.
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PostSubject: Re: The eye that can find my true self   Wed 19 Aug 2009, 8:13 pm

[[-yawns- This is taking too long...The gist? He learns gental fist and activation of the byakugan. Some day he will learn the techniques, but not so soon. Updating time]]

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The eye that can find my true self
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