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 At the leaf.

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PostSubject: At the leaf.   Thu 30 Jul 2009, 7:34 pm

It was dark when Dawnpaw flew into the leaf village as a bat. She flew around the village to see how many shinobi were patrolling the area. She spotted three at the gate a few more running around in the streets and some more at the watch post. She flew to the Hokage's office and saw a few shinobi there. There shouldn't be that many there though he was kage and could take care of him self. Her mind began wondering back to her child hood when she tried to stay up late to see what happened at night. She came back to reality when she flew into a wall and fell to the ground. She quickly recovered and went to to a high spot where she could see everything. "Now where to draw them?" She thought to herself. She Did some hand signs making a few water clones with exploding tags in them and turned them into wolves and sent them to the the areas where the least shinobi were a few of them exploded drawing the attention to the others. The clones then led them to the center of the village. Dawnpaw jumped down summoning a large amount of water she then used wind to wrap it around her putting herself in a thick ball of ice. She needed to hurry before more of them came. She summoned 3 rivers of water then made a large gust of wind to serperate the water and freeze it into large icicles which spin around in a large whirlwind. The ice ball protected her from the attacking shinobi. She then made the ice spin faster and faster killing any shiobi that tried to get close to her. When they began melting the icicles she made some more wolf clones of herself a few feet away from her which snuck up on then and attacked from behind ripping their throats out killing them instantly. She then but a few explosive tags in the ice ball and snuck out. She then turned herself into a bat and flew off before the ice ball exploded kiling off the rest of them. "That was fun! I can't wait for the next one!" She flew off screeching happily into the night.
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At the leaf.
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