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 training with utashi sensei 2

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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Tue 07 Jul 2009, 9:53 pm

Utashi grbbed it and said "if we can not help her I will use my secert techeque that gives a life for a life I am papared to do that." A tear fell from his I eye he had never cried before or even cared and said "Is this what it feels like to care for someone?"
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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Tue 07 Jul 2009, 10:01 pm

"yes, and utashi its not neccesary. reiki has had bigger illnesses than this. right now she is too warm and the blood she is puking up is making her lipheds weak. get the bucket please." kamoku said quietly. cutting reikis pale skin from the chin to the middle of her chest. he then opend her up slightly. they could see that her black blood was fighting with the red blood along with the pink/whiteish bones that looked like swiss cheese from all of the breakings and reconstructings. kamoku flexed again and his stable blood could be seen giving the fightings cells a direction to flow in along with a bit of healing power. kam put the suture in the brook part of the stream and took out some small scissors. kam cut away the actual lungs and flexed is arm. 10% of his blood was now in reiki. he tossed the organ in the stream for cleaning and then he moved up, cutting at the vocal cords that utashi gave her. and threw those in the stream too.
after that, he sewed reiki up quickly and pulled out the tube and patching up her side. after that, he fell in the stream from fautige.
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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Wed 08 Jul 2009, 12:40 am

Xarias held Reiki above the cooling waters, and holding Kamoku with one hand to keep him from going down-stream. She looked at Utashi dead in the eyes, and her own began to glow an array of varieties and colors. "You're lucky.. If Hybris were here, im sure she would've been happy for you." Her voice sounded demonic, deadly. Despite her new looks, her heart was still corrupted. That was obvious. Her fangs grew. Yes, he was certainly lucky. By now, she would've completely erased Utashi's existence for doing this to her child, and the man she was in love with. She grit her teeth at him and let out a roar, which resembled that of Valkyrie. It shook the very earth they stood on, and made the birds around them flee into an uproar; scurrying away in the air.
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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Wed 08 Jul 2009, 12:45 am

kamoku opend his eyes hazily. a few seconds later he realized that he was on xarias' lap. he sat up, sending the water splashing, his face red as a beet. "s-sorry!" kamoku crawled to the grass and pulled out purple pills. he popped them in his mouth and used the stream water to wash them down. "eh....anyway, did she take her medicine today xarias?" he asked her. and then looked up at utashi. " if xarias doesnt give reiki her medicine, will you?"
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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Wed 08 Jul 2009, 9:08 am

Utashi then stood up and begain to walk very slow I forgot to take my heart meds he thought.Utashi pulls out some pills and his starts to shake and and his meds fall into the stream."Oh shit!" he said.Walk slowly to the a willows and looks at the two and said "It is my time now I am s-s-sooorrry!" And falls over and slowly is dieing from a heart attack He looks at Reiki and says It is time for you now reiki you are young but are ready I won't you to look at my will.You w-w-w-here my best and f-f-favorite student.T-t-thank you for that."His eyes closied very slowly and he had a smile on his face.

ooc:Utashi's will is going to be posted in the mizukage office.
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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   Wed 08 Jul 2009, 11:59 pm

reiki lifted her head, her blood in her hair and her cheek. she couldnt feel utashi-snesei presence anymore. she quickly sat up, sending a pain through her side that she ignored. she felt around the ground for utashis hand and found none. all she felt was cold water and rocks. she heard his last words and put two and two together. she wouldnt beleive it. she couldnt. her throat clogged up from trying not to cry as she felt his lifeless hand that she managed to find. tears swelled up and poured over her face. making no sound but small sniffs. trying to find his living scent once more.

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PostSubject: Re: training with utashi sensei 2   

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training with utashi sensei 2
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