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 A request

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PostSubject: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 6:36 pm

Sancteiddiedir Mecrosa appeared in the distance from the Hidden Mist village. It had taken him a few days of travel to get here. He thought to himself, “What a place.” As he drawn closer and closer to the village, the gates became clearer and clearer. Just outside the gates there were a couple of ninja on guard duty.

As he approached these ninja, they blocked the gates of the village. “Hold it right there, sir. We need to ask you some questions before you may enter this village.” they said.

Mecrosa replied, “Oh course. Feel free to ask me what you wish.”

The Ninja asked, “Name? Country and village of origin? What is your business in this village?”

Mecrosa replied, “My name is Sancreiddiedir Mecrosa. I am originally from the Fire Country, the Hidden Leaf village. I wish to have an audience with the Mizukage.”

The ninja then said, “What business do you want with our Mizukage?”

Mecrosa replied, “That is between me and the Mizukage himself.”

The ninja let Mecrosa in and they summon another ninja to guide him to the Office of the Mizukage.

The ninja followed Mecrosa through the Mizukages complex. Once the door of the Mizukages office was in front of Mecrosa, the ninja told him the next door was the Mizukages office. Mecrosa knocked on the door, waited for a reply, and then entered.

Mecrosa bowed and said “Greetings Lord Mizukage, I am Sancteiddiedir Mecrosa.” Mecrosa rises from his bow. “I have come here to make a request. I wish to join the Hidden Mist village.” Mecrosa paused for a moment, and then carried on speaking. “I was once a Jounin for the Hidden Leaf village, but for reasons I would rather not speak off I had to leave the village. I am not ready, and probably never will be ready, to rejoin the Leaf Village. But I wish to serve a village, and I would like to serve under you, if you would allow it.” Mecrosa then waits for a reply from the Mizukage.
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PostSubject: Re: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 6:43 pm

Pushing his papers aside Oshi looked up at the newcomer. "Well...the Mist Village is low on people lately and I would love for you to join...but...if you don't mind me asking, What happened in the Leaf Village? I can't have an outlaw in my village.
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PostSubject: Re: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 6:54 pm

"If I must speak of it, then I must." Mecrosa then looks over to the window, looking over to the Hidden Mist village. He then turns back to the Mizukage. “To tell you what happened with me in the Leaf village, I must start from the beginning.” Mecrosa clears his throat. “I was found outsidein the forests of Konoha when I was a child. A ninja couple taken me in raised me like I was their own son. As time went on, I grew to love them as parents. After the Chuunin exams, where I became a chuunin, they were killed while they were out on a mission. I was depressed; I wanted vengeance on the people who killed them. I kept this feeling bottled up for a long time. During that time I achieved the rank of Jounin. But, there came the time I could not keep the feelings of sorrow and vengeance bottled up anymore. I left the Leaf village to hunt down the men who killed my ‘parents’. For that reason I am not ready to rejoin the leaf. I am ashamed of how I acted then, the way I left the village.”
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PostSubject: Re: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 7:07 pm

Oshi frowned slightly and then returned to his neutral expression "Well just that you except this makes convinces me that you deserve to be in a village...I think it would be fine for you to join my village but...I don't know what to do about your rank...I know you were a Jounin in your old village but I still know little about you and although I don't want to put you as low a rank as Genin maybe that is where you need to go...this way we can both see the workings of the village and each will officially be a Genin rank but you will have your own responsibilities to do missions and you will not be part of a Genin squad, although your abilities may be needed inside a squad with other Genin...what do you say?"
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PostSubject: Re: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 7:09 pm

Mecrosa bows, "Yes Lore Mizukage. It gies me the opertunity to prove my worth to the Mist Village, and to you."
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PostSubject: Re: A request   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 7:12 pm

Standing up Oshi went and shook his new allies hand "Welcome to the village" he said sitting down "I'm sorry to be short with you but I have work to do...if you talk to the guards outside they will give you your headband and a place to live...its a pleasure to have you here".
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PostSubject: Re: A request   

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A request
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